Horticultural Therapy: Natural Therapy From the Garden

Imagine planting a seed, providing the right soil, sunlight and
water and caring for that seed until it grows
into a lush tomato plant or fragrant flower. imagine the sun on
your face, the interaction with fellow gardeners, the learned and practiced skills and the patience involved in this
time-honored activity. horticultural therapists assist people
in developing the physical, cognitive and psychological
functionality necessary in the garden. But the benefits don’t stop there. All of these skills have real applications in the world at large. by engaging in light exercise,
practicing fine motor skills and absorbing vitamin D from the sun,
overall physical condition is improved. concentrating on the task at hand
improves the ability to problem-solve, reduces stress and elevates the mood.
Feelings of pride and accomplishment lead to confidence in everyday life Including horticultural therapy -or HT- in a treatment plan can benefit people
rehabilitating after physical injury, dealing with social isolation or mental
illness, facing declining ability, or recovering
from addiction, stroke and other challenges the long-lasting effects of HT could mean a
better quality of life it may be just the thing to plant a seed
of hope To learn more about horticultural
therapy visit the Information Center at

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