How Can Veterinarians Gain the Trust of Beekeepers?

Veterinarians are not trusted yet by the
larger bee community, with good cause. We don’t know that much about bees yet.
Those of us who’ve been beekeepers for a while, we’re working to help educate our
peers on beekeeping and such. Veterinary medicine has been through this before.
When I was in vet school in the 80s the University of Pennsylvania had just
started aqua vet, and at that time US Fish and Wildlife Service and fisheries
was saying well why do we need veterinarians, and you don’t know
anything about fish. Well we didn’t, but we’re quick studies, and we learned pretty quick and now it’s routine to have veterinarians involved
in aquaculture, and freshwater fish saltwater fish, marine mammals, all of
that. And someday, as we educate ourselves and educate beekeepers to our herd
health knowledge base, veterinarians will be routine in bee medicine, and bee
culture as well. It just takes time.


  1. We have completely opposite story in Georgia (Caucasus) , just one veterinarian managed to build up the trust among beekeepers and misuse it. While claiming that she is vet she has designed array of drugs for bees and during decades promoted her own business this way.All this has resulted in flamboyant list of drug residues in Georgian honey has become major problem for export. Veterinary and Beekeeping is special case, I am vet and beekeeper with 23 years of experience working with bees. The only thing I can say from my experience – keep bees and understand beekeeping to make your vet service credible and potent for the branch.

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