GRIM GARDENING – Scrap’d Week 3 (4/7)

Hey you! My name is Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell and welcome
back to Scrap’d Week. A week full of videos that didn’t quite make the cut. Today’s video is fine… I guess… (Title Sequence) (Music) (Screaming) AHHH! Stop it! I’m so ticklish! Stop it!
I’m going to tickle you back! (Laughter) (Stabbing) You’re so good at this. (Gun shots) (Woman drowning) (Chainsaw) (Rope and groaning) (Beating meat) HELP PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME HE’S KILLING ME! PLEASE HE’S KILLING ME I’M GOING TO DIE RIGHT
NOW PLEASE SOMEONE HEEEEELP!! ARGHHHH!! MUHAHAHA! YES! I HAVE WON! (APPLAUSE) Excuse me! Would you please keep it down? I would like to do my gardening in peace! Thank you! Sorry! Sorry! Urgh! RIGHT! (Dramatic beat) (Music) So here we are with another one of the sketches
from the flatlined TurboPunch sketch comedy show that we tried to get commissioned with the BBC. I don’t really know what it is about this
sketch that doesn’t work but It just doesn’t. The pace is a little too fast I think and, I dunno,
maybe it would’ve been funnier animated? Maybe? When I was approached to make these sketches
I really jumped at the opportunity to work with my dream cast of comedy performers in
a more professional setting. Alice Ann Stacey, Chris Kendall and Mawaan Rizwan. If I ever get another opportunity to make sketches like this, I will definitely be hitting up those three guys again. I feel exceptionally bad about Mawaan though
because we’ve made three sketches together and every single one of them will be in this
Scrap’d Week. Speaking of though come back tomorrow for
the best sketch I ever made for someone else’s channel. Thank you for watching and TomSka out!


  1. I actually really liked that one. The end make me laugh (not a roaring laugh, more like a "hahaha" laugh, lets not get crazy) and most things I find "funny" don't get more than a smile, smirk and/or chuckle out of me.

  2. I liked this one! Just needed to be a couple of 'mishearing' gags, and she could of been dropping a body into a grave at the end. The hands looked too unreal for me

  3. I thought it was funny, I think the pasing would be more enjoyable if the video would have more time between every time the woman looks over the fence so you can soak up more of her look and of the funny things that happen on the other side of the fence. Now everything is so fast that my brain is not done registering what has just happened before the next joke comes.
    I would also cut out a few of the jokes so it still has the same running time as it has now so the sketch won't be too long.
    I'm no expert and maybe I'm completely wrong but I feel like with a little editing this could still be a sketch for your main channel.

  4. i think making cuts exceedingly faster would work pretty well, maybe only leave in the "she hears the noise, cut to source of noise" in without her going to and from the fence after the tug-of-war. release the build up tension by ending the acceleration of cuts abruptly, beginning the full length play scene with the older woman be like "ok thats it" swooosh to the fence, rest stays at it is. i think it doesnt need so much on screen help to stay cohesive, as the setting feels easy and clean enough to expect the viewer to follow fast jumps.
    In my head it works pretty well, it's not like i have any experience or knowledge so… eh 😀 it was fun working it out in my head

  5. One problem I'm seeing with the sketch is in the direction, I think. The woman feels very disconnected from the couple, so it's never really that tense. She doesn't seem like a scared neighbour peering nervously, she does just seem bothered by noisy neighbours. Maybe if it was filmed from the other side of the fence, so we see her back… I don't know, I'm not a director. You're right about it being too fast – the couple ramped back up again too immediately. Fewer of the sequences, lasting the same length of time as it does now, more tension. Also, it should've been the less wacky ones only from the couple, until the stage play one. Maybe tickling, watermelon, stage play, old woman reveal. Also, if the woman had been filmed in a more omnious style, you could have dropped in that the couple had moved in recently and had it end by her muttering "I don't take well to noisy neighbours".

    IMO, of course.

  6. I agree with a lot of the comments here, the pacing could have been slower. I also think it would've been way funnier if at the end it was a slow and gradual camera pan to reveal the dead bodies, with the music slowly rising to a more tense tone.

  7. I agree about the timing it's too fast to process and the angle of the last shot could have been higher angle. Still a great concept and twist though

  8. Ahaha I think this one is hilarious!!!! Maybe the pacing is a tiny bit fast but I actually think that works really well with the overall style! 🙂

  9. I think this would have worked better if it was spread out over the course of an episode of sketches. It starts out as a recurring gag, then ends the episode by turning it on it's head. As a single sketch it's a bit strangely paced though

  10. It feels really predictable. Maybe because there's too many gags. It still somewhat works, I had a laugh, but it could be better. I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to improve it or make it unpredictable, though.

  11. I think this was marvellous! The only thing that was a little weak for me was the ending, I think that last part with the old lady could have been slower and clearer, to amp up the grimness

  12. It's too long. Maybe just do two or three, the final one being her screaming that she's being murdered, then you cut to the corpse burying.

  13. It's a very clever idea. I agree, something about it just off from keeping from being really good, but I think all it needs is a few tweaks to the pacing or length.

  14. I think the only reason it doesn't work quite so well as your other sketches is that there were just a couple too many gags. Perhaps take out the meat tenderising and one other, and then make the ending just a tad longer.

  15. i do think the section where the old lady kept being tricked by the noises went on for a bit too long, but it was still a good idea and a clever sketch with the reveal at the end.

  16. I think this needed to have like 3-4 gags tops before the end and it woulda been PERFECT. It was REALLY legitimately funny otherwise.

  17. I actually really liked this one but as someone else suggested maybe cutting the final gag would've made it funnier. The last gag was too expected.

  18. The issue with this sketch is the ending, while it's clearly implied what's happening with the old lady, you jump to it to quickly, I would suggest a slower panning shot, more from her perspective of gardening to slowly reveal the body parts she's burying.

  19. I loved it all the way, I think the pacing was perfect as I just wanted her to speak up, and when she did I felt so relieved.. and then the ending.. it surprised me XD

  20. This video had me in stitches… I think because I was expecting it to be an anti joke so it just took me by surprise

  21. I can listen to the intro song over and over and over. There's just something pleasing about the "it makes perfect sense" part. Just me? I think just me

  22. I think this sketch would work really well as a series of in-betweens for a show. If there were say, 10 other sketches in an episode, this would be nice as a bunch of 5 second clips between the others, with the last part at the very end of the episode.

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