Great Gardens: Jardin en Cévennes

I think it’s really important to be bold because you are really free
you can see you are quiet, no stress That’s a necessity for the bench Let’s go We just bought this house to make a family house and after when you work
and cut the jungle around the house we discovered the possibility
and we said, Why not? This is water and shadow We can choose the plants
especially for this part I don’t like too much the French garden like in the eighteenth century It’s wonderful but it’s not my cup of tea To make a decision
to be stronger than natural– this is not really interesting for me We are really in the middle of nowhere and we have to give the food
for all the family during all summer But I try to do something nice
for the children of my guests I try to select special
vegetable or fruit, unusual This is absinthe The real absinthe, yes that nobody wants to eat because it’s… Everybody is so afraid to be mad [inaudible] they are a really basic tree
but I really love it But you can’t eat [inaudible] Look at that I just love it And this is a pomelo This is caviar lemon
These are delicious This one I like because it’s really white (speaking French) We have the blue tomatoes That’s the blue one
Look at that!>From a scientific point of view I think it’s interesting
because you can watch and study plants but also you can just play because like the children
you come in the jungle It’s wild They grow up totally free There are no obligations here Here it’s just a pleasure They surprise me every time
because it’s not my decision The plant grows up to the part They make their own life and I’m just a visitor I’ve no power really Yes, of course I can destroy everything But I just want to see what’s happening I’m a little god I just create something
and after say, Okay play I would love to travel but I can’t so I bring the rain forest in my house We have to produce a special mist to keep alive all these plants especially on the canopy On the [inaudible]
a gardener to take care of our plants and I would love to do the same thing here I’m just like a child, I just want to play And just to play with different paths Just to make surprise and create memories, that’s all I don’t think about what’s happening here
in 20 or 30 years I don’t know, and really, I don’t care I’m sure maybe in two generations
there are ping pong table here that the children play without plants I don’t know and I don’t care For the moment it’s like this but nothing is forever so…


  1. My dream! I cannot afford such a large amount of land. If I could, I would buy a lot of it to plant my vegetables and to encourage and study the plant and animal life. It's so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Please, an questions: How you control the pests of plants? Thank very much for your answer and congratulations for this wonderful garden.

  3. me encanta, es tan elocuente lo que deja ver con sus palabras tanto con su juego… Salut Pascal! j'adore votre vision de la vie.

  4. Really beautiful. The driftwood bench, the metal dome that perhaps will make a roof of vines and leaves and an enchanting parachute. The home is earthy, practical, and the gardens and jungle enticing and fruitful. Ground cover and greenery blur the line between home and nature less like an eraser and more like a new color. The windows are small, the home is cozy and well situated, there is a great yard and the back overlooks a slope. The home is heavy in some places, more temporary looking in others, and overall charming because nothing looks manufactured so the imperfect lines are meant to be the way they are. And thats the story of this home, there is a sustenance garden, there are few flowers and little natural color, this jungle oasis is refreshing.

  5. Plantings for pleasure…creating a special existence…changing the environment with such a wonderful attitude…bringing nature into balance in his domain.⭐

  6. Its just a magnificent place the natural opulence of the botanical natural collective sanctuary though ain't much manicured most of those plants are from tropical places but I guess he's into green thumb awesome eco architect & horticulturist such a real touch of magic for real💚💚💚🌿🌹🌳🌱🌻🌼🌺🍀🌲🌸🌵🍃🌴💚👍👌

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