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  1. district faces hgihly by monopoly market and price thought they are commandable in ther prices and busienss and trade basic necessity today death due to nutrious food is not brought all mixture of pesticides engaged and pricing of that terrace gardeining is the only result and schools should bring down thier irrigation and cultivate and use that cultivation as on daily food be it meat milk ,vegetbable and frutits most of the inflation will come down predominant of market monopoly occupier rising price as per each govt enhance as if each death day or birth day or thier party fucntion they raise and bring down even at the cheapest trick of election they bring down the price unworth in the hands govt ruining the entire system of farming and agriculutre today check out eac schools how many prositution running and how many schools are used as lodge and play cards a ground say about play ground take alook how greenery made a plantation right ful amount of oxygen walkers joggers and those how the canteen and check out toilets more than visitng the ground will die traditional sports district training coacher and notbrought to attention in india all that turning debt in india every seconds the life of district in the hands of any govt as such ruins the entire system autonoumous function should be and lot of thing today people faces land mining sand mafia creates radiation , imbalance the ecosysttem , ecological balance do we allow sterlite and more than industries which is said openly about the emission and chemical mixing water ur not supporting in direct next genration and current generation babby exprected premature brain and tripur chemccal mixing tamilnadu turning one of the worst state ruin by dmk admk aiadmk and so on congress and bjp also made each state to the level in to beggar state what is the waiver off and then how did they pay the amount after waive do they have alternative income biggest drama action bjp too play as per their state and business they waive off loan and they loot all the gst money for saving thier business, check out how for check out what else india have under ground wires is places some where in gujarat area to show what nothing when costal regions attacked by different level of cyclone impact are more underground wires should be save , more than hanging wires , when gail interest shown to use the agriculutre land y not underground electric wires in costal regionls first and remote ends looted by thier own governance

  2. today each one selling agriland for sales it is more than killing them and then selling to urban new comer as if how long public is exploited today as business

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