Horticulture at American River College

I’ve always loved plants. And it just never
really registered immediately. Someone suggested, I started gardening succulents as a hobby,
and they’re like, “Oh, you should do Horticulture as a major. There’s a huge need for this,
and there are so many places you can go with it and so much you can do.”
And I tried it, and it was a great fit! In Horticulture you can get a degree. We have
two full degrees, one is General Horticulture and the other one is Design, which students
work with the Design Technology program and get deeper into that aspect of it. I took this class actually because of my job.
I worked in the floral department and really found a knack for designing like events centerpieces,
holidays. We even did like an asian design last week, that was a lot of fun. My favorite class so far was the Intro to
Horticulture, but I didn’t know much about horticulture when I first started. So I was
really nervous going into it. But I knew I loved being outdoors. I absolutely loved my Plant Identification
class. You know, we walk by all these plants and you take for granted what’s around you
until you’re told what it is. We have been learning how plants are created,
roots, what media (meaning soil) to create certain plants. How fruit and crop pollination
happens. I’m shocked how much I’ve learned already
and the first semester isn’t even over. At day one here I learned things that I could
use. We have several greenhouses. We have a vineyard.
Everything but the intro class that we’re enrolled in right now is very hands-on. Everything
is lab-oriented. There’s not a lot of sitting around. It’s a lot of out in the field,
and studying, investigating and doing it yourself. We have plant sales so students get hands-on
experience working with the public. We have indoor plants. We have edible plants. We have
a demonstration cut-flower garden. They have like so many different things back
here, and this whole area is almost like a football field big with all the stuff. We
were even allowed to go out there and pick our own things for our designs that we do. Horticulture is a wonderful fun thing! So
come to school and have fun! I would say come here and look around, and
talk to some people because this is an amazing school and everyone’s very friendly and
informative. It’s a wonderful program here. The teachers
are very involved. The students are very involved. Out of all the other majors I’ve tried,
I’ve never felt such a sense of community so fast. We’re all in this together, and everyone
works as a team. So it makes it very fun and it’s also a creative outlet. You’re not only meeting people because they’re
doing it for the major, but because they actually want to and they’re enthusiastic about it.

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