How to Get Rid of Flies and Mosquitoes

Hi I’m Tricia I grow organically. For a healthy, safe food supply. For a clean and sustainable environment. For an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Hi I’m Tricia a California organic gardener. And summer is coming and along with it comes wonderful dinners outside and home grown vegetables As well as flies and mosquitos Today we’re gonna talk about controlling those pesky insects organically. First off when it comes to flies, you want to be sure to control both the larva or maggot stage and the adult fly. Your controls will be much more effective if you go after both of the life cycles of the fly So to attack the larva stage i’ve enlisted the help of some of these fly parasites. You can release these in warm weather about every one to four weeks. So if you have farm animals like my chickens or my neighbor horse ginger You should release about every one to two weeks. These little fly parasites are actually mini wasps and you can release them next to a fly breeding site like a manure pile or in my case the chicken house. These little wasps will parasitize and kill the larva of many different fly species. Well we just took care of the fly larva. Now we’re going to trap the adult flies. We’re gonna do it in this sturdy wooden fly trap made right here in grass valley. Let me show you how it works. So just take the two screws out of this fly trap to open it. Get the tin pan and pour the bait in. This bait is made of ammonium carbonate and yeast. And the flies really love it. So the reason that the flies like this bait so much is because it’s smelly. So that’s gonna help you determine where to put it. I’m putting it in my yard under direct sun next to the fence where Ihave another horse pasture So, what’s gonna happen is they’re going to visit the bait And then They’re gonna try to get out and they’re gonna get out through this little hole And that’s gonna leave them right inside the trap You can reuse this trap year after year and catch thousands and thousands of flies So another great trap for smaller yards is this flies be gone trap. It’s really easy to deploy Simply pour in the non toxic bait and fill with water and hang it up. The Victor fly catcher No vapors, no bait, no mess, no stink. This can be hung up in your shop, in your stable, in your barn, in your garage. Just pull it and twist. Now you can hang it. For wasps and yellow jackets just use this pesticide free trap. It contains a lure and you just add water. Well that takes care of one pest but what about the mosquito? That’s probably one of the biggest pests of all And the most important thing when controlling mosquito populations is to remove any place where they breed. And that means getting rid of any standing or stagnant waters. For ponds and other water features use these BT mosquito dunks. These are biological mosquito controls. BT is a naturally occurring bacteria that kills the target insect species. In this case the mosquito but leaves other species alone. Bats eat millions of mosquitos in the summer time and if you want to attract more bats to your place just install one of these bat houses like I have. Of course that bat house isn’t quite big enough because my bats have also nested behind my garden art. This garlic based mosquito barrier will help you enjoy your garden more in the evenings. And it’s safe to spray around kids and pets and even your food garden. And don’t worry it won’t make everything smell like garlic. Spray generously around the area of your yard you want mosquito free. Take back your summer from the bugs and do it organically. Enjoy your yard all summer long and grow organic for life. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to our channel, share this video and follow us at the sites below. Don’t forget to like this video.


  1. The hanging sticky trap really shouldn't be used outside. Hummingbirds, small birds, and bats hitting them is a cruel inhumane death sentence.

  2. No fancy edits, no overly dramatic intros and outros…no obnoxious music…just precise information in a concise fashion. Thank you 🕊

  3. Holy affiliate marketing Batman!!!!! I can take a 2-liter bottle cut the top off it, invert like it's a funnel, put a raw (soon to be rotten) egg, 3 cups of water, and a drop of soap to eliminate surface tension in the water in the 2-liter bottle, put the funnel on, and catch all kinds of flies for virtually free LOL

  4. Good info for control. Anything for absolute annihilation of the mosquito?

    Living in an area with a swampy marsh across the street.

    Also controlling mosquito's in this yard seems futile unless neighbors on all sides do the same.

    I want something that wipes them deadly little bloodsuckers out all the way back to their ancestors and down to all future offspring.

    Have toddlers and fear the west nile and other virus's

    Anyone have something that's 100% effective killing mosquito's?

    I don't care about organic, or the law, or the fucking birds that carry it. (Robbins are the biggest carriers.).

  5. U know organic means learn to live from the things that annoys us guess good idea 4 petty gardens but I’m all organic I just deal funny 😄

  6. Great tips here ~ but PLEASE do not use sticky paper traps, I used to until a bat caught and died on one 😔

  7. all good except foe the tape roll. it also catches humming birds. iv'e had bad experience with that.

  8. Be careful using the parasitic wasps. Some attack monarch butterflies population by laying eggs on the caterpillars.

  9. I used a Fly Trap from Home Depot back in 2009 and it Really Great,, Highly Recommend Getting A Fly Trap. 👍😀

  10. I need flies for pollinating my Pawpaw trees (Asimina triloba) but only for a month in the Spring. Pawpaw flowers don’t attract butterflies or hummingbirds.

  11. Very great and informative information however I have a request if you can go a little bit slower and a little more explanatory will be wonderful

  12. My pappy attraks flys worst than our ole mule Eugene. I will try thet fly box in owr living room next to pappy

  13. Sess the video " no fly zone day 7" by pat galloway ..this zapper kolls 350000 flys a week and clears 5 acres of adult flys and cabe set to kill mosqitos the same way…no bait just dead flys

  14. I tried those donut things for mosquitoes. Don't think it made a difference.
    Wasps or hornets, i simply leave little can, like tuna, of water, that i change. Think we sweat and they want water. Works for me.

