Hive Types

Everybody is a buzz about pollinators! The Adams County Extension Office, Dr. Thaddeus
Gourd the Director and myself, Jennifer Tucker, Small Acreage Agent decided to put together
three demonstration hives for our landowners. They can see how the hives work and make decisions
for what would work best for their situation. The first hive here is the Flow Hive, it has
been wildly popular on social media and commercials. This hive is designed for the backyard beekeeper
to allow for easy extraction of honey. The next hive is the Top-bar. The Top-bar hive is an economical option that
makes the bees do the work of building all the combs. Finally, the big, iconic box is the Langstroth
hive. The Lang is the hive that most commercial
beekeepers have, as well and many backyard beekeepers. It is a very simple, easy to use format. For more information about the Adams County
beekeeping project please call the CSU Extension office at 303-637-8100.

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