How to Build a Dipped Candle Maker – The Bush Bee Man

Come over here, we’re on a mission, we are, the wife sent me on a mission. she said she wants to
make some dipped candles. So the Bloke has to
make himself a saucepan that’s got a long, like
a tall saucepan I guess. A tall saucepan? Anyway, I was trying to work out how the the bloody hell I’m gonna make this thing
for the lovely woman, so I thought, I reckon
I’ve got a piece of old blooming irrigation pipe laying
out at the farm somewhere. And just to save time, I went and found it before you guys turned up. So I’ll go and get that.
Just stay here for a minute. I kind of thought that that might make it really good. Mind you it’d probably
leak out at the bottom just a tad, wouldn’t it? So first off we have to
blooming square it up, cut it off, and then we’re gonna make ourselves a candle dipping saucepan. (bees buzzing) Wherever I go there just
seems to be a big mess. We’ll just get rid of this. This is the fancy work
bench out here on the farm. The fun thing about cutting
a piece of round pipe is getting the blooming thing flat when you haven’t got anything
just perfect to do that. It’s a rather interesting exercise, and this wasn’t my effort by the way. Although it might have been, but anyway. I can’t remember, but (laughs)
it doesn’t really matter. Cause when you’re cheating on the farm and you got a fitting
this thing slides in it, it doesn’t really have
to be too bloody square. So I was trying to work out how the heck am I gonna measure the pipe and make a nice round circle to track when I want to cut it off. I come up with this idea, and I don’t know whether this
is my idea or someone else’s, but I thought if I got a rubber band and stuck around the pipe, and then I get my tape
measure and I measure it all. And then I’ll get my texture and draw around where the rubber band is. Have a black line and then
I’ll get my angle grinder and zap it off. Took me all dickity
blue, what do you reckon? I reckon that’ll work. I guess if it doesn’t work you won’t be getting any
dipped candles, will ya? Worse about it you probably will and the wife will go out
and just buy them something that she really does want. You wouldn’t believe it but, I’m gonna have to go in the shed and see if we can find a tape measure, that’ll be the next thing. I guess if we can’t find a tape measure, we’ll just get a bit of stick and use that That might be easier anyway. Oh man, look at that! Here’s the one I prepared earlier its a bit of a budget tape measure but, guess at least its got lines on it. Hope you brought a Texta with you lad, otherwise that’ll be the problem. I like you see try and scratch a knife, scratch your knife on a bit of steel and see if you can make a mark don’t tell me you didn’t bring one, True Bush Bee Man style, we’re going to have to
steal a Texta off my mother instead of my wife. Oh God! Bloody Hell! Oh didn’t you bring something lad? I thought I had one of them. I got a pen. That’s not gonna help me either. Maybe there’s one in the cupboard, otherwise that’s gonna be a problem. I had one the other day, surely I didn’t take it home. You don’t normally have
a Texta or two of them, bloody hell. It doesn’t matter where I go,
there’s always a confusion. What do you reckon folks, should we send the cameraman
in to steal a Texta? Oh my god! It would be like my dad, he used to paint his tools yellow so he’d find it if he need to (laughs) Would you like me to go and ask? I think you might have to,
she’s a bit sweet on you she might let you get away with it. She’ll probably drive me out with a broom. Hello? Hey there. How’d you get on? – [Cameraman] There you go Ah look at that, she’s a good mom. Did you put Jean’s pen on it? I bet you there was a caution. Anyway, back to my excitement. The plan is to measure the band at the same length. The wife reckons 50 but there’s
nothing there to tell me, so I’ve just got to make
it 52 just to excite her, do you reckon she will know
it’s two centimeters too long? Don’t think its gonna matter too much, they’ll be 52 centimeter
candle, won’t they? Anyway, if you’re really smart you can jolly well, hold your Texta on the tube, and do a circle but. You know, I’m not that clever, so this is my plan. I’ve tried to cut pipes,
big pipes like this before with my little angle
grinder and you end up with it never ends up quite
true, and the worst thing if you’ve ever cut a pipe.
Is when you try to correct the fact that its
crooked, and that’s just, that’s just impossible. Its just you end up with a terrible mess. This might be a good idea, cause I really need a fairly flat surface, obviously were gonna have
to put a base in this fancy tall saucepan that
we’re about to make. If I was a proper engineer,
I’d just have a great big saw that would just go… And I wouldn’t have to go
through all these trouble wouldn’t I? Or if I wasn’t such a scab,
I could just take it to the engineer and he can go… But anyway, I’m just
hoping that ain’t square otherwise, that’ll be a
bit bloody messy won’t it? I reckon, it looks pretty square. I don’t think that how it works. I reckon that’s pretty good, now we’ll just stand her up
and have a bit of a look at it. See what we think, oh
it looks pretty good. Put a circle around there, and we’ll see whether we can
