Horticulture at SUNY Delhi

There are at least 5 to 10 jobs
for every graduate that leaves
our program. They’re sought after because of
their education, their
knowledge in the sciences, as well as their business and
communication skills. The jobs are well paying and
that they also provide many
management opportunities. Students come to the
horticulture program here
because we provide them with a lot of
one-on-one work experience. We have connections with the
industry, we are all very invovled in the industry as
well. We are all very passionate
about what we do and the field that we’re in and so
I think students recognize
it when they come here. It’s student driven, we have a
lot of fun, and we learn a lot. We give you the information
to be dangerous. You can take it where you want
to go after Delhi. I mean, the world is yours.

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