How to Catch a Swarm of Wild Honey Bees – The Bush Bee Man

– Well, we just had a swarm
call out the locks to the north but that didn’t pan out too
flash, and we’ve come back here to the yard, just to do
our inspections and we found our own little swarm hanging in a tree. But, of course, it
wouldn’t be real helpful it’s at the top of one of
these stupid pine trees so come over here and we’ll have a look. Oh dear. (laughing) I mean how tall are you lad? Reckon I could stand on your shoulders? Or we’ll need to get some sort of ladder. Oh man… Think we do have to try
and catch ’em otherwise they’ll bugger off and they’ll be gone and that’ll be no good to anybody. Ah, golly, this is inconvenient spleen. Anyway, I think we better
go and get a ladder. And see if we can do ourselves a damage. (bees buzzing) I don’t think I can climb the
tree, it’d be that clever. Oh man! I think we might have to
plant some short trees. (sigh of frustration) God! You know what? It wasn’t that long ago when I used to get all excited
about catching a swarm. Now I’m just like oh golly
just add it into the life. (metal scraping) Ooch! Nearly cut me bloody hand off. I reckon that bag was on
there from the last time I hung it out of me Ute. (grunting) Get in there you little stinker bum! It falls out, I think I’m gonna blame you. Anyway, we haven’t got very far to go, we should be all right. We’ll sit this in the tree
and then get the suit on to catch the little darlings. I reckon. Oh come on, don’t go with that bloody Ute. You piece of rubbish. Yea, this could get very
interesting in the bee yard. Fuckin’ hell. Any good ideas? Yup, it’s not much of a tree, is it. If I don’t kill myself,
it’ll be a f**king miracle. (laughing) Won’t it? Oh god! So long, it was nice to know ya! Look at that flimsy ass,
we gotta definitely plant swarm catching trees
instead of pine trees. Ah, I didn’t think this
through very well, did I? I’m just gonna go put my
suit on ’cause I’m not that big of hero. Just about guarantee that
this is gonna go poorly. I was just gonna get some snips ’cause I hope that might be an option. ‘Cause I’ve been up there a little bit so that I have the same common branch. I don’t know. The things that that go on. Here we go. Safely stored on the
other side of the Ute. Right. (exhales) (laughs) Anyway, we’ll see if I can get up there and not get stung. Well, the stinging is gonna
be the least of my worries. Falling out of the tree will be the biggest problem. Oh I know I could be brave enough and to do it without the suit on but it looks a bit precarious up there. I’m not as brave as I would like to be! But not as afraid as I could be! So I am somewhere in between. (laughs) There you go. We can’t cut the jolly
pine trees down now either ’cause we got a pine nut the other day so we’re finally starting to get a crop. (zipper zips) Not that we got too many
(mumbles) out of the pine cones yet, but still. Here we go! Say a prayer! Hopefully we can get up
there without doing ourselves a damage. Oh mate. Change my mind. – [Man] What? – I’m sending you up there. (laughing) You got your safety boots on
today, you’ll be all right. I think I am going to have
to snip the branch off and drop it in that box and
hopefully, they’ll all sort of stay together for a bit. That’s my plan at this moment
at this moment in time. Whatya reckon? I think it’s
going to be rather interesting ’cause I reckon they’re all off, most of the bees are all off foraging. But I don’t know ’cause
it’s not a very big nest. Here we go. Did you pay that life insurance? (mumbles) You probably upped it now. (laughing) Oh, golly! How the hell am I going to get back down with that honey box full of bees? What the hell? Where are ya chicks? I don’t even see ya out here. Where the hell are we, John? Well there’s one way up there by itself. Sh*t! No! It’s a little bit hectic. – [Man] What’s going on? – Well I’m leaning a ladder
against the top of a tree, that’s what’s going on. It’s not very f**king sensible. Oh golly! ♪ Nobody knows ♪ ♪ the troubles our bees have seen ♪ They’re like, what the hell happened here our Bush Bee Man? (breathing heavily) Golly gosh. I’m down, I’m down, I’m down. Holy sh*t, having just a
little nervous attack here! Whew! That looks a bit naughty,
doesn’t it, stickin’out the box. Maybe we’ll have to give
it a little bit of a trim. I’ll just chop that bit off. They’re not sure whether
they thought that was a good idea or not. ♪ Happy birthday to yo ♪ Looks a little bit of candles. I was just thinking we
could invent our own little pine tree bee brush. (laughing) Argggh! Yeah! There’s no one else up
there, I don’t want to go back up there again. Now they’re going to settle on
the other branch, of course. Course all the field
bees are going to return to that site. Oh my goodness. Oh I suggest that we just
leave that sittin’ there for a minute. And we’ll go have a play with
this other bit of excitement that we’ve got to do. These last few boxes we’ve need to inspect to get ready for tonight and then we’ll, I guess
we’ll come back here and see what this swarm’s decided to do. Hope that bloody magpie
didn’t eat the queen. When we got here this
morning there was a magpie flying through the bloomin’ bee yard eating bees so it’d be just my luck that that swarm lost its queen to the
magpie or what it was. That’d be great, wouldn’t it! I will try to think positive. They’ll hover ’round that box for a bit. (light guitar music) (whistling) I’m just watching a bee
on top of the mesh here. It looks like the scouts are coming back and having a little wiggle
around trying to tell everybody Ooh I think I found a new place to live. And everyone is saying oh, I
think we might have a new place to live without all that effort. He’s yelling come with me, come with me! They’re saying no we can’t,
we stuck under this mesh. I’m not sure if they do a wiggle dance to tell the other. I suppose it would be how it would work. That’s how they tell about
all the other foraging, so one would assume that
would be the same method to tell them they found a new home. Hopefully, they’ll be happy
in the home we give ’em. So its already got a little
bit of honey stores from, we have a hive over
here that lost its queen during the winter so they
might as well have that box. Even thought its not a real strong hive so they could do with a head start. Well, just for entertainment,
we thought we would try a new idea and shake
them outside of the box and let them walk in,
cause apparently that makes them less likely to abscond. But there’s been some conversation here in the bee yard as to
whether they might abscond once we jolly well just
shake ’em in the open, they might all bugger off up the tree. But, anyway, come along and we’ll find
out what’s the best approach. Whether the dump or shake
method is the best idea. But anyway (whistling) Dear oh dear, John, John, John! The things we do! Honestly! And then I reckon I’ve got a
little underneath board here. We’ll sit this out the front. So they’re not sitting
completely on the dirt. – [Man] Do you have something white so we can actually see the bees? – White, bloody hell, god,
don’t want much, does he! This bloke. Honestly, hang on, hold that thought. Gaw, bossy today! Go ahead, mate, get me a white top. Get on with it! Honestly! There, ya happy? Stuff it with the dirt. Bloody hell! They all fly away, I’m charging ya! (laughing) (bees buzzing) Oh they know. Oh, well, anyway, I suppose it’ll work. (light guitar music) Well, there we go. That’s one way to get
all your bees in a box without all the crap
that you pick up so you just leave it on the outside. We might just give them
a little bit of smoke to send the rest of them inside. C’mon chicks go in there and
find the rest of your friends! Off you go! Homeward bound. There’s probably more in
that swarm than we thought. That’s not a bad little exercise. Anyway, that’ll make them all go inside won’t it. (light guitar music) (bees buzzing)


