Horticulture, Bumpers College, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

If you can picture yourself in one of these things the horticulture major is for you we have the only four year degree program for horticulture in Arkansas and you won’t find a better program anywhere you will learn about everything
involved in growing fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants from the DNA to the flavor, nutrients
and colors of the flowers and fruit, Our professors are great teachers and advisors. you will have a faculty mentor to help you get past the rough spots we all hit during college.
It’s really a family like atmosphere you will have the opportunity for a paid
internship in Arkansas, other states, and other countries. you can conduct your own
research project with the help of a faculty sponsor and have the the results published in a student journal. We have great industry support which means good scholarships and
connections for jobs after graduation there’s much more on our full website. Click on out hot-link and check it out.

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