Honey Bread Ice Cream Taste Test

(rooster crowing, roaring) – Welcome to “Good Mythical More.” – Random disturbing fact! Prepare to be disturbed
by a fact that’s random. It’s rare, but dogs and cats
can be allergic to humans, just like we can be allergic to them. I actually already knew that because Barbara was having eye problems, and I was having eye problems. And then I went to my
doctor, and they said “You might be allergic to dogs.” Turns out I’m not. She went to her doctor,
and then they said, “You know, dogs can be allergic to humans. “She might be allergic to you guys.” And I was like “Well that can’t be.” – Did it shake you to your core? – But we didn’t follow up on it so she actually might be allergic to us. – Once you found out
it wasn’t your problem, you kinda gave up on it.
– I was like yeah. “What am I, gonna leave the house?” – (laughing) Or let Barbara run away, man. Josh, come on in! We’re gonna try this amazing dish that Josh is gonna tell us all about. It’s ice cream in nature. It’s from another place, where is it? – So this is from Shibuya Japan. It’s called Shibuya honey toast. Although the format has
kinda been replicated in a couple different
southeast Asian countries. I used to get it at the Korean
coffee shop, Caffe Bene, in Koreatown.
– Caffe Bene? – Caffe Bene, I saw Tony Hawk there once, and then I Tweeted, “I can’t
tell if I saw Tony Hawk, “or if it was just a white guy.” And then he responded
to me, “It was both.” (laughing) That’s my story.
– Tony Hawk! – I’m gonna leave.
– He’s a cool guy. Follow him in Twitter. – He likes Korean coffee shops too. – He tells good stories.
– He does, a lot like that. – Like that, yeah. – So I felt great.
– You kinda played into it. – I didn’t know that he
had those stories though. – Oh, you’re just mean. – (laughing) He looks
like a white guy, come on! – When did this happen? – This was maybe like two years ago. Yeah there’s been some time to heal. – Is this a whole loaf of bread? – Yes, it is. – You mean, these together form one– – Yeah. And then you kinda hollow it
out and put the stuff in there. – We could put it back
together and then make a loaf. – There’s no reason to do that. – Mm, I wanna. – Well, I could give you a reason. It would kinda be cool to
put the loaves back together. – That ruins the prettiness on the top that I’m about to consume. – We’ve already seen that. Yeah let’s eat.
– I have this thing where I really like destroying
the food that I create. – So you’re with me?
– Yeah, yeah. – Hold on, let’s eat it down to a flat, and then put it together.
– Compromise. Yeah, that’s the spirit, Rhett? – I made two, but can I share with… – Sure. – He’s got a heartbeat,
you can’t have mine. – Share with him.
– I’ll go with Link. That’s where he and I bond.
– Mm. Is the bread just basically–
– Bread? – Before you get to
that, it’s just a nice, tasteful, ice cream dish.
– It sure is. – It’s got peanut butter flavor in it. – No there’re crushed peanuts on top. This is just normal vanilla ice cream. – So you’ve toasted this.
– But it’s cool, ’cause you can use it as a
canvas for literally anything. – It’s fun.
– It’s so fun. – [Link] It’s like a bread bowl. Now I’m gonna leave
this for glue purposes. – I think all of our “Mores” should just be bread bowl based. – That’s yours–
– I think we should take whatever we’ve done in the main episode and turn that into a bread bowl. Not even for the food episodes. But like… Cheese wheels on a car,
that should’a just been bread bowls on a car. – This isn’t the same loaf.
– We know it worked. – This isn’t the same loaf.
– Yeah. – It is the same loaf. I had to trim. I wanted them to be
symmetrical, and they weren’t. So I had to trim it a little bit. – So there’s a really a
gap, what, did you eat it? – Me?
– Yeah. – Did you eat the bread?
– No, no, no. I just left it.
– Boy this is fun. – Yeah you know, I thought it was gonna be a lot more satisfying
when we talked about it. – I’m glad we did this.
– The problem is we ate it down, we compromised with Rhett. – Now it’s just a loaf of bread. – We compromised with Rhett. – It was only gonna be fun
if we could’ve smashed it. – We let him put it together. – I did this. – He undersold it.
– Do you know the other thing that was wrong-headed
about wanting to do that? Is that we didn’t get to do
what you’re supposed to do which is enjoy the bread
with the ice cream. – We can still do that!
– I’m doing it. I’m doing it, I’m not mad,
I’m just disappointed. – And Rhett, right? That’s my spoon, you used my spoon. – Uh oh.
(laughing) Someone’s gotta go to
