Horticulture & Landscape Technology – NSCC

♪ acoustic guitar – upbeat ♪>>Oh my goodness. Of course we take pride in how the campus looks. It’s beautiful. ♪ acoustic guitar – upbeat ♪ I’m a very natural person and I love the outdoors but I also love hands-on work. I get a bit of both of that here. We have the amazing privilege of having this greenhouse here through the winter so we’re out here every day. Throughout the fall and spring we have a huge outside area that we work on as well. ♪ acoustic guitar – upbeat ♪ There is a relationship between horticulture and landscape. We see each other every single day,
we work together every day. ♪ acoustic guitar – upbeat ♪>>Well we had a choice between landscape
and operations which comes up in the first year, but landscaping is hard work. The depth of knowledge in the course is astounding
and the facilities themselves are just fantastic. All different zones to replicate different environments. We can use them year round so plenty of snow outside today but we’re in here, it’s nice and warm, and there’s plenty of, plenty of plants to be playing with. The real world knowledge that the instructors have,
they can draw on that aspect and really let us know what’s out there
and what’s in store for us when we finally graduate.>>The skills that we learn here are definitely transferable to any landscaping job. >>You could own your own business quite easily
and even further whether it managing the public gardens in Halifax. >>I would recommend really anybody take this even if you’re not sure what you want to do, I really was not when I came here.
I got here and there’s not one bit of it I haven’t liked yet.>>I love learning new things. If we come across new and exciting plants, we just can’t wait to share it. >>I know next summer and spring we’ll see things that we’ve planted. We’re gonna be proud. ♪ acoustic guitar – upbeat ♪


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