Gateway Technical College- Horticulture

[Music] [Narrator] A Horticulture degree from Gateway
Technical College can help you become a part of a growing industry that makes a
significant contribution to enhancing the natural beauty of Wisconsin and
beyond. [Instructor] Well our Horticulture degree comes with two
separate areas, and students will either focus in Nursery and Landscape, which is design, managing a landscape sustainably, and basically learning your plant identification. The other avenue that they can take is Nursery, excuse me, is Floral and Greenhouse and this they learned run a greenhouse, basically how to grow crops or and also floral design, how to put
arrangements together, how to do event planning as florists all do nowadays. [Narrator] In addition to Nursery and Landscaping or
Greenhouse and Floral, students can pursue an Advanced
Technical Certificate in Urban Farming. [Instructor] The Urban Farming is an Advanced Technical Certificate so
it is over and above. You assume that a student is going to
take this certificate, already has an Associate degree, or
significant life experience before they can get into that program. [Student] But one of the reasons why I got into Horticulture in general, and specifically why I’m taking urban farming classes is because it’s, I’m really passionate about local healthy foods, and especially sort of the lack of access
to it in, in urban areas. [Instructor] The class tonight is a beginning vegetable and fruit science class and the students are responsible for, if they work in teams, they’re responsible for beds in the urban farm. The beds have been planted and with the spring crops. This class started
in the summer and so now the students are responsible for weeding, composting, getting everything ship shape I guess, and also starting the
transition into summer crops so they will be filling the holes as the summer, as a
spring crops come out they’ll be filling the holes the summer crops. So they’re
planning as well as actually doing. [Narrator] The heart of the Horticulture program is the
opportunity to learn first hand all aspects of growing and nurturing plants. Gateway’s Kenosha Campus is home to the
most up-to-date horticultural equipment in the newly constructed Pike Creek
Horticulture Center. The newly expanded and remodeled facility
contain several classrooms, a soils lab, two greenhouses, and an urban farming lab. [Student] Gateway’s got great facilities. We get hands-on practice in greenhouses. We have an actual functioning urban farm, we go to market, and the brand-new building is, is pretty incredible, and there’s the retail facility, and the urban farm labs. [Instructor] The best thing about our labs is that
they’re hands-on, and so the students get a little bit a
lecture, a little bit of instruction, and then we get them out into the field, and
they’re planting and growing. They work in the greenhouse, they work on
the grounds. [Student] This class, we’ll learn about some vegetables today and talk about some of our projects, but
we’re gonna spend the bulk of the time out on the garden. Planting things, weeding, you know, we learn different new techniques of planting. [Instructor] They planted containers today. One of our
students was putting containers, pretty containers together. They learn a little bit of everything.
They learn how to prune, they learn how to mulch, how to compost, all the things that they will run into in their job. [Narrator] Gateway offers flexible scheduling to
accommodate everyone including evening classes and a full summer program. [Student] The class schedules is really helpful. You can take a couple things online. And then they, they try to rotate out evening classes and there’s even some weekend
classes. So people who work and have other obligations can get the education they want. [Instructor] We have a wide mix of students. We have some that are 18 coming right out of high school
that are fired up, really tech savvy, and they thrive. We also have midlife students that come back to retrain or
something, and they do fairly well, and then we have retirees. So we had a wide
range. They can finish in an associate degree if they go full time in two
years. We have a lot of full-time students, and we have a lot of part time
students. We’ve had some students that have been going for ten years finishing up. So it’s just a matter
of what your schedule allows you, but we do offer night classes, Saturday
classes, and now we’re in a full three semesters. So we have summer classes as
well. So it allows students to finish a lot faster. [Narrator] Graduates can find opportunities in
landscape design, landscape contracting, floral design and
grounds maintenance. [Instructor] And when they get out of the program, we are very specific in training them how to be
entrepreneurs and managers so that they don’t, they’re not learning how dig a hole because anybody can do that, but they’re learning the basics of
the business, and how to run a good business, how to run crews so that
they will step into a position that’s a little bit higher paying than just a laborer. [Student] Yeah, I got really lucky and got a job
already, so I’ll be training for a senior gardening garden care
position with a good landscape design firm. [Instructor] Our students come out usually making between 16
and 18 dollars an hour, and they move up very quickly beyond that because
they have managerial skills. [Student] Some of the people that I’ve talked
to in the industry feel like there’s actually a lack of qualified applicants in some
cases. So there’s definitely opportunity out there. [Instructor] I’ve actually had
two students that were just hired to do high end garden care on the north shore of Chicago with one the high, with high end companies there. Two of them were just hired this week and so we’re very excited about that. At really good salaries and so that, that
makes it even better. To find out more about Gateway Technical College’s
Horticulture program please go to

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