How to Make Honey Gelato (From Scratch!)

I think what I love most about this gelato
is that it changes flavor according to which honey you use, each honey giving it a distinct
flavor. In the spring and summer months, use wildflower honey or orange blossom honey.
It goes beautifully with summer fruits. In the fall and winter, try buckwheat honey or
chestnut honey, which is one of my most favorites. It’s absolutely marvelous with pears and apples.
Or infuse your own honey with lavender, other herbs, or spices. It will give you a gelato
with even more distinct flavor. You can find the recipe in Viviane’s Tips.
Place the cornstarch in a small bowl. Add a bit of milk, about 3 tablespoons, and whisk
until the cornstarch has completely dissolved. For the vanilla bean, split it in half lengthwise.
This will allow all the fragrant seeds inside the bean to be released into the milk. Place
the balance of the milk in a medium saucepan and add the vanilla. Now bring to a boil.
As soon as the milk is boiling, add the cornstarch mixture. Reduce the heat to about medium.
You’re going to simmer the mixtures for 5 to 6 minutes, until slightly thickened. You’re
going to want to whisk the whole time. If I stop whisking so you can see what’s going
on in the pan, this is a good simmer for the gelato base. As you’ll see, the whisking is
also going to help the vanilla release its seeds into the milk. Our time is up, and as
you see, the gelato has slightly thickened, so we are done. Now we want to scoop out the
vanilla – and let it stand here for a minute, so you don’t burn yourself. When the bean
is cool enough to handle, scrape whatever seeds might be left over in the pot and add
them to the milk mixture. Now pour the milk mixture into a bowl. To cool the gelato base
quickly, place the bowl in an ice water bath and whisk. This will cool the gelato base
within minutes. Once the base has cooled, transfer to a container and refrigerate until
very well chilled. Alright, our base is perfectly chilled. As you see, it has thickened quite
a bit. So now add the honey and the creme fraiche – and by the way, this one is homemade…
so delicious. Now whisk until well blended. Transfer the base into the bowl of your gelato
or ice cream maker, and we’re ready to make our gelato! Let’s have a peek… our gelato
is done! Enjoy making your gelato, and bon apetit!


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