  15. Using wasps to eliminate flies?? Am I misunderstanding this? That's like using rattlesnakes to get rid of mice! WTF!?!?

  16. Thanks for sharing that information. Do you have any recommendations for the small black biting flies. They are just horrible and tortures their victims. Nothing organic seems to work. Please help.

  17. “Organic…” What a scam! Put ‘organic’ on a label, & charge more. People assume ‘organic’ is healthier, but it’s not. Dog poop & cyanide are ‘organic’ but aren’t healthy, obviously.

  18. I have bats in my barn. (Bet you thought I was going to say belfry.) They are great for mosquitoes. But don't hang a bat house on your home. Bats poop like rats and leave droppings everywhere when they fly off. They will stain the side of your house, cement and wood. Put bat houses out away on a tree or barn where it doesn't matter. The bat guano is good for composting.

  19. The wasp works great in and around the barn for flies but then we had explosion of fleas !! Back to poison….the tape works great if you hang it with the string on the bag trap. Stinky dinky..

  20. I am sorry did not register you msg it way to fast and well happy to see everyone got rge to info.guest i am really slow.really i did not get it🤔🤔🤔🤔

  21. I spray the shit out of bugs with triazicide. That along with the 8800 flowtron keeps bugs at bay. Unless you have purple martin birds, you'll have mosquito problems on the east coast

  22. Whether one can buy this through Amazon. If so please link the same. Thanks.

    C A Subramanian
    India Palakkad Kerala

  23. Is it possible to bring the price of organic foods down to the point where most poor people can afford to feed their families. Will growing organically ever be as productive as current non organic gmo laden foods and be able feed the growing global population. I think we maybe spending too many resources on solving problems that don’t really benefit humanity en mass. It’s a nice hobby and a well made video just seems kinda silly considering what most families in the country are dealing with aka inability to afford the foods that we already sell in stores that aren’t even organic.

  24. The intro was repetitive. It's easy to see who wants to be in the limelight, and who wants to give out knowledge. Couldn't make it past 18 seconds.

  25. The weird thing about those fly traps is that I wonder if they flies would be coming to my yard anyway, if I wasn't attracting them to go into the traps!

    But as for mosquitoes, I know they're around…gotta get rid of them!

  26. Well, usually I get skeeters on my peter so I whack them off. And sometimes there's another on my brother. And I've seen a dozen on my cousin.

  27. The only thing I would disagree with regarding these suggestions would be the removal of wasps and yellow jackets. I am sure the presenter knows how valuable wasps can be for keeping down pests in her garden. I have found that by being observant as to where the wasp nests are located and then being respectful by staying 4 foot or more away from them. I have never had a problem with them. They are highly intelligent predators that should be respected and understood not exterminated.

  28. Somehow, I don't think this video will help my mosquito problem. I live next door to an old car junkyard that is no longer in use and the cars are probably never going to be taken away. The mosquitos I have are the Asian Tiger mosquitos. They fly and bite day or night, rain or shine, from about May to the first heavy freeze. I once tried rubbing fresh crushed garlic all over my exposed skin to test if it would work. Nope. Did not deter the bastards one bit. Did deter humans rather well lol. I have no control over the junkyard so eliminating the breeding grounds is impossible. I'm beginning to think there is no "organic" or "natural" way to deal with these pests and I don't want to slather DEET all over me every single day for half the year.

  29. I’m from Louisiana, ain’t no gettin rid of mosquitoes around here lol but thank you for the fly tips!

  30. Those may work in California, not going to work in the upper peninsula of Michigan. You be emptying that fly trap every hour.

  31. Great video! Do you have any suggestions for controlling the invasive spotted wing fruit fly? It is in every one of my berries this year. Thanks!

  32. For all of you organic that didn't got the message organic, she grows organic organic gardening

    I'm also an organic Gardner, that grows organic, organic gardening for organic gardens


  33. The sticky tape is a hazard to birds and other unintended animals. Not very "organic or safe". Recommending the use out in the open or even anywhere birds can fly is terrible.

  34. Those small traps with the plastic bag, and some water are catching on. We used one with fantastic success for the emerald ash Beatle. Saved our roses.

  35. Contrary to pop belief, bats dont really eat mosquitos as much as people expect. On the other hand, Dragonflies love them!

  36. I like that large blue waist receptacle shoulder bag you’re wearing at beginning of video… where can I find one please?

  37. Just add water fly traps… normally equals the rotting stench of death so consider that the stench of death will carry on the breeze and if you are within 15ft of that bag of rotten death….you will smell it. They work great and I use them…..far away from where I like to spend my time outdoors.

  38. just add a drop a diesel to your lake or pond and mosquitoes cant breathe because it covers the top of the water with a thin layer and wont let oxygen through… be careful as this will also kill any fish or other organisms in the water

  39. Hey lady Don mean to be rude but I had bad problems with mosquitos and listened to a gardener put in 4-5 places basilisk, rosemary and mint or dull and like magic in just 1 night was mosquitos free didn't bother with water or anything else these guy hate real bad these smells don't know for flyz since no animal is close but mosquitos /adioz…

  40. Thank you for NOT going on full details as to why flies and mosquitos are bad and why we should get rid of them and blablabla like most videos. If we got here then we know they are a problem already, no need to re-instruct us.

  41. Tricia, awesome video and thanks for the work devoted to teaching us. Question: How do the flies get into the trap, looks like the wire mesh is small. How can bats see a a bat house? Can I put them on a wooden fence?

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