*perfectly normal movement* T U R N **Swwhoooo** **oooohwwS** H O N E Y (echo) Honey, please open the door. n o Honey open the door, I have a treat for you. doors be like
*door noises* what a twist What Open yourself, honey *openation* the tables have turned, food eating people *gets consumpted* Boy do I love this *stares off into the cosmos and thinks about her meaning in life* D E L I C I O U S Thank you for watching! subscribe for more universal content


  1. I am wondering about the future of humanity, I don't even think we'll have a normal life anymore in the next 5 – 10 years.

  2. a woman pleasing her man after a rough day… this content should be in other platforms or at least with age restriction smh

  3. So basically it’s this
    1# comfort them by saying their name and asking to come in
    2# say you have a treat for him/her
    3#give them a hug and maybe a kiss
    4#comfort them some more
    And that’s how u comfort somebody

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