How to Manage Your Money Honey! | EP. 7 The Slumber Party ft. Khleo Thomas

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Welcome to another episode
of the Slumber Party! Yay! This video is
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collaboration with Maybelline’s Fit Me! foundation. Slay in any shade with
you and your girl squad, like us here on
this Slumber Party. Time to find your perfect fit. We have all of these
foundations by Maybelline, there’s a lot of
shades to choose from. SHANNON:
We’ve got to get through all of
this to find our perfect fit. But when you
actually find the right one, you’re like, “Yeeeessss!” AMY: It’s so good. It’s
like finding the perfect boy. MAYA: When you
guys do like swatches, do you do it on
your face or your hand? AMY: I do it on my hand first, because I always like
put a little on my hand, so I can like dip
my sponge into it. MAYA: Right.
SHANNON: Oh, a sponge? I just be like —
[laughter] Am I pretty now? MAYA: That’s pretty accurate.
SHANNON: Am I pretty? MAYA: So we’re
going to take two shades. AMY: Two shades.
MAYA: Put one on each side and see which one fits. SHANNON:
Do you prefer to go slightly
darker or slightly lighter? AMY: It depends.
MAYA: That’s a good question. AMY: I like to mix and match. MAYA: Slightly
darker because summer tans. AMY: Yeah, the rest of my
body tends to be pretty dark so it matches my body.
– Right. SHANNON: Oh, this feels so good. So Warm Honey or Soft Tan? MAYA: I think this
would be good for the summer. AMY: Yeah.
SHANNON: Okay, good. AMY: I’ve got
Natural Buff and Sun Beige. I think I put
Natural Buff on this side and Sun Beige on this side. SHANNON: I think Sun Beige.
MAYA: Sun Beige. SHANNON: Yeah, yeah.
AMY: Okay, then. SHANNON: Okay, then, easy.
AMY: Okay, then. SHANNON: By popular vote! MAYA: Which —
Classic Tan or Cappuccino? SHANNON: Mm… Look at me. – Cappuccino.
– Cappuccino is the darker one. AMY: I think it
matches your neck too. MAYA: Okay.
– Which is so important! AMY: Yeah, you
need a matching neck. SHANNON: Don’t be
out here with that ring. MAYA: Maybelline’s
Fit Me! foundation goes beyond matching different
skin tones and textures. We used the matte
and poreless formula, ideal for normal to oily skin, it’s micro powder
to your control shine, leaving a
natural seamless finish. This episode is all about
being broke and making it work. We’ve all been broke. The game is building
the right foundation, both financially and facially. You guys at home, participate. We have a few
questions in the “i.” The “i” only lets us
have five questions. So the rest of the
questions are in the info box, so comment in
the comments below. So for every question I
ask, if you answer yes you can add a
layer of foundation, if the answer is no, you ain’t got no
foundation, you bare! Are you currently in debt? So I’m in debt right now, but that’s because I know
I have a big check coming and I had a really
heavy, hectic month, so I spent a lot, but
usually I’m not in debt. It’s just currently
right now that I am, so just stop judging
me. Okay, no foundation. MAYA: Oh you’re not in debt?
AMY: I’m not in debt so — MAYA: You have no credit cards? AMY: I do have credit
cards, but they all paid off. MAYA: Completely? AMY: I’m trying to
improve my credit score because I’m making moves, so. MAYA: She’s buying a house
is what she just said. SHANNON: She’s making moves.
AMY: Mm-hmm, I’m making moves. MAYA: I have credit card — SHANNON:
Yeah, okay, so keep your
hands to yourself. Hands down. – Next!
– Do you have a savings account? SHANNON: Okay, what about if you
have one, but nothing is in it? AMY: That works. [crosstalk] – It’s the thought that counts.
– A thin layer, a thin layer. MAYA: A fine layer!
SHANNON: A fine layer. SHANNON: There’s
like $5 bucks in there. MAYA: Okay, do you
invest your money? So, yes, put on a layer. SHANNON: Nope.
MAYA: Yes? AMY: Yeah.
Where do I invest my money? I invest in myself! AMY: In yourself, yeah,
that’s an investment. SHANNON: No it’s not.
MAYA: Yes, it is. SHANNON: I’m not an
appreciating asset. MAYA: You’re not?
AMY: But you are. MAYA: Girl, love
yo’ self. [laughter] SHANNON: I don’t,
what do you invest in? MAYA: The office, my staff — I guess there’s
different definitions. SHANNON: No we’re talking
about invest; stocks, bonds, appreciating assets — MAYA: I do, I have IRAs.
SHANNON: Okay. AMY: I have stocks. SHANNON: Amy is just loading up,
she’s like mind yo’ business. [laughter]
MAYA: She’s like, bye! Okay, next question, do you invest in an accountant
or financial planner? Well, my family
comes from accounting, so we don’t — We kind of
grew up with that knowledge and uh — MAYA: Amy did taxes for
like everyone at Maker. AMY: Yeah, at Maker.
I used to do people — I used to do everyone’s taxes, like my DJ friends, my
actor friends, everyone, because it’s just like — It’s such an
important part of life that you need to know about, so. Yeah, I think it’s
really good to invest in — MAYA: How’s it
going there, Shannon? SHANNON: It’s all right. AMY: If you need tax advice,
let me know girl, I got you. SHANNON: Yeah, that’s next step. MAYA: Yeah, I’ve
always had an accountant. My mom is an accountant, and
then I did my taxes as a kid, but then when I
started to do like my own entrepreneurial business then it started getting
a little more complicated, and I didn’t know
the loopholes, so. SHANNON: Now you
have a business manager? MAYA: Now I have —
Yeah, a business manