How to Make Honey Cake

Hello everyone! What are we
making today, MO? We are making Lithuanian
honey cake. We begin with making sheets,
right? Sheets. First of all, butter. Mh. Sugar. 100 g of butter. Two large table spoons of sugar. Honey. Two eggs. One teaspoon of grinded spices. Cardamon, flavored pepper,
cloves. Cinnamon. Ginger. Soda. We will need some.
Citric acid, flour. Butter, isn’t it? Mh. It will melt faster. Two large tablespoons of sugar. I’ll add some more. And some honey. Rural. One huge spoon. Not one, but two. We’ll put it on the stove
to boil. To melt. It will melt and we will
boil it a little. Keep on on boiling for
a couple of minutes.
Right? Boil for a couple of minutes. While the honey is resting. We’ll beat some eggs. MO, you have a nice flower. Yes. It has blossomed. We’ll put very little of
salt. We’ll put all spices. Little bit of citric acid. And two teaspoons of soda. You’ll put everything in here? We’ll put everything in here. How chemical reactions happen,
MO? We’ll put some beaten eggs. What’s the egg for? I don’t know. It’s in the
recipe. Is it hot? To put everything in. It will drown. You’ll put flour. We’ll slowly add some flour
and mix batter. You’ll put some more, right? Mh. We could have brought the robot
to mix. Come on. I won’t know how much flour to
put in. With hands now? Yes. it’s almost ready, isn’t it? It will be fine now. Look at this piece. A ball for playing. Some more? It helps not to stick. Easily. With a rolling pin. With a good one. Take it. Mangle the batter. My circle. A “joke”. Why is it a “joke” if it works? With a handle, comfortable. The cake won’t be small. Not small, no. What are you doing?
Tell us. It’s required.
So, it evaporates And you are putting for cooking? Yes. Mh. How long does one cook? About 5 minutes. Then later you use these
cut-offs again to form sheets. Yes, I wouldn’t throw away. Look a this quality. How many do you think
you’ll make? 13 or 14 We’ll see if you are right. No, no, no. How many? 14. Correct. Yes. What are we doing next? We’ll trim the edges, so
they are even. We’ll crush left-offs and
sprinkle the top of the cake
and sides. The sheets are ready. They are baked and now
we’ll cover the cake. What are we going to use? Tell us, MO. Sour cream, Mh. 4 containers of 400 g of sour
cream. Mh. 30 percent fat. Sugar. What do we have
right here? It’s for decorating. Some cookies and an orange. What’s here? Lemon flavour. Mh. It’s citric acid and
vanilla sugar. Put sour cream in. Sour cream is in. We’ll add some sugar now. How many will need? 14 large tablespoons. How much vanilla sugar
do we need? About half the teaspoon. It will be enough. Half teaspoon of
citric acid. Some lemon flavour, so it
would have a lemon scent. A few drops, right? We’ll mix everything. We’ll mix until hard foam. Sour cream is done. So, how do we cover
the cake, MO? Take a spoon of cream. Mh. And cover the sheet evenly Yes. Then the next sheets. Press lightly. Yes, but not much. And again a couple of spoons
of cream. I’ll start with the top
then move to the bottom. Roughly edges. Not completely. Because we still have some
sheets. Roughly. The last level. Even everything out. Top and
sides. We are now sprinkling
over the cake. These grumps are from one sheet. Which was left. Yes. You crush with a
rolling pin and that’s it. You crush it and you have
what you have, The cake is covered with
cream and crumbs. We will decorate the
top of it now. So, how to use it?
Cut it in half and? That’s unnecessary I can’t see without the glasses. Do you peel off thin stripes? You’ll see how I do. So, the orange is ready.
What are you going to do now? In half? In half. Mh. Look, Romce. We have a cut off pattern Of course you can make your own
patters. For instance, happy birthday
or something. And do a simple text. Leaves with one colour. Middle with different colour.
Or how? Now one. We are taking of the pattern. Look. Such a nice flower. Rotate it a bit, right? Yes. It will be two coloured. Two coloured bloom.
I mean two coloured leaves And we are taking it off. How beautiful. Are you putting orange
decorations now? So, the cake is ready. Such a beauty. We won’t be eating it right now. We will wait for tomorrow’s
celebration. And you’ll see
how it looks. But you won’t need to wait. So. Thank you for now and
see you! See you! You can make a cake
for February 16. Yes. Great opportunity to try it. From Lithuanian items. To make it. Okay. So, thank you again
and see you! The cake is being cut and
will be tasted. Cut some for me, Mum. Here it is. This is how the cake looks. How many layers? How many layers there had been? 14 or 13, something like that? There 12 layers., Romas. 12, so 12. Now it’s time to try it. I like granny’s picture. We will taste it. So. Very beautiful. I’ll bring some to
the work to taste it. We aren’t many.
We are only four. Tasty.
Did you put some cacao in? No. No, Algutis. It’s
the spices. How many kilos? Now it’s your turn, MO. Please, no. Okay. So, thank you, MO,
for the tasty cake. For making honey cake. So, thank you viewers
for watching and see you! See you!


  1. Sveiki.vakar dariau medaus torta.gerai gavosi .rekomenduoju kitiems pasidaryti.lengva ir paprasta .svarbiause skanu 😉

  2. Kokia faina Močiutė ! Ir žiūrėt ir klausyt smagu ! Močiute, Jūs visada labai graži !!! Nebijokit kameros 🙂 Mes jums dėkingi už jūsų receptus 🙂 !

  3. Nuostabi močiutė, nepaprastai miela ir graži. Viskas, ką ji gamina, atrodo labai skanu. Šaunuoliai! Patys geriausi, patraukliausi video maisto gaminimo tema lietuvių kalba – neginčijamai, tik – jūsų.

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