make a nice straight line under this rubber band. If nothing else, at least it will meet up. Its a long way around, isn’t it? Its a bigger pipe than you think. There you go, look at that. Now mother, I’ve given
the Texta back to John, so if you never find
it again it wasn’t me. I reckon its gonna be all right. No, no, its not fabulous but, that’ll be all right. My plan is to get the angle grinder and we’ll follow that
little line across there and swoosh… And hopefully we’ll have a nice flat end and then we can then put a base on it. If we can find a base to put on it, that’ll be the next thing. But anyway, one thing at a time. Let’s not overthink it. Don’t kneel on the ground
when you’re old by the way. Right, that’s it. Maybe we cut that way so
it doesn’t roll anywhere. Ready? Now, ladies and gentlemen
if you’re out there in the internet land, and
you’re cutting a thick bit of round steel, you
don’t want to get all excited and cutting right through the
whole thing straight away. You wanna do a bit of a score
mark, and then go around and around until you then
start cutting right through it. Well that’s my experience but I’m sure… That’s what I recommend you do. And don’t forget to put
your safety glasses on, that’ll surprise you
wouldn’t it? Tell you what, though if you get a
metal spark in your eye, you’ll know about it. So put your safety glasses on, oh well, that’s if you’re
silly enough to do this. Patience is a virtue when it comes to cutting bits of thick steel. Hopefully I won’t cut my leg off. (metal grinding) Well I reckon that’s pretty successful and we’ll just gonna take
that back to our little joint and weld it all together, so stay on and we’ll be there in a minute. Oh, come on somebody
should put wheels back on this welder. All this way. That’s heavy, the things I do for candle making I tell you what, I hope I have
an extension cord out here. Carefully place the can on the floor. I wonder if we put the
earth clamp on the bench, that might work. What do reckon about that? What was I thinking? (metal scraping) Maybe that’s what that
crazy bit of metal was for once upon a time. It might have been the
earth clamp holder machine, but I don’t think so, I don’t even know what that jig’s for I’ve said that before, haven’t I? Rodeo, here we go.
We’ve got a bit of pipe. Now we’ll put that on the bench, before we do too much else
we might actually grind that jolly lip out of there. Otherwise that’s gonna be
fun trying to clean that. I think I’ll grind it
off to make it smooth. Smooth.. Hello… Hello, hello, hello. Nah, not really. It’s not that long. No but I think I’m gonna have to take that safety cover off, and I’m sure that’s not a really good idea but, how else are we getting it in there? You shouldn’t really do this. That’s not really an Allen key by the way, in case you’re wondering. That’s a pair of pliers,
I do know that much. Don’t bother emailing me and
say that’s not an Allen key. And the whole ballpoint hammer drama, not really sure what
the hammers meant for, if you’re not meant to
hammer with it but anyway. Its not coming off,
that can come off there. Back on again. Now if you’re in a
metalwork class at school don’t do this all right,
you’ll get bloody told off. Don’t tell them that I
said you could do this. I’m sure Mr. Wiggley
will not be impressed, if you were to say “Mr. Bee
off to detention with you, you can’t be doing that. You dangerous damn fellow. Raa!” Mr. Wiggley was the
metalwork teacher by the way, if you’re wondering. (metal grinding) Whoa! ♪Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen ♪ Probably should be, everybody knows the troubles I’ve caused, really, wouldn’t that go- ♪ Nobody knows the troubles I’ve caused. ♪ But now they do because
there’s thousands of you out there watching me
make this stuff happen. (metal grinding) Okay, boys and girls, now
we need a base for our pot, Bloody hell, they’re
going to be long candle. Goodness gracious me. All the dust, I’m going
to scratch my bench to get a bit of an earth. (grinding) This is going to be our saucepan base So, we’ll give that a bit of a tickle-up. Hopefully, hang on, we better make sure the bloody thing is the right size. Otherwise, that’s really going to suck, if it’s not big enough. That looks acceptable to
my little way of thinking. I think before we do anything else stupid, we’ll put the cover back on. Because we don’t need to cover to be off, and this is when you cut your fingers off. (laughing) Took my sheath, I’ve
disconnected the power, cause you can just imagine if you flick the wrong button and you had your hand on that bit. My golly, wouldn’t it
be a bit of excitement? There would be bits of
flesh flying everywhere. Has to go that way, doesn’t it? Facing backwards. Saves you getting all
the sparks on you, no? Putting this back on. Put it all back together. Alright, plug ourselves back in. Tidy up this bit of steel so everything looks pretty. (metal grinding) Right, that looks nice and clean, all we’ve got to do now is make ourselves a liquid-proof seal. That should be entertaining. Everybody’s thinking, “We’ve seen this bloke’s welding before, haven’t we?” The chances of this being possible, well, let’s see. I bought my trust old art welder, so I’ve gone old school, because the jolly meat welder ain’t
