Gardening With Cody 12017 Week 24& 25: Bottling a Pickle

Hi everyone welcome back to Cody’s garden, so I just got the notification that it’s gonna freeze tonight, so I think I’m gonna grab As many of my favorite plants as I can the ones that will be affected by the frost it’s a paste tomato Things maybe some yeah strawberries are probably fine Some of these peppers, and I’m gonna pull them Inside I can do that Because these bug… buckets are portable There it is, tomato plant I just carry this inside I’m also going to go through and pick most of the things that are gonna be damaged easily by Frost These eggplants for instance those things really don’t like to be froze Well these look gorgeous Look at those I’ve also got some soybeans that I forgot about, that’s cool Not really… like they’re kind of beyond that edamames at this point but You know I kind of like the option of being able to move my plants around I mean if I absolutely had to I could just load these on the back of a truck So I’m still picking tomatoes. I’m mostly working on these little lemon tomatoes right now you got quite a few already Kind of like how this plant is growing up through this tree here under this bush this (small laughter) Now you just pick the fruit just like this So much tomato Maybe I’ll make some more nightshade stew eh? So it’s the next day We did have a frost last night. I remember there was some ice on the windshield in my car this morning, but looks like most of the plants were unaffected really I mean besides the ones that are already dying like the cucumbers speaking of cucumbers I have one inside of a jar down here, you can see It’s uh? Pick that up and look at it Unfortunately it fell off the vine at some point so that’s as big as it got also It’s got a nasty ring in there from the the neck of the bottle, I say you know Oh there’s some water in there ( small laughter ) I say uh, it wasn’t… it’s not gonna come out of there It’s kind of cool Let’s go put some pickle brine in there and turn it into a pickle It’s uh it’s not boiling, but it is warm I’m just gonna pour this in and This preserve the cucumber turning it into a pickle Let’s close that up Yeah, you can see it in there, good Come around here See my backyard Still got a bunch of stuff sitting around so the bees are actually flying right now, so that’s a good, good sign We can Open them up and work on them. You notice there’s a lot of dead bees out front a lot of these are workers So that’s concerning you can actually use them in here Focus, there’s some wasps carrying away the dead bees Which is not a problem so long as they don’t start carrying away the live bees. I might put a Entrance excluder on there just in case Let’s open these guys up and feed them some sugar. I might get stung a few times but I’m used to it Yeah good okay, so Looks like they’ve got quite a bit of honey actually not very many bees though Mean, that’s a nice little cluster. You can see right around here That’s probably the top of the sphere of bees so they’re probably about this big Let’s pull out a couple of these frames If I can, it’s like we got some built on to the others, and I just pull them out I’ll just harvest this, save that honey Okay, it’s another frame. Here lets put you guys around here, so you see what I’m looking at So, there’s that yogurt cup I was using to Support my camera when I had it in there looks like they’ve built all the way over under this frame here There’s a little bit of overlap between this frame and this one It’s not really that big of a deal. It doesn’t look like they’ve got anything built in the lower box You kind of see down there So I might compress the hive down to a single story tall Yeah, let’s do that All right, so I’m just gonna split these two parts From each other looks like it’s not glued down to anything. Oh, I had the feeder in there. That’s why I was missing one All right, that’s okay Guess I didn’t need to buy another one Let’s get rid of these empty frames Actually I can take this whole thing off couldn’t I? Oh look some earwigs are trying overwinter inside my beehive. I’ll give these guys to the chuckers There ya’ go birds Got a pot of syrup here I got a little bit of medication in it to help with the nosema, and other things that bees might get during the winter. Okay bees here you go, I got a little extra sugar for ya Okay Yeah, go ahead. You gotta let me film you doing it though You got some honeycomb? Kanyon: Yes, and i’m making a mess too Oh, I just realize people probably not gonna be able to hear you. Oh well Well what do you think? Kanyon: It’s really good Kanyon: It’s really good! Kanyon: Haha! All right now the bees are taken care of we’ve come around to the front, and I think it’s time to harvest What’s in these buckets here and possibly also that watermelon. The plant has died and it’s probably very sensitive frost or maybe a grasshopper chewed off the base of it, but Let’s start with this sweet potato pot right there. Let’s see how much we got out of it Should we just dump it out on the ground? yeah pull the camera back a little Pretty nice root system on that Does have some potaters sweet potatoes which are not related to the Nightshade potatoes at all well, they’re a little bit related, but pretty distantly Not very big most of these Hey kitty, how are you doing? All right, so I got one bucket of sweet potatoes right here let’s undo this sprinkler system So I can pull it out of there Let’s just break the plant off Thing got long. Okay Alright let’s pull it out Just like so Should we take it out to the sidewalk? Look at that we got a root that came through the bucket and it was way down inside of the Drainpipe Let’s tip out the sweet potatoes and see what we got I can already tell you that’s bigger than the ones that grew in the dirt Look at that See, oh my goodness you see that Kany? Kanyon: That’s huge! That’s a sweet potato for you So here’s the ones that were grown in the potting soil, and here’s the ones that were grown in hydroponics. Well that’s 1.35 kilograms And here’s the ones that were grown in the hydroponic system 2.24 so that’s almost twice as much And I would say that the hydroponic ones actually got less light because the other plants crowded them out, so Shows you how much better the hydroponics is So here are the cherry tomatoes See this amount of fruit came from just three plants 6.64 kilos of the cherry tomatoes So here’s the other type of tomatoes See these larger ones there so 8.13 Plus another 7.31 3.48 Of my Amish paste potato… tomato’s 2.45 of the loose peppers Five-point-seven of these cucumbers At least the ones that didn’t rot on the vine, so they have 1.8 eggplant Watermelon, which totally isn’t ripe But four and a half kilos, and a cantaloupe Almost one Unfortunately with my big cucumber I went to pick it up and it split in half because it had started to rot I’m still gonna weigh it though. You know pretend that I didn’t leave it out in the field too long There’s another one there, so that would have been at least 2.75 kilograms all on its own. Let’s put these other rotten ones on there it’s like 8.12 kilos total of the starting to rot cucumbers I am gonna still try to eat these you know just cut off the bad parts and slice them up and probably Maybe pickle em’? I think I can still do that so I think that’ll be the last thing out of the way About all I’ve got for you this week, so hope you enjoyed. I’ll see you next time I know you like pickles so Ohhhhh What is it you do err you still just put pickling it or? Cody: Think you can get it out of that jar? Should I try it? I don’t know if I could, how did you get it in there? Cody: It grew in there Oh my goodness Cody: You’re not getting that out Can I open it or? I think I would let it stay so it can pickle Cody: Okay


