Forestry The Beast Woodchipper Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Hello Friends! Forestry this time
And one big Christmas present for you
the mobile woodchipper
The Beast!!! I will also use a new truck and a tree harvester To operate The Beast detach from the pulling truck
Enter the wood chipper
Start the engine
O key Open Pipe
X key Unfold the wood chipper
B key Turn on tthe woodchipper The Beast can eat whole tree or smaller pieces of log Check out the engine sound of this Mack !!!
You can enjoy it at the end of the video I will drive to the sawmill to sell wood chips I also found that tree cutter for wheel loaders at mod hub
on the test works goodbut every time I record a strange mod
all gone wrong 🙁 Its a good mod but is for smalls trees … I have this harvester to my collection for a long time
but never use it…
It is the easiest tree harvester I have ever use
fast and and try it . Look how smoth I work with it and it is my first time with that mod Love it !!!! Time to sell the wood chips. Merry Christmas
Thanks for watching !!!


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