1. Humanity right now is like cancer to the Earth:
    -We take energy and resources without giving anything in return.
    -We don't know when to stop multiplying (cancer cells don't know when to stop multiplying)
    -We spread to all parts of the body (Earth) draining the life out of everything around us till its dead.

    And then we die too (inevitably)! Its so beyond sickening. Why do we not value all life as a part of us? Maybe the planet will start to give everyone cancer so we can begin to experience what we our doing to the place which gave us life.

  2. Countrys like Germany Usa and so on are talking only about global warming and making money of it. Maybe first people should think about rebuilding nature …

  3. Its sad, but everything dies eventually, including this planet. Future Earth will become unrecognizable as our sacred blue dot turns into a half frozen, half charred and barren wasteland with no atmosphere.

  4. Good news! Humanity is expected to explode exponentially in numbers by year 2050, so if you think that we have destroyed a lot with the present population and consumerist demand, just wait to see how the world will look by 2050 when we will be doing double the damage !!! By the way, with no end on sight because we will continue reproducing exponentially during the century. No wonder Nostradamus placed an end to "humanity as we know it" by the year 3000 something. I guess that we would have destroyed down to the last inch of the planet's surface.

  5. The 'good' news is that soon any rainforests in S America will be outside Brazil's borders. I hope a fucking desert appears there when that happens.

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