Gardening 101: Making your Bed – for Annuals!

>>>Hi, I’m Carmen and this is Lacey and today we’re gonna show you how to make up your bed. We’re talking about annual beds. Today we’re gonna show you the correct approach to building one. The ingredients that you will need to make your annual bed are a few bags of potting soil, two bags of mini nuggets, a good shovel and what we like to call “our mini yard butler”. First you are going to carve out the space you want to plant. Then you are gonna add soil. You want about a foot and a half for good drainage and to allow for great curb appeal. You want to build the bed at least a foot and a half tall. Then we simple raked it out to create a nice, smooth even look. The reason why you want it this tall, is because you want it enough room for the roots to grow. Next step is building a trench around your bed. This gives it a nice finished look. Look Carmen! Ahh! Our little friend, another great trick is buy or order some earth worms to sprinkle over your beds and their free fertilizer. We love to do this all the time, but this is just a free gift today!>Next it’s time to plant our annual beds. We love to start off with big material. We’re all about instant gratification. and start with items like a hanging
basket – it doesn’t take as long to plant.>These are a few easy rules or secret tidbits that we like to use at Nectar & Company. We like to place our hanging basket out first and lay the bed out to see exactly where we are going to plant. Instead of planting our plants in a straight line we like to stagger; it adds another extra layer of dimension. And see how this is creating and filling in all the spaces and plus with this technique; you don’t have to use as many plants. Look at how quickly when using baskets; the bed looks like it’s already been planted
for several weeks. Before you plants, you always want to make sure that you have watered your plants really well. You never want to plant a dry plant. Some easy tips for removing your plant from a hanging basket are: remove the hook, hold your hand in the center, and flip it over like this. It is our trick and it works well every time. Next you are gonna find this piece of black plastic. Make sure you remove it before you put it in the ground. We also like to pitch off some of the roots; just a little bit – not all of it. You want to make sure that you dig your
hole for a little bit larger than the size of this root ball before you plant this in the ground.>Next it is time to flop it over, and you just want to lift up this and be very gentle because these are kinda fragile. And you just want to make sure that you pat the soil all the up to the top of the root ball. The next step is to finish planting your baskets, but that the best part about using a hanging
basket in making your annual beds is cause it doesn’t take that long to plant.>Now that we have finished planting our beds, it is time to add mulch – that is the final step for making your annual beds.>Make sure to lift the plants and get the mulch all the way up to the base of the plants. It’s important to mulch your beds because it provides the extra layer to help keep the moisture inside. So that way, you don’t have to water as much. The mulch also helps to provide your beds during a really heavy downpour – it keeps the soil in place and it keeps it from running off everywhere.>So we finished making up our annual bed and the best thing about this is that it is going to last all the up to the first frost. You gotta make sure that you keep it well watered and don’t let t dry out. Now you know the correct approach for making your bed.>>>

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