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Wageningen University is one of the
leading international universities in the field of healthy food and living environment. You will find this university in the
Netherlands, also called Holland located in Europe. Wageningen Campus is a place where students, teachers and researchers from the university and research institutes exchange ideas. Here you will focus on current and future
global issues that are of increasing importance to both industry and government. Wageningen University has over 10,000 students. 25 percent of which are international students, representing more than 100 nationalities. You are ensured personal guidance
throughout your student career with a student / teacher ratio of 7:1. Our research and education are based on a fundamental scientific approach and we focus strongly on practical application. During your study, you will work on real cases from the field
using state-of-the-art research facilities which will aid you in becoming a
professional in innovative and groundbreaking research. Wageningen campus offers you excellent
student facilities including an app to help you find an
available workspace with a computer, a huge Modern Library that is open 14
hours a day and a meeting centre called Impulse, an
inspiring meeting place for scientists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, students and citizens. In Wageningen you will meet students and researchers from all over the world
and you will benefit from a diverse cultural exchange. Studying here prepares you for working in international teams anywhere in the world.


  1. I like the video, but as a filmmaker I would've color-graded the footage from the interior of Forum to be a little bit warmer to invoke a nice atmosphere (which it has!). It seems a bit cold and too formal, which is good during the lab-scenes, but not so much of students chatting, eating, and studying. But nice representation of the university though!

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  3. WUR offers several Summer Schools in Global Food, Green Genetics and Animal Breeding. To have a look, please visit

  4. Do you consider this study a good choice if you want to become an international documentary filmmaker with philanthropic or even political motivations? Of course, besides following a study in creating movies. For instance, raising awareness and educating people about global issues, therefore (perhaps) involving politics and the potential controversy surrounding such.

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