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yet another film that got panned for being too scary Honey I Shrunk the Kids and yeah again I’m not gonna act like I don’t see where they’re coming from everything in this movie is huge gigantic and trying to kill you it’s totally understandable but again I think a lot of critics really underestimate how much kids could take because this movie was a big hit and audiences loved it not only did it have a lot of impressive sets and some damn good effects at the time but it had some funny side characters an OK cast of main characters it was a great big budget version of something that we’ve seen plenty of times before but not quite to the scale rick moranis is a scientist who’s trying to create a machine that you guessed it can shrink things but everything he tries to shrink down keeps blowing up in his face literally but that all changes when the neighbor’s kid accidentally knocks a baseball into the machine which figures out what the missing element so both the neighbors kids and the scientist kids all get shrunken down they get taken out with the trash and all they have to do is cross the back yard in order to get home only now the backyard is a jungle they come across everything bees ants lawnmowers sprinklers everyday little mundane things are now psychotic killers trying to destroy them when I was a kid I really enjoyed this film and even today I do find I like it but nowadays I find I enjoy more the technicals of it like the says or the animatronics or the stop-motion things like that the story and characters aren’t bad they’re just kind of okay with the exception maybe Rick Moranis and Matt Frewer as the neighbors the kids are kind of generic kid you get your geeky little dweeb you have the jock you have the pretty girl you have the pretty boy of course they’re gonna fall in love it’s fine I mean I can’t think of anything that was really painful to go through I guess I would have liked a little bit more though but again that’s not the focus the focus is the effects that’s pretty much how the story is told characters walk talked a bit then we come across in effect characters talk walk a bit then they come across an effect and it’s fine that’s what most kids want to see and I guess that’s what most adults want to see – but terms of character I did find I enjoyed the stuff with Rick Moranis and the neighbors a lot more that’s where the main comedy seemed to come from everything else are falls into the wouldn’t it be neat category not that these characters are bad but you don’t care as much what happens to them as much as hey would it be cool if I was there I want to eat that giant cookie I want to ride that giant and I want to do all this stuff except maybe the stuff that’s trying to kill you that we could skip so overall it’s an OK film with some really cool effects in it if the effects weren’t there it’d probably be a bit of a bore but they are and they’re impressive and the story leads to a lot of great grand effects and they’re fun to check out some scenes can be a little intense for younger kids but yeah nothing bloody nothing really that terrifying it’s just intense check it out for yourself and find out


  1. Whoa… I never thought of this movie as scary. Exciting for sure, but it never scared me. This is news to me. I loved this movie when I was kid and thought it was really cool effects even as a child.

  2. Honey I Shrunk the Kids – Disneycember

    Originally aired in December 2013. Doug takes a look at Honey I Shrunk the Kid.
    Honey I Shrunk the Kid.

  3. "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" is my favorite Disney sci-fi adventurous film. I enjoy the premise where the father tries to make his latest shrinking ray so that many things can turn smaller, until four kids accidentally shrunk themselves and going on a bizarre journey to see larger materials and find the way to get back to normal because the father is a mad clumsy scientist that everybody thinks he's the worst father. I enjoy the journey, I enjoy the characters, I enjoy Rick Moranis as a funny scientist, and the technology looks impressive in the 80's style. It's my favorite Disney live action movie of all time.

  4. When i saw this movie i thought of a post apocalyptic world where every human shrank down and had to survive and adapt to this crazy new world!
    I forgot about it, so thanks for reminding me!

  5. tbh, I never got to like this movie. I just dont. Found the premise boring, found the technical aspect corny, I hated the kids, I hated that they ended up with so many cliches in a movie that originally had a good original idea…

    I just didnt like it. I couldnt enjoy it. And I think it was because the 'wouldnt this be cool' factor that didnt work for me.

    Not my movie

  6. Woah, I was thinking about this movie yesterday and watching all newest CA videos, thinking how much fun it would be if they reviewed it then BOOM. Here it is. So nostalgic!

  7. Why the hell is there a scorpion in their backyard. Was it a pet of one of the kids that escaped? I saw this movie..ohhh… over 2 decades ago so I don't remember.

  8. i dont know if is true, but i read somewhere thats the original idea was to make a ""ant-man"" hero movie, but because of problems with marvel they change.

  9. Horrifying sidenote; In the scene where the son falls into the bowl of cereal, the original script called for the father to not find the son just in time before eating him; The father was supposed to eat the son. Can not imagine how the rest of the movie would have played out in that scenario

  10. A few "fun facts" about this film

    1. The original title was "Teeny Weenies". Other names that were suggested were "Grounded" and "The Big Backyard"

    2. The role of Wayne Szalinski was originally offered to Chevy Chase. When he turned it down (due to filming Christmas Vacation at the same time), Disney then went with John Candy. Candy instead suggested Rick Moranis for the film.

    3. The film is the directorial debut of Joe Johnson, who would later direct films like The Rocketeer, Jumanji and Captain America: The First Avenger

    4. 1989 could be called "The Summer of Moranis" as Rick was in three movies that did very well in the box office that Summer. This, along with Ghostbusters II and Parenthood.

  11. its impressive but my cousin (who is 20) cried when the ant dies and doesn't let me kill ants anymore 😀😧

  12. Cool story, when I was a kid my sister and I got to ride the bee and be inserted in the movie on the MGM tour. It was super cool however my sister was trying to push me off the bee instead of saving me. Also this was before Disney tried to squeeze money out of everything and the video was deleted immediately instead of trying to sell us a copy.

