How to Cultivate Coffee Plants?

Hi, Welcome to the Flying Squirrel. Here we are at our nursery Once the fruit is selected for the nursery,
they are hand pulped and then the beans are shade dried. The shade-dried beans are placed on raised
beds for germination. What happens at the germination stage
is that it takes about 40-45 days for it to germinate, for which daily watering is required. Soon after the germination stage is over,
you would see a very interesting character where the bean is popping out with a small
little stick, which is called a topi stage or a soldier stage. Once the soldier stage is done, we transfer
them into poly bags like these, which starts to begin with the sapling. Now once they develop a sapling, more number of
leaves begin to grow. So, this stage normally takes about 5-6 months
before they are transplanted into the farm. So, generally at the end of the 4th-6th month, they would have developed about 5-6 leaves like these. So we know exactly that these plants are healthy
enough to go into the farm for planting.

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