Growing Business Efficiency in Agriculture with OtterBox

GeoAg Solutions is a custom technology solutions provider for people in the Ag industry. We service all types of Agriculture.
Our primary market is citrus. There’s a major cost differences between using a standard consumer grade device as opposed to a ruggedized industrial
grade device. For instance, we were using a tablet PC which was fully ruggedized and, the uh, retail price on the was upwards of
$6500. Today we’re able to offer our same
programs on a consumer-grade device that are often time subsidized by provider or carriers. So, a lot of our users are already using Android or iOS. So the tablet, they pick it up, they’re familiar with it.
They use it, this is their cell phone essentially they’re using on day-to-day
basis. Especially with the Samsung products
because it’s such a streamlined well known brand, a lot of the guys already
have Samsung devices that they’re familiar with and comfortable
using. So one thing we bring to the table is our electronic time keeping, harvest pay. And that addresses their need to
collect this information on the fly and stay in compliance with the
regulatory agencies; Department of Labor, Wage and Hour, those guys. Yeah, we use that to our make sure that
our workers are being paid correctly for that time out time they
spend on the field or the tubs that they’re picking. GeoAg has done a great job with helping us.
It’s easier for the crew leaders you get the information at the office faster and the crew leaders like using it. It beats using paper. Overlook is using approximately
twenty-six tablets, um, it twenty-six crews, twenty-six tablets and we have we have… we’ve never broken one there’s never been one broken. Our application gets used in quite possibly one of the worst
environments you can imagine. Uh, we’re here in florida citrus
industry uh, the tablets get exposed to dust, dirt, hydraulic oil, they get dropped, they get rained on, they get kicked cussed, beat and the Defender Series eliminates any concern we have over, over
whether or not the tablet can survive in that environment. The ability to get the OtterBox
for them. We wouldn’t send these out to the field without some type ruggedized enclosure, and OtterBox is the preferred one.

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