How to assemble a bee hive frame

okay today i’m building a uh… a frame. I’ll show you how i’m putting that
together uh… what we have here is two side
pieces the top bar and then a bottom uh… bottom to that. So it’ll… look kind of like this when put together
This is for a standard Langstroth hive uh… this is the uh… pretty sure this is a deep uh… a deep box or deep frames on here um… have nails provided by uh… the store
where I bought this not really sure the size here but uh…
there’s two different sizes maybe I can measure them for you um… this looks to be ummm…. one and a quarter-inch and these ones… the smaller ones that will hold the uh…
foundation in place are three-quarter inch so uh… those are the two sizes uh… i won’t be
putting in foundation today but i’ll show you how we put together a frame um… i do have instructions here provided uh… by the store but uh… I’ll show you here.. this is a, its they’re pretty much impossible to read and uh… i’ve actually deciphered on the back
some of the instructions so I’ve put one of these together already and wanted to put one together, to show you so the first thing we have ummm… is the Top bar and typically these have uh… a wedge
included so ummm. I’ll show you this is the the wedge and it’s actually just attached by a little uh… a little piece of wood that’s not completely
sawed through so ummm.. I just have a standard utility knife
and uh… I just split that down And this actually pops right off. so we wanna
save that for later because this is what’s going to attach our, uh.. foundation to the frame so just, uh… trim some of that we’ll set that to the side um… these are the side pieces again i’ll show you a close-up of that uh… so pretty much there’s uh… opening at
the top opening at the bottom and there are some holes down the side now when we do it we want the uh the widest portion here at the top and then the the narrow portion at the
bottom so what you can do is uh… you can just drive fit everything make sure you know that there’s nothing really extraordinarily wrong with it um… the bottom piece, I should mention right here is
actually grooved from my research there are two parts
or, two different types. There is a grooved portion which has a group that runs
the length, like that uh… and there’s also a split bar ummm. which just has. it’s actually two
pieces and it’s opened at bottom uh… allowing the foundation to hang
right through uh… i did’t really have an option for this
because it was a a christmas gift but we’ll uhh.. so we have grooved to deal with. i don’t know actually which
one’s better, ummm. i’ve heard uh… several people say different things but
uh… so that’s a dry fit of the frame um… and then the wedge piece later on
will go back in place where we cut it off so looks good now… what we will do.. got some glue here so uh… everywhere that i’ve read says to put a
little bit of glue uh… to hold everything in place and we’re
going to be using the uuhhh.. larger nails I believe I said that what were these again? Inch and
a half? No, inch and a quarter so we’re going to be
using the inch and a quarter nails. and they’re going to be going through
directly through the top, and the bottoms so uh… we’ll keep those to the side and basically I’ll just pop this all apart i’ll just leave it um… slightly put-together so that all
we have to do, really is press it once the glue’s in so so we just have standard uh… woodworking glue uh… available at many stores, hardware stores everywhere uh… you don’t want to use too much of
this but it is good idea because it uh… will just solidify things a bit okay so I’m just going to separate this slightly and put a tiny drop here not too much uh… again i’ll show you that Show you that, close up. so umm.. you can see in there. there’s a tiny little puddle and that’s just gonna hold everything locked in place once we get
going so there’s one top side another top side, flip it over. and you can see I’m not putting in too much
just just enough to kinda lock it but not
enough to get in the way of the bees when they’re
actually drawing out their foundation uh… and there is also gonna be nails on this too so uh… so that’s it, locked in place i have a little uh… four-inch square I like to use for this uh… again Lee Valley is where I picked this
up so as we’re working the whole time you wanna
make sure that everything is completely square and that’s just going to help
everything line up once it’s in the hive so i’m just checking every corner and again we’re gonna check
one the uh… once the nails start going in okay looks good, and last but not least we’re gonna take 2 nails and we’re gonna
nail them in every joint joint so um… what i’m gonna do is, uh you wanna nail them straight down through the top. I’ll show you in a second
where I’m nailing it being careful not to break out the sides, so umm.. here’s a close-up focus uh… so there’s one and uh… we do two in each corner so we’ll do that put it down, check for square again
now that we have nails going in, things are gonna start to uh… tighten up so slightly out of square here but we still
can bend it umm… so we’ll fix that uh… I’ll goto the opposite corner now and I’m sure it doesn’t really matter which order
you do these in just make sure that everything is nice
and tight there’s no gaps that your glue is right in the corners so these ones, same thing. i’m going right
through the top and bottom bar into the sides umm… and this one, because it’s grooved the bottom here has a tendency to split at bit but i think it’s okay with the glue in
there and everything else, it shouldn’t be a problem so we’ll just check for square one more time and we’re looking good I’ll just show you what i mean by splitting you can see kind of the end grain there
of the bottom bar, and it’s slightly split but that paired with the glue that’s in there we should be okay uh… two more in the top, two more in the bottom and then we’re done that one looked like it was coming through the side
a bit, but we look okay and the last one here. okay and that’s it. really umm. everything’s
square everything’s nice uh… two nails in the top two nails in the bottom. this is again
for a grooved bottom not a split bottom and uh… we have our wedge piece which I’m
gonna keep with us for later when we start uh… putting foundation in, but
that’s basically how you build a single frame and uh… we only have nine more to go for the box
and then however many boxes you wanna do so that’s it so hope you enjoyed that video. if you
wanna follow my blog. it’s thanks a lot


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  2. So did you not have to drill out a small hole before you put the nails in? The wood looks kind of thin and I would be worried that it would split if a nail is driven in "naturally".

  3. No, I didn't have to drill any pilot holes in this wood, as the nails themselves were also pretty thin. I did have a couple frames that did crack a tiny bit if the nail went in on an angle, but because I used a good wood glue, I won't have any problems with that.

    That being said, for assembling the boxes, it's a good idea to have pilot holes as you've said.

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