How to Inspect a Beehive and What to Look for – The Bush Bee Man

– (sighs) Well we’re
trying to get organized. We’ve had one of those days again. We’ve got a last few little hives to inspect before we head
off down to the hills. Got me blooming little iPad
that I do my recording on. I think it’s called B Plus
or something at the minute? (laughs) I think I’m using,
which is kind of cool. Me and the lad had a bit of an argument about whether a stylus was any good. And it’s actually quite a good idea when you’ve got honey fingers so. Got me little stylus happening apparently. Apparently this is about 25 bucks. You can spend a bloomin’ $125. I don’t know what that’s about. I asked the guy in the shop, “How comes there’s such a difference? “Do they not work the other ones?” And he said, “No, they’re for the people “that know how to do fancy
drawings” or something or other. So if you’re an architecture-y person. All I’ve got to do is go dink-a-dee-dink and push the buttons. So I find this quite good. Saves me writing stuff down or as much stuff down on bits of paper. Although I’ve got me
bee registration thing and I can’t work out how to
bloody transfer this information to that so I’m still gonna have to get the wife to write it out. So that’s gonna be fun for this year. She thought that was a
bit blooming annoying. But anyway, that’s life. Just as well. Apparently it’s our anniversary coming up. Happy anniversary, 33 years apparently. Poor lass, she said she’d be out on parole if she’d killed
me, but anyway (laughs). Here we are for better for worse, for richer, for poorer,
sickness and health and I think we’ve done all of
the above so (clicks tongue). Hopefully the next 30 years
is a bit more chilled out. Or, anyway, supposed to be isn’t it? Although then you have the
old people crap, don’t you? Anyway, I digress. (bees buzzing) Anyway that’s just a bit of mundane blooming recording technology. But something that’s really cool, someone sent me this cool
bloomin’ beekeeping belt. Debzzz, the Beekeepers in Paradise from, where the heck? I can’t even pronounce it. The young lass is up there. She’s got some paradise bee boxes and she’s making these cool bee belts. Now we’ll just give her an untap. Check that out, it’s even
got a cool little printed little label on there! And we’ve got a little spiel
here about what this is. That’s gonna try my eyes out, but anyway, at least we’re in the sun. “Your new beekeeping belt is made “from natural chrome and
veggie tanned leather.” I didn’t know you could tan
leather with vegetables. But anyway, I’m guessing
it’s vegetable oils. “Chosen for its natural but rustic finish, “this leather is also good
for molding into shapes.” It’s been molded to take a biro, or in my case, my stylus. Haha, but I might put a
biro in there as well. “Will change the color with age “and take on a well-used appearance.” “Note: store away from the Bush Bee Man. No, it says, “store away from
moisture and direct sunlight.” So cool, look at that! And it’s called Beekeeping
in Paradise, Debzzz. Debzzz is obviously her business name. So we got a thing for the
pens in the side here. We’ve got a little queen catching up thing if I catch a queen, wanna
store her out the way if I wanna do something. And I reckon this is kinda cool. This is why she sent it
to me in the first place ’cause I said I gotta put
somewhere to put my hive tool. She said you’ve got just the thing. You can hang it on here! So let’s just get strapped up. Give it a cracking go! Tell you what, another
reason to go on a diet and make sure this all fits. Where’s me hole I can’t
see over me flappy nick. (imitates shooting sound)
Wild west beekeeping (shooting vocalization) (laughs) Hey on, we’ll go and get the hive tool and dangle off the edge. She’s a bit long, this hive tool, I’m out to get a little hive tool. Da da da, quick draw McGraw! That’ll be cool, to have
somewhere to put the jolly thing. What do ya reckon? Should I wear that down the pub? People would say, “what’re
you doin’ with that?” At least I won’t forget
the jolly thing will I? That’ll be very groovy. Doop. (makes shooting sound) La la la. Okay. (blow torch hissing) I’ve moved on from the metho. Well, I’ve still got
metho in the back here. Anyway, all of the above works, as long as long as you can get some smoke. (happily singing) Anyway, we’re counting down. As usual, the sun’s going
down and there’s still all these jobs to get finished. Bloomin’ hell. I’ll tell you what, it’s crazy. Ugh. We’ve got these last little six, to just to make sure they’re up to speed for going off to the apples. So, you’ve timed it very
nicely to come along for the last little bit. Hello ladies, it’s late in the afternoon. So the girls are saying, “what’s going on, we’ve had a busy day, “what’re you doing here?” Well, not like them, they’re all efficient and nearly ready for bed. I’m just nearly ready to get started. Now we just rip off, take off the super and just see how the girls
are gettin’ on down here. This is the engine room, you might say. Have a bit of a peek-a-boo. You just want to take out this frame, it’s not quite to the outside edge. So then we can have a bit of a look, have a bit of a start. There’s some nice looking
bit of brood on the edge. Make sure the boss isn’t
sittin’ on this frame. So we’ll give ’em a bit of a rattle off. They look nice, they
got a little tiny fresh, bit of fresh larvae around the edge. Bit of fresh nectar in the corner. Don’t look like the boss is there, so then we’ll just set that
over there for a minute. Give ’em a little bit more
smoke so they stay calm. They’re already finished
for the day, nearly. They said, “golly, gosh! “What’s going on? “We were all ready to
snuggle up together.” Oh, that’s a bit of pattern. She’s a good job in here. They look pretty good to me. I can’t see her yet but, no perforated caps, so that’s good. I’m just going through, just having a look to make sure that they’ve
laid up a bit of fresh brood, and they’ve got some nice eggs, and especially that
they’re not queen-less, because that’s a real