urgent care. (laughing) – What? – The herpes thing. (laughing) I know you have type B, type two. – Either way, they can’t
do anything for you. – I’d still feel better.
– It’s too late. – Once you’ve got it, it’s
in your blood stream forever. You can mitigate it with pills. – Yeah? Can you share some of those? (laughing) – Yeah.
– Thank you. (laughing) – That’s really good. – You don’t have to have an outbreak in order to spread it.
– Yeah. I love that you’ve kinda become a champion of people with herpes.
– 98% of the population has it.
– Yeah. – Have you ever gotten a sponsor– – Hold on, how many, what?
– I said 98, it’s not 98. I made that up.
– I just said yeah and agreed. – The bread is nice!
– Yeah. – Is it cinnamon bread?
– Unh unh. – No. – [Link] Maybe that’s a good idea. – Japanese (speaking foreign
language) or milk bread. But it’s really similar to
just a good white bread. – It’s so good.
– Yeah. – It’s crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside.
– I’m not a big fan of… You know what, I’ll
say it a different way. I actually don’t know what’s the magic of the
bread bowl, for a soup. – [Woman] Sorry, what was that percentage on the herpes, again?
(laughing) – He said 98.
– I said 98. – [Woman] By 98, did you mean 67? – The majority.
– The majority. You’re weird if you don’t have herpes. 67 and 98 are both the majority. So I was just making a point. – We talked about this
on the show before– – Two thirds.
– Not in your presence. I want to get your opinion on this. Clearly–
– Look at that, kids. – There are some parts of the world that are more adventurous in their food. With southeast Asia probably being the pinnacle of experimentation when it comes to culinary arts. – I would say you’re
framing it wrong, though. Because imagine you’ve
never heard of cheese, and someone said “Hey, so
they take (bleeping) juice “of the cow, and then they let it ferment “in hundreds of different styles.” If you go into a Japanese bar, and you saw a bunch of
different things of miso, you’d be like “Wow, that’s crazy!” But we have thousands of different fermented coagulated
(bleeping) milk juice, that’s crazy to me.
– Right, OK. – You might look from
a different perspective and say “Wow, American,
French, they’re so adventurous “’cause they’re just being all willy nilly with (bleeping) milk.
– You think that– – That’s three times, that’s your limit. – Sorry. Teat milk.
– You think it’s foreign, literally foreign to us.
– ‘Cause that’s all I can think about, when you say it. That’s all I can think about.
– That’s why I say that? – Yeah, I think there’s a lot of things– – They would say, “Oh, our
stuff is not that crazy. “Go to America, that’s
where it’s really crazy.” – Oh 100%, that’s why so
many of their fast food items are the big America burger, it’s wild! They’re putting bacon
and coagulated teat milk. – You know what? OK, is Davin in here? – [Davin] Yeah! – OK, Davin grew up in Indonesia, which is a place that I would think is super experimental for food. Do you think that what
Josh is saying is accurate? What is your perception of American food? – I agree with Josh.
– Boom. – [Davin] It’s a cultural area
type thing, what’s normal– – You think we’re extreme,
we’re on the cutting edge of food art, food expression? You were shocked, like
going into a museum. – You saw a hot dog and you were like “What’ll they think of next?”
– Well not really ’cause American food is
so popularized in Asia. – He knew what a friggin’ hot dog was. (laughing)
Stop being salty. You were aware of these things– – But you didn’t think
“Oh, I’m coming to America “where the food is boring.” (laughing) Because that’s what I
thought you would’a thought. – He’s thinking hard, give
him a minute, he’s thinking. – [Davin] I think American food are fatty. All that fast food and stuff.
– Think about what a hot dog is, though. If you called hot dog
emulsified pork byproducts shoved into its own intestines and then boiled and sold
for a dollar, that’s crazy. I’d look at American food–
– It’s pretty creative. – But what Davin is saying
is that his experience was, the first thing he thought
of that was different was not that it was edgy or artistic, it was that it was fatty.
(chuckling) That rings true to me.
– So we can take pride in that, is that what you’re saying? – It doesn’t seem like
you’re agreeing with Josh. – Come to America–
– Davin, just agree with me. – Come to America, home of the fatty! (laughing) – Yeah I think that’s what’s happening. So to me, I don’t know where I land. – You also gotta think