  1. Hi bbm glad you didnt fall of that ladder those bees didnt seem to care if you grabbed them ,would that swarm be from one of your hives ? i think if that had been me i would have said f** em they can stay there at 60 i dont bounce to well if i fall of a ladder .Well now ya know they will just march right in with bit of encouragement from ol smokey good video take care .

  2. Empty the bed of your truck put empty bee box in shake bees into bed of truck. A lot easier. They do it that way here in the U.S. seems easier if you don't have a battery operated bee vac. Just my observation from studying bee management. 😀

  3. The new shoots on the pines are called Candles, I heard you mention candle when you were waving you new pine bee brush about.

  4. Typically you shake them on to a white sheet with the box raised, so they climb up into it.
    The white sheet allows you to see the queen easily so you can cage her and put her in the box to encourage the girls in there.

    Smoking a swarm can cause them to piss off too, so be careful!

  5. Hey Mark and John,
    Thanks for the entertainment.
    Just wondering if there is an outlet in Aus for the bbwear vented suits?? Failing to find it with a google search.
    Take care – Cheers

  6. Oh BBM,  quickly mount your swarm catching box near by. Ladders and radiator caps, why when you go near them do I have to hit pause and go get a beer??? PS my 10yo now says you are a swear bear, and She wants to know why the ladies didn't let you know it is wrong to say those things in front of ladies.I said "your mother can explain this" , and then promptly left to hide in the bee cave :)Did they stay???

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