How to install the Flow Hive Harvest shelf – tutorial

(happy up beat music) – Thank you for purchasing
the Flow Hive shelf brackets. I’ll just show you how assemble them and put them onto your hive. So you should have these components, Start by getting the
key piece and this gets assembled onto the bracket like so. Note. That the narrow part is pointing up. Also, make sure that the recess for the screw head is facing out. It’s this section here that latches onto the screw like so, and
ignore the bottom one. Use the screws provided to screw your keyway onto the bracket, a drill with a No.2 phillips head bit, will make it quicker. And the bottom one, same
on the other bracket making sure that the
narrow part is facing up so that the screw can latch on. So there’s your brackets
assembled and ready to go. So next is to choose
where you want to put your shelf, depending on
what size jar you have. So, if were gonna use this screw, then we simply wind it
out a couple of turns. Okay and this bit can
be a little bit fiddly, once your set up, then
it’s ready for you to take your brackets on and off as you see fit. If it’s not quite right,
you can then adjust it a little bit more. What your after is a nice tight fit, so that when you put this over the screw, slid it down and turn it into position it’s nice and firm. Same on the other side, two turns. And now your shelves ready to go, you can put the door like
that and your ready to go. Depending on the size of your jar, and where you want your
shelf, you may like to move one of your screws
to this position here. The U.S.A. model has a
different finger pattern, so make sure you choose the
right one when ordering. After you’ve finished harvesting, I would recommend taking
these brackets off, storing them inside to make sure they last a long time. Happy honey harvesting, and
I would love to see your pictures and videos, so make
sure you send them through. (happy up beat music)


  1. You shouldn't have your chuck set to drill… with cedar you should look at setting it to the lower numbers…. 5-10 so that you don't over tighten the screws and strip out the wood. Set the clutch low and if it doesn't fully set the screw up it a couple of clicks until the head is all the way in. You are then set to do the rest of the screws.

  2. I have another concern about this item what if we accidentally Crush the eggs are in the hive as well I understand that this machine can take honey and the way how it does it but can it also Crush or injured The larva and not only that how do we know which is edible for humans and edible for the queen / bees because they have their own system of food?

  3. I am very interested in starting to keep bees… But i don't see videos in italian and i want to know if there is more job or if there is only to harvest. If u want to answer i thank u

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