How To Grow A Small Hive Into A Beehive Part 2

I do not know if the camera can see but look at the bee swarm right here, here, here! All carry pollen. we can see the yellow spots on their legs. That is the pollen they forage. You see all the bees from outside going in. We are going to expedite now.. There is a lot of bees here too! I have to do it faster. Go ahead. Do not care about me. Just because we are annoying them now. Of course. They arrive in a new hive with a different smell. But still it needed to be on video! In a small hive like this one, approximately how many bees there is? 30 000 More or less In a small hive In a beehive like the one we saw previously 55 – 60 000 bees Look at all the brood! When this will born! You see the last frame how beautiful it is. We will not see the queen. There. Well, they start to attack now… Now I place back the last frame so I won’t hurt the bees Here there is always bees left you see? So we need to get them out. Some fly away which is good. But some others don’t so I will help them. There we go! It is the hive number 29.

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