Hay Day: Meet the Farmer! S2 E5

I live in Pretoria. I’m 81 years old, and I live with my oldest sister, Lily. She’s 88 years old. I had a wonderful life. I was a very busy woman. I’ve always been interested in
keeping my body healthy. I have a degree
in Physical Education and Psychology. I really wanted to become a doctor. I live in a retirement village. I love it here. But there are many people here
who don’t want to stay with the times. They don’t even want
to use the cell phone. My attitude is that I must learn
as much as I can. Dr. Google, I want to know
what there is to know. I’ve taught myself
to work on the computer, which my children gave me. Oh, I love it. Now, the first game I downloaded
was a fighting game. But, you know, it was not real to me. Then, I saw ladies playing a game,
and that was Hay Day. You know, I need some fodder. OK, I’ll give you some. Oh, no, I haven’t got it. Being raised on a farm, I saw the animals,
and I saw the farm and the trees. And I think that is
what triggered me to play Hay Day. You go back into your old life. It is sort of a time travel. The animals that are around here, they are all in Hay Day. Elephants, giraffes,
hippos and now zebra. Oh, that’s amazing.
It’s not a common sight. I love animals. To watch them, it soothes me. It sort of brings Earth inside of me. If a chance comes at, I can’t force it. I do help people. My new mission
is to get my neighbors into Hay Day. In the cloud there’s a farm of Minke.
Do you want to play on that? No, let’s let’s choose it on Earth. Okay, I choose a new one. I recommend Hay Day
to somebody my age, because it will keep their mind alive. It will keep it sharp. Click there,
but don’t click on the guy! – Touch there.
– Oh, I must paint the house. Very nice. – Congratulations!
– You are now a level 2 farmer. Oh, okay, great. If I can make a difference
into somebody else’s life, that is the reward, making a change. Hay Day, it is life. It never has an end. To me, life hasn’t got an end. You just change the dimension
in which you live. I believe technology
helped my mind to stay active. My experience has expanded. It’s like being reborn into a new world. SUBSCRIBE

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