that American culture has been spread across
the world more than, say, Chinese culture, with
Hollywood movies, you guys. – Yeah. (laughing)
– You know? You’re responsible for it.
– You made me spit on the desk.
– Really all about us. – [Davin] To be fair, I
probably haven’t tried a lot of state specific American food. I tried cornbread here on
the show for the first time. – OK.
– What’d you think? – It was pretty good.
– Did you think it was creative?
(laughing) – [Davin] No? – Right, that’s your point.
– That’s my point. – That’s your point,
that’s not your point. He’s not agreeing with you.
– Are you saying we need to send you across
America to different states and try different foods?
– I’d be down for that. (laughing)
– I want that job. – [Davin] That’s like the Guy Fieri show. (laughing)
– You have to be on foot, and you’re like Forrest Gump. Will you do it on foot? – [Davin] No that’s far. – Roller skates.
– A bike! “Davin on a Bike,” that’s
the name of the show. – What’s your favorite move
of transportation, Davin? – [Davin] Probably one of those scooters that’s been popping out around. – OK. You’re gonna travel the
country on a scooter? – [Davin] That’d be fun, right? – Called “Scooter Foods with Davin.” – [Woman] Please Tweet
at a scooter company. And if we get a big enough sponsorship, we will send Davin across
the country on a scooter. (laughing)
– He’s gotta get to Hawaii too too, figure it out Davin. – Do mopeds count? – Yeah! – I think we need to decide everything. I don’t want to have to
come back to this later. – You mean like a motorized scooter? I guess that’s the same thing. A scooter you sit on, versus
a scooter you stand on. – I don’t know the difference.
– We take all scooters. – Moped you sit, GoPed you stand. – (laughing) What, a GoPed?
– Moped GoPeds. – It’s like a motel is
short, a hotel is tall, a moped you sit, a GoPed you stand. – What about a no ped?
– You talking about a scooter? – GoPed. – You’re calling a scooter a GoPed? – You guys don’t want to call them GoPeds? – You just made that up!
– No! I wanted a GoPed for
Christmas, I never got one. – Yeah ’cause you were
asking for the wrong thing! (laughing) – That’s like calling
a bear a hairy human. – Yeah, hair-hus.
– Exactly like that. Call them hair-hus. – (stammering) It’s a scooter.
– GoPed. – A GoPed!
– So you’re not gonna get me a GoPed for Christmas? – Like calling a transformer a Gobot. – Hey, we’ll even take a car company. (laughing)
Any auto company. Any form of transportation.
– What about Ultralite? Helicopter, summerine!
– Helicopters. – Submarine.
– Let’s put Davin in a summerine.
– I want Elon Musk to just dig Davin a tunnel.
– What’d you call it? – Summerine!
(laughing) – Yeah I’m down for a Tesla.
– Summerine. – OK Tesla is the sponsor.
– Come on Tesla. – Brought to you by SpaceX,
with Davin in a rocket ship to get to Phoenix.
(laughing) – They land like that, he’ll be fine. – Yeah he lands right
next to the restaurant. (laughing)
– Davin pops out of the hatch! – It’s the most expensive webseries ever. (laughing)
– He gets that fatty! Then he gets back in his rocket, and he goes to the next town. – “Finding the Fatty with Davin.” (laughing) – “Finding the Fatty
Via Rocket with Davin.” – Sponsored by Tesla.
(laughing) Hey, Elon, call us.
– In honor of Rhett’s birthday eat some beans, grab some wood (laughing) and take up to 30% off of
his favorite merchandise at mythical.com.


  1. "Well, I could give you a reason…" always be Mythical, always. Buuuut after 1600+ episodes, where do you draw the line? Happy Libra season!

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  6. Despite popular opinion and modern usage, originally, the word teat was pronounced the way Josh was pronouncing it.

  7. Hey Rhett, Link and mythical crew!
    I currently am a Culinary student who has to do an internship during a summer of program. I am very interested on the way Josh creates all of the food. I was wondering if you would allow me next summer to intern beside Josh.
    Thank you in advance!

  8. I know you intended on Tesla the car, but my father is in the band Tesla. I'll ask for the sponsorship. Although he may want to go with you. Or maybe you can just tour with them and try American foods around the country on a tour bus.

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  10. I think all culture's food is creative and unique, but because western food is so global and recognized, It doesn't seem so alien to other cultures.

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