got any gasless wire and that little funny big welder, I can’t get that stupid thing to work, so. Well, it does work, but it
just looks pig ugly, so. Mind you, I better not say too much, because this might look
pig ugly in all of my work, so let’s not get too carried away. Run a bead of weld around here, or two or three or ten
until it doesn’t leak! (humming) I’ll tell you what, do you
reckon that’s going to happen? Anyway, we’ll see. I guess it’s not a big
financial commitment if it doesn’t work. Just
the misses won’t be happy because she’ll have to
have short-ass candles. I said you could stick them together. Apparently that’s not
proper candle making, so she said, “You can just go back to getting the wax ready for me and leaving the candle making to me.” We’ll see, we’ll see about that. Right, here we go, see what sort of trouble we can get into. (cracking) That’s not very strong. I’m going to have to turn this up. Stop it! (loud cracking) (metal clanking) (loud cracking) Didn’t leave much of my chicken hammer. (metal clanking) (loud cracking) If we just give it a little tidy-up now, this is a bit of a
layered process, this is. You have got to make a few goes at it. Get the right end over here, get the go end. I was thinking I should get motivated and find the other
cords so I don’t have to unplug and plug everything
back in all the time. (cheerful music) Are we ready? (humming) We’ve made a kettle. (water splashing) (humming) Can we see any water? Maybe it’s too hot, it’s
just all evaporated. There’s still water in the bottom there. Can you see a leak? Looks pretty good to me,
I can’t see any leaks. I mean, there’s still water in there. Wow, that’s a bit hot still. We might just wait a minute, until it cools down. I’ll just get one more jug of water and then we’ll tip that
in there to cool it off because I think it’s superheated
the water in a minute. (water splashing) That’s a blooming big hole, isn’t it? That’s cooled it off a bit. Hang on, there’s a little leak there. There’s just a little
bit of moisture there, it’s not really leaking, but it’s just a bit
too much for my liking. So, we’ll give that a little zap. (loud cracking) (metal clanking) If we ever get sick of beekeeping, we can always turn into
like a military factory, it looks like a bloody big
shelf in the back of a tank. That’s pretty good,
we’ll just nip that off, I’ll tip the water out. I won’t pick it up. I just don’t know, I just
wonder it’s weeping there. Perhaps I was just getting ambitious. So, we might do one more,
we’ll do another lap. Don’t really want to face
the wrath of a candle-maker if bloody all the wax leaks on her floor. Would not be happy with me, I don’t think. (water splashing) (cheerful music) Looks right there, alright? My dad would say a blind man
would be pleased to see it, anyway, I kind of think
that was an insult somehow, but, you know, one of
those clever insults. You weren’t 100% sure. But anyway! A blind man would be pretty pleased to see anything though, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, back to the water test! (water splashing) A tall chamber pot. (laughing) Hopefully it doesn’t
leak too much this time. (water splashing) Talk about late words, wouldn’t it? I reckon that’s looking pretty good! What do you reckon there? So we’re just zapping these corners off so as we’re- safety first! And then we’ll be done, I reckon. I’ll just take this bit of water out so- grinders and water is not a
good idea, it could go pop! (cheerful music) (blowing) You know, when you blow across a bottle, it makes a noise? (humming) But anyway. I’m thinking you’d have to be a giant to make this one work. (blowing) Anyway, I reckon we’re up to speed! So, we might just have to see if we can find some wicks and some weights and some wax, I don’t know, I think the wife has hidden the wax.
I don’t know where that is. But we’ll go have a bit of a peekaboo, and who knows? See, we might learn to make some candles. Stay tuned! (bees buzzing)


  1. Mark
    You want to be a bit careful welding any thing that is galvanized. The fumes of the Zinc can make you very sick. Good safe practice is to normally just grind it off. It will also weld a lot easier. It's called Metal Fume Fever.


  2. the first and only time I ever took the safety guard off my grinder I about ground my knuckle off, I got lucky and only got nicked, my advise leave the guard on whenever you can get away with that, js

  3. Well bush bee man your welding is as good as mine we can now both be members of the S.W.A ( shithouse welders association ) you achieved what you set out to do and thats what matters and i have done that as well in times gone by taken the safety guard off my grinder .I have just completed a job on 1.6 mm square tube and i now see that toolex arc are as crappy as their mig welders .I have a prehistoric transarc tradesman arc welder it is that old it has cast iron wheels and weighs a ton , but it works like a dream anyway hope your wife likes your efforts take care .

  4. I so laughed BBM, Safety first, put the safety specs on so the internet doesn't melt. Screw hearing protection when using the 6 inch with 5 mm blades. ? Just a thought, try the thin cutting discs they go great 🙂 . Can't wait to see where this goes. I love the videos, many thanks for sharing.

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