  13. Really? Horror Movie!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Don't Get it twisted I like Honey I Shrunk the Kids but to Call it a Horror Movie is Saying Friday The 13th is a Musical… Smh!

  14. This is one of those film series where I liked the sequel more than the first. Honey I Blew Up the Kid, Rescuers Down Under, and Fivel Goes West.

  15. Anty! Right in the feels!

    Also the goddamned giant bees still give me nightmares to this day. Movies with giant spiders, ants, scorpions I can watch, but bees… no! Just no! I'm just thankful they didn't include giant wasps or hornets because I'd never sleep again.

  16. I watched this as a kid and wasn't scared at all. I haven't met anyone who it had scared, either. But I loved it, as it felt like being on a rollercoaster.

  17. I love this movie, and all of the sequels that came after it. I just adore the shrinking aspect of all of the movies and the science in the TV Show.

  18. Anyone else wonder just what the deal was with a fucking SCORPION, of all things, running around in a suburban back yard?

  19. Can't believe Doug didn't comment on the deleted ending. That's a shame. He showed part of it while talking, but never makes mention of it, when it's a perfect opportunity for one of those classic "Holy Shit" moments within NC reviews.

  20. I remember watching this movie in grade school, one of those days when they rolled the TV with VCR into the classroom. Also this movie they thought was too scary for kids? I remember loving it!

  21. I loved this as a kid. just the idea of a world being small sparked the imagination. during this time on UK TV was an America show called land of the giants. that was great.

  22. this movie did a better job at making people feel sad over an ant that died than ant-man did, lets be honest "antony" was really no different all the other ants that were controlled by scott, while this ant died fighting a fucking scorpion on his own free will to save one of the kids, it mildly bothers me that people acted like ant-man was the first movie to make people feel bad for an ant that died when not only did this movie actually did it first but also did it better

  23. If you can believe it, I saw this because our homework (middle school) involved writing about what it would be like to have an adventure being shrunk. When I saw this movie (after the assignment had been turned in) I loved it. It always had me on edge as a kid, and it still kinda has me on edge as an adult. The effects were awesome (especially for the time), though I still question if scorpions can really be in a grassy field – oh well it's got the awesomest action and the most tear jerking scene in the entire film. The movie made me feel small and feel like I was exploring a thick jungle of everything trying to kill me. I love adventure movies, especially ones that drag you into the story, and that's what this one did for me.

  24. Please….PLEASE!!! Do a full review of Honey I Shrunk the Kids as well as Honey I Blew up the Kid & Honey we Shrunk Ourselves or even because the 3rd movie is more or less a remake of the 1st a Old vs New: Honey I Shrunk the kids vs Honey we Shrunk Ourselves

  25. I have to say this is probably one of my favorite live action Disney films from this era. It just has a charm and personality to it that makes it hard not to like.

  26. Kids thought this was scary? When I saw this movie when I was little I actually wanted to shrink down and explore everything.. haha

  27. I watched this movie so many damn times as a kid. (Actually rewatched it on Netflix last night.) To this day if I'm walking outside and have to lift up e.g. a tree branch or something to walk under, I'll think "Drrrawbridge!"

  28. Didn't the kids talk to a spider in this and the camera focused on the spider's face a lot? …Yeah, I could never watch this.

  29. I remember getting this on VHS at a garage sale when I was7, and I LOVED this movie. The idea that people complained it was "too intense" absolutely baffles me… I mean, I'm sure some kids got scared, but there's always gonna be at least one kid scared by any given movie. I knew a kid in Kindergarten who was fuckin' TERRIFIED of Darkheart from the Care Bears

  30. This is my favourite live action Disney movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it for the first time in my Science class a few weeks ago & OMG I absolutely just fell in love with this movie!

  31. So, the guy playing the neighbor went from playing a rapist truck driver who likes A&W in Supergirl to this…talk about a major upgrade!
    (And my niece is the one who pointed out that they were the same guy because I wasn't focusing too much on the movie Supergirl. I bought it to entertain her.)

  32. This was a fun movie to watch for me as a lil kid. Finally watched it again at age 25 after having not seen it in 10 years, and I will say, watching the scenes like the Bee, the Scorpion and even the Lawnmower were a bit intense, shockingly to me. It actually almost does seem like it was intended to be horror-themed, would not be surprised given that two of its writers were Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzma, who were more well-known for horror films like Re-Animator and Return of the Living Dead III. But still it's a fun sci-fi family comedy, I'd just recommend skipping the Scorpion scene. I'd find its sequel Honey, I Blew Up the Kid more accessible to kids.

  33. One thing I never understood about this movie is:
    "Why the HELL is there a Scorpion on the Lawn!? Don't those things live in the Desert!?"

  34. The part about wanting to experience these things, that's probably why they had the H,IStK playground at Disney's Hollywood Studios park. Sadly it closed two years ago. But it was a fun experience when I was a kid.

  35. So glad I grew up with this movie. Very good practical and stop motion effects and great cast. Gives both laughs and thrills. I remember being scared of the scorpion when I was little.

  36. This was the first movie to legitimately freak me out. I still can’t look at the cover of this movie and not be a little on edge

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