Gardens by the Bay – Singapore – Our Holiday/Adventure

so we found that eating in Singapore
gluten-free is really difficult but we have stumbled across two places so far
so this would be basically the first full day where Shona has eaten a
whole meal Kota how are you pancake are they delicious
and what have you got here juice yummy juice its got carrot and beetroot in it
delicious right and apple can’t forget the apple how is you manwich pretty manly on our last day in Singapore we have
ventured to gardens at the bay gardens by the bay gardens by the bay has plenty of gardens
and attractions to see we went on the Skywalk it’s open from 9 a.m. till 9:00
p.m. daily peak out to 5 p.m. till 8:30 that’s when it’s lit up like avatar would be too humid if they didn’t plant
plants on all the buildings and all around and so it’s part of the way for
the government to improve the humidity and give back to the planet at Singapore Can you come with me I might be scared of finding another lizard ok show me where you think the are going to be how’s your space bubble yeah cosy awesome that’s us terminal one

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