pain if they’re queen-less this time of year. But at least now they’re
starting to warm up, they now might actually need
to get some young larvae or young eggs, so they can raise a queen if they haven’t got one. But she looks like she’s been fairly busy. What you don’t want to
see, is some of the caps of the brood nibbled at, or little holes in it, or a bit sunken, or a bit crappy looking. And the other really good sign is, when you see the larvae
that isn’t capped yet, and it’s nice and white
and healthy lookin’, that’s a good sign. And of course if you see
some dangerous stuff, then you’ve got to get your stick out or a match stick, you’ll get all (mumbles) and then get all bloody sad
if you find something bad. If you do find some sides
that you’re not sure about, you can head over to the AFB episode, and see what you’re
meant to do about that. But hopefully that doesn’t happen, or ya get your kit, send
it off to the Gribbles. These guys have got a
fair bit of drone cone, so that’s probably not a
real good sign for swarming, but still. They do breed a bit of drone
cone this time of year. You want to count how many frames of brood you’ve actually got. Because when you do your
records in a minute, you’ll want to know, you’ll
want to put that down so then when you come back, and you check on how
your population’s going, you’ll know how she’s laying. Whether she’s got better or worse. So that’s … three frames of brood. (bees buzzing quietly) And then the brood’s getting a bit patchy where it’s been hatched out. So she’ll come back around here, you can see where she’s been laying again in that new section. So hopefully we’ll find
here here in a minute. But really, ultimately,
unless you really want to catch the queen, it
doesn’t matter if you see her or not. It’s really about whether you know, whether you can see where she’s been. If you happen to see a queen,
that’s all well and good. But if you don’t, you just
want to make sure you see what the queen’s been up to. That’s looking good. That’s sort of another hatched out lot. Shake them off there so we
can see what’s going on a bit. So I can’t see any obvious
signs that anything bad, not even any chalkbrood at the moment, which is normally, this time of year, the chalkbrood sort of
tapered off a bit anyway because they’re so bloomin’ hectic. And they cleaned (mumbles)
up, ready to plant, well not ready to plant
(giggles) ready to raise their new young. Are you keeping count? What did I say, six frames of brood? No, oh the little bit of honey there. There’s a little bit of
honey on the outside, a bit o pollen in there, which is good. Not a lot of nectar, there’s a little bit on the top stores, but I don’t
think we’ll be harvesting any honey off these girls today, especially if they’re going to the apples. We definitely won’t get any honey, because all they do there is work make fruit for everybody to eat! But anyway. That’s an important job. One of the many roles our bees serve is pollinating apples,
and pollinating cherries, apparently pollinating carrots. I haven’t done pollinating carrots yet. But apparently that’s
the go if you’re going to get carrot seeds. So, that sounds a bit hectic, though. You’d want a few thousand acres of carrots to have a bit of excitement,
wouldn’t you, but. Apparently the honey’s not much
chop off of carrots though. But anyway, the things that need to happen so the planet can eat. Without bees, there might
be a little bit of trouble with the eating department. Try to make sure,
especially in the brood box, that you put everybody
back where they were, so everybody knows where they were going. Otherwise you can just
imagine, if you know, you woke up in the middle of the night and you went to go to the toilet and you found out you
were in your wardrobe, it’d get rather complicated, wouldn’t it. So just be a little bit
sympathetic to the ladies, because they’re in here in the dark, and plus it’ll go back together nicer too, because they’ve got little
bits of bridging comb and all sorts of excitement going on. A little bit of honey upstairs but hardly much at all. But that’s to be expected, they’re just starting
to build across here, so that’s good. Pop them back to bed, and
make sure everything’s nice and sealed up, and then we’ll go off and
pop our bit of details in the mister machinery. And we’ll be all good. Head on to the next one. Mmm, how many we saw in here. We’re going to go there, and we just want to go
into our inspection window, this saves you a whole
lot of writin’ (laughs). And it comes out with all
these cool little windows that you can check off. So we’ve got, obviously this
is our first inspection, so it’s just telling me
that it’s in trouble, but it’s not in trouble,
because we’ve just looked at it. Yeah, we didn’t see the queen, but we got eggs, larvae,
capped, and really good solid colonies, probably
average to good, I reckon. Maybe we just need another
little average to good, rather than three lines. But anyway, it doesn’t matter. And they’re reasonably active, and they’re aggravated as neutral, and I couldn’t see any swarm cells, and no supersedure cells, and no emergency queen cells, and we’ve got, probably
six good frames of brood. One frame honey, probably
had two open cap. We didn’t find any diseases,
so we’ll put that there. None found. That’s cool, we got that done. And then, we go. And then we’ve got that little window, and we’re all good. And then we’ll just add
another one in a minute. So back to Fox Hill, which
is where we are (mumbles). And another hive, we’re up to number 11 on this particular list. (gentle acoustic folk music) The ladies all look pretty happy in there, all ready to go and make some apples. Woo-hoo! So we’re going to load ’em
up and head ’em on out! Ooh, I’m lookin’ forward to getting up at three in the morning,
and going for a drive, but anyway, at least
I’ll have some company tomorrow morning, that’ll be good. You’ll be along for the ride, as well as the camera man. (bees buzzing)


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