Getting the greenhouse ready for winter — Greenhouse update october 2017

Today we are getting the greenhouse ready
for winter so stay tuned. Hi everybody. This is Andreas from Off Grid Sweden. If you havent been here before I want to welcome
you for the first time. On this channel I show you things that we
do on the homestead, tips and tricks, reviews, stuff related to homesteading and Off Grid
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like the content and you get notified on new content. Before we start this video I want to take
time and thank you all that subscribed to the channel. We have reached over 1000 subscribers now. And Im really HAPPY about that! I never thought that we would get up to this
amount of subscribers and I think its AMAZING. So thank you very much all of YOU! Now lets get started on getting this greenhouse
ready for winter. We start by harvesting the last cucumbers
and then its time to remove the plants. We got about 80 cucumbers this year. This little cucumber had no chance to get
ready this year. Some of the peppers are starting to look bad
so its time to harvest some of them and cut of all the leaves. Hopefully
the rest of them will ripen. I dont know so much about pepperplants but
shall I throw these away or should I take them inside and see
if they want to start grow inside? Leave your sugestion in the comments. The grapes that I moved this spring grow really
well, now Im cutting them back a little so form
some new trunks. The tomatoes looks like they are done for
the season. I cut of
a lot of branches but I leave some of the fruit thats still green
I think they can ripen the next coming week. I promised you earlier that I would come back
to the experiment with the melons. These melonplants was brought up from store
bought melons. I did it late in the summer so I knew that
there wouldnt be any ripen fruit this year. People told me that you cant get store
bougt melons to produce fruit, but I got 2 large galia melons on the plant
and a small watermelon, so next year I will go for it again but much earlier. Time to start to insulate the greenhouse. I use bubble wrap to do this. We will try to grow something here the next
coming months but the important part is that its insulated in the early spring
so we can start grow early. I use these small clips to fasten the bubblewrap. Its also time to remove the automatic window
openers. They cant be outside
in the winter. Then they will be destroyed by the cold. So this is how the greenhouse looks like when
its all tucked in for winter. Next video will hopefully be about how to
make a sheat for the giveaway knife and then you get to know the end date for
participating in the giveaway. I leave a link to the video with the giveaway
rules. Thats it for this week. See you in the next video.


  1. Gidday mate just wanted to say as a old bloke from Australia who complains about the cold when it gets to 12 c or so im always amazed by what you have to do for a real winter lol.just wanted to leave this link for you to check out may help you with your green tomatoes and peppers these guys are in the same situation im following your channel just found it so will be catching up. thanks for the effort that it takes to document your journey take care and have fun len

  2. Nice greenhouse, I like the bubble wrap for insulation, great idea. An experimental farm I worked with in the 70's used 55 gallon (208L) drums in the greenhouse. These we painted black, placed along the north wall late season, and filled with water. These acted as passive solar collectors during the day, at night they gave off enough heat to prolong the growing season, both in the fall and early spring. Once temperatures warmed up they were drained and removed. This added several additional weeks to the growing season overall.

  3. I really like the bubble wrap idea! It still lets in sunlight, the bubbles in the wrap retain a small amount of heat, and the blanket keeps the deep cold out during the night! The role (bubble wrap) is easily accessible online. As said by another subscriber, "nice greenhouse". Until next time Be Blessed

  4. Awesome idea using bubble wrap for insulation. Probably would work well here in Canada. Thanks Andreas!! Doug

  5. Green house is looking good and I'm digging the bubble wrap idea. Thanks for posting this and thumbs up on a good video.

  6. You are living the dream! Nice greenhouse! take the peppers in and put them in a nice window with much lighting and where its not too cold. i have peppers and paprika (in english?) in my kitchen window and it works fine 🙂

  7. What part of Sweden do you live I have family in nybro Sweden.i live in madawaska Maine we have a lot of swedes in northern Maine whose families migrated here .the topography is similar to northern Sweden.

  8. Den som har sagt at du ikke kan få frukt av meloner kjøpt i butikk, vet ikke hva de snakker om. MEN det som kan skje, er at du får ikke akkurat den samme frukten som du kjøpte opprinnelig.

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