From Drone To Tractor – How Using A Precision Farming UAV Can Improve Crop Management

Discover the latest precision agriculture technology… improving crop management with autonomous farming drone So we are here today talking about the way we get from drone to tractor with the eBee Ag. I’m here with Ben my name is Nathan and we’re just going
to go through the workflow and how this happens. So the steps that it’s
going to take to get this done from drone to tractors We’re going to first
start out by the eBee, flying the area and surveying it. We’ll do a quick
analysis right here on the field and then Scout that area and see is some
of the areas that we’re interested in from there we’re basically just gonna
make a nice prescription in the office put some values to it. Then bring it to
the tractor and then we should be working by this afternoon here real
quick. So Ben right here what we have is The eBee AG and very lightweight and safe
platform that we use, for imaging crops this comes included with an
infrared camera so it’s ready to do the ndvi All we have to do is make a really
quick flight profile and send it up we’ve got the mission loaded everything
is ready to go also i want you to do is if you could throw this up for me I
appreciate it good i’m happy to ! So hold it shake it
three times face the wind when the light is green you can go ahead and throw it ok let’s try so the flights completed and now that
we’ve got the data we process the images on the computer here very quick time and
have a quick ndvi of this field that we indicates really
really quite easily the the good and the bad spots the field by the red and the
green. This tablet is gps-enabled so we can see our location let’s go walk and
see what these fossils like in the field so we’re just arriving at a spot right
here this shows that were in the middle of low ndvi value you can see in the
crosshairs we’re standing right in the middle of the spot you know, tell me what
do you think you see here Ben There are definitely fewer plants
here perhaps due to winter kill or even bad emergence in the fall now so pretty
well corresponds with the maps and right yeah okay let’s go check out another
spot okay so we’re getting to an area right
here you can see on the cross hairs that were standing in the spot that has a
pretty high NDVI value I don’t know what do you think? Well yes
it’s right it looks like a well-established and the crop is
definitely better so it seems to match the map We’re back in the office here and we’ve
taken all the data off the eBee and we’ve loaded it onto our office computer here
and what we’re going to do is take a look at making an application map. That’s look similar to our rapid processing that we did except this time
we’re going to go and use the index calculator. So this map I’ve already
generated I just set a resolution and hit click generate so we have both
fields in here and we need to probably analyze those both separately this is nice we can actually just click
and add one and two. Field A and field B so during this I can just make field D
by clicking and dropping points across the field and the reason why we do this is so that we analyze just the field the crop that we want around the house or a
road we don’t want to analyze what the road information says we want to only
analyze exactly where the crop was placed for the simplicity we’re just
going to choose the NDVI and click generate like that we have a
nice map for each region so what you can see right now is we’ve got this broke
down into five classes from red to green each one’s broken out in equal area
parts. On the 0 areas we probably put about zero fertilizer since those areas were
probably drowned out on these areas perhaps maybe, 50, 40, 30 and 20, on the way
up to our better ground that we conserve our fertilizer. So we hit export and the files already created ! We put all
of our instructions on here we have shapefiles loaded all we have to do is
put it on the tractor and go out spread. Now load the prescription and we’re
ready to go This was pretty easy what else might I be
able to do with the data ? So for example we did the fertilizing recommendation
for this field but we can actually use it for maybe doing things like planting
prescriptions maybe seeding rates are finding some different depending on the
soil moisture you could also use fertilizer we’ve covered but you can
also do spraying maybe insects or other damage or pests that we have actually
quite a few different things throughout the season All right this sounds exciting Thank You
Nathan for this ! The eBee Ag is a complete precision agriculture solution It includes all you need: – Autonomous drone, Infrared camera, Flight planning software, Image-processing/index calculation software – Boost yields & net profit by optimising fertiliser/seed(chemical placement
– Robust, reliable platform with no hidden costs
– Compatible with leading farming software & equipment
– Keep business data confidential (no cloud)
-Used by thousands of professionals worldwide

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