Honey Mango Lemonade (Cool & Refreshingly Tasty)

Hello guys! Today I’m going to make Mango Lemonade which is delicious, yummy & juicy. Oh by the way if you like Thai food
or Thai drink you can comment “Yes” down below or if you’ve never tried Thai food or Thai drink before you can comment ‘No’ as well. Either way, can you please subscribe to my channel and click the bell down below
then you’ll be notified when I have another video. When the mango is green
they taste sour and we eat in salads or as a snack with a spicy dip. But today we
using the yellow ripe mango which is which is sweet and juicy and delicious.
I gotta make a yummy drink and delicious drink which my children
love a lot So let’s get started. I want to show you
about the ingredients of mango limeade First of all mango 300 grams. Honey 1/4 cup, Lime Juice 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup of water and
4 cups of ice. Okay let’s put everything in the blender. First of all we’re
gonna add ice Water, lime juice and honey Here we’ve done our mango lemonade. I will put it in the glass for you and you can see clearly Yummy – hmmmmm it’s nice

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