Honey bees and beekeeping in Germany vlog small growers #2 [Partly Deutsch, English Sub]

Honey, one of the oldest foods. As a natural sweetener, it’s great for cooking
and baking. So to continue our small growers series, we
visited a family friend, who keeps all her bees in her small front yard. So many bees The bees don’t have much smell, but relatively
loud while flying in and out of the hives. Working bees may live for a few weeks, the
Queen, however, has a lifespan of 3-4 years. Lots of them are died on the ground Almost went into my mouth they’re so cute one was on my hand come..come… While dancing among all the bees, I suddenly
felt like the Fragrant Concubine, if you are familiar with the Chinese meth. The honey bees collect pollens and nectar
in the garden and around the neighbourhood. Sometimes other bees would come to visit the
garden as while like this carpenter bee, who got completely high in a blossom. So now let’s do some serious beekeeping so pull it in the middle, it looks like this then the bees build it up They pull it when it’s finished, it looks like this wow it’s heavy very heavy, this one is full a full honeycomb do you want to carry it? how heavy it is It’s awesome!!! heavy right? Is it all just honey? Simply take it away? yes, I will have to open it put it in the extractor, then extract the honey out It’s so full!!! so many small rooms. super! thanks There is a barrier in between, so the work bees can go through, but not the queen the queen bee is bigger then here is full comb of food and pollen Here is a new one also this one Let’s see where is the queen. Here’re all workers the queen isn’t that big, is it? It’s quite small The Queen!!! not so much larger I thought it’s a lot bigger the other bees always give queen space always after her, she is fed always This one is about 1 day old It’s just hatched, do you see there? it’s going to be a bee. at the very bottom of it, a white line older bees are black, the younger ones are gray & here all of these are going to be a queen, if you let it there I don’t want that, I already have one queen when the new queen move in, the older queen will fly away The younger queen will stay here, The exact more of the same now let them go under everyone goes under What is it? pollens from flowers the bees collect them? yes, bees collect them on their feet then pet them away (after June ) the poisonous flowers come, then the pollen could be dangerous for human so much honey Now we have our honey. I’m going to use these fresh honey to bake
a cake and make some honey ice cream. Here is the royal from the queen bee so sour!! but very healthy! like chewing gum this one is better really sweet! Is this one good? Here is a honey extractor it is used to extract honey from the honey comb without destroy the comb Thanks for watching this video, I will use the honey to bake a classic German cake feel free to subscribe and like see ya


  1. This is such a great job! I love coming back to see your Youtube vids! It definitely puts my day in a more positive light!! I'm proud to support your spectacular content! 🙂 Check out mine too? Thanks! Keep up the great work that you are doing! I can't wait to see what's next! You're amazing!!!!! 😀

  2. thats really cool i also have some hives , beekeeping is one of my hobbies, i catched many swarms before and still☺☺☺

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