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OK, time to head to work. But before this honey bee starts her commute,
she’s prepping her tools. Because honey bees collect pollen. You knew that. But it’s not as simple as you might think. Plants want the bees to carry the pollen away
and spread it to other flowers. That’s pollination, how plants reproduce. But bees also need to carry lots of it home
– pollen is a protein-packed food for the hive. Luckily, they have the right gear. They’re hairy, like tiny flying teddy bears. She’s covered in 3 million hairs for trapping
pollen. They’re even on her eyes. Here on her legs, they’re shaped into spiky brushes and flat combs. When she lands on a bloom, she really gets
in there. Nibbling on the flower’s anthers detaches
the pollen. Time to pack up her haul. She cleans it off her eyes and antennae with
those brushes on her front legs … like windshield wipers. Here it is up close. That leg wipes the pollen right off her eye. Then she moves the pollen from leg to leg,
like a conveyor belt … front to middle to back. The bee does this super-fast, while she flies
from bloom to bloom, moving the pollen into special baskets on her back legs called corbiculae. She bends her leg, using it to squish the
pollen into a ball, packing it together with a little saliva and nectar. She can get as many as 160,000 pollen grains
into each ball. She’s hauling as much as one-third of her
weight. Back at the hive, meal prep is about to start. But the pollen isn’t for making honey. The honey, under this wax, is made from nectar. They eat it for its sugar. Bees turn pollen into something completely
different: bee bread. That’s their source of protein. Step one: Find an open spot. Step two: Deposit your goods and pack them neatly. Step three: Let the pollen “marinate”
with a hint of honey. And voilà! It’s ready. The pantry is stocked – both for adult bees
and the babies that are growing in the cells next door. The adults pop in to drop off a special bee bread
snack … a little home cooking for the hive’s future hard-working flyers. OK. More bees? We’ll keep them coming. Blue orchard bees build nests that look like
stunning jewels. And bumblebees really have to shake what they’ve
got to get their pollen. One more thing: If you love Deep Look, why
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  1. Bee bread is for bee adults and bee babies, not for human robbers. Selfish people… What do you think bees have to eat throughout whole AUTUMN, WINTER, AND EARLY SPRING??? Do you wan to stay on a strict diet for 3/4ths of the year? Stop stealing honey and honey bread / pollen.

  2. At my P.E class, there are like hundreds of bees and I have a heart attack every time we’re playing soccer and I see one in front of me while running

  3. Monsanto is a treat not just for been but for humans too. If bees are extinct humans will have the same fate. That's Monsanto pesticides agenda.

  4. They are so cute when you see them closer!!

    And I'm still scared of them when I see one

  5. The animal world should be an inspiration for human society. Instead, we are the animals and the lowest evolved.

  6. I love the fact that the most high is so ingenious to make these little workers. They are so important to eden and us all💯🙏🏾

  7. Bees : civilization builders
    Mosqitues : destroyers
    Same thing we can observe in what we call " humans".. who u gonna choose?

  8. I actually have apiphobia, the fear of bees, if there was ever a bee nearby me, I would be like “NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! I’m outta here! NOPE!” But I know bees do good for our ecosystem so that’s one thing I’m not scared about

  9. think about
    Do you think its create automatically ? how can it's possible ?
    not only bees but also others creature made by God . I am believe that .
    because its not create automatically by nature .so appreciate for God.

  10. Hello people, scientist kid guessing things about bees here. If you think about it, all types of bees can make honey, but they just can't make it or they don't have the ability to. I would absolutely love a harmless bee that could produce pollen all because it increases the rate of honey!

  11. how great and wonderful is the Lord God!
    I wonder what period of evolution all these hairs on a bee grew! or what used to be antennae or paws? and then they immediately evolved as a family or one by one?

  12. HAIR GROWING ON THEIR EYES! Seeing the comments im the only one impressed and terrified by evolution. Wheren't 2.7 million hairs enough lol

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