  1. Cody, I have grown cherry tomatoes and it has been two months since I planted the seeds but they are still about 20 cm tall, no flowers. I’m also having a problem with leaf miners. What should I do?

  2. You are definitely an anomaly Cody. Most really smart people use their intellect to minimize the amount of hard work they have to do. You're the only man I've seen who uses his intellect as a launchpad towards tackling as much work as is humanly possible. Of course you're probably so modest that you'd deny working so hard, and that just makes you even cooler.

  3. 1: Were the soybeans easy to grow? Did you give them nitrogen-rich fertilizers to make protein, or did you let them fix the atmospheric nitrogen themselves?
    2: Can you feed the bees with corn syrup, potato sugar or the juice of your sugar beets?
    3: Watermelons are frost sensitive, and even without frost, cold weather could kill them. I notice you grew a large variety (probably "Crimson Sweet", which is high-yielding and disease-resistant), but while that variety is ideal for my place (Penrith, NSW, Australia), you'd probably be better off with a faster maturing variety like "Sugar Baby" or "Cream of Saskatchewan".
    4: Sweet potato roots are more unruly than potato roots. From my experience, the roots of sweet potatoes clogged a pipe coming out of its hydroponic bucket and ruined the system. Sweet potatoes are more nutritious than potatoes – I think that their higher Nitrogen and Potassium requirements relative to potatoes is due to this.
    5: What was growing the cantaloupes like? I constantly fail to get them to fruit here because they die of mildew (regardless of the mildew treatments) at the flowering or unripe fruit stage.

  4. +Cody'sLab
    What about plastic contamination in the food from the plastic pales the food was grown in?? Can that happen ?? Thanks for posting !!!!!!!!!

  5. In my non-portable garden, when it freezes i put a blanket over the plants. the heat of cellular respiration keeps them alive. If it's gonna be real cold i stick a lightbulb under the blanket to heat it.

  6. Look up the gutter grow system. Your halfway there with your hydroponic system. Definitely worth an experiment to compare.

  7. What we do in West Virginia if it’s planted in the ground as will cover it all up with tarps that could have worked for you maybe an idea for the future if you ever want to try it it keeps the frost off the plants

  8. But they taste different……more water on hydroponic potatoes …..i used to grow them on a wet area and a dry area… in dry area

  9. I love this!! Thank you Cody for sharing your gardening with us! I’m gonna give this hydroponic garden a go next spring. Hopefully I can still see your videos when it comes time so I can put it together properly. Love the growing a cucumber in a bottle!! 😂 wish it hadn’t broke, that would’ve been even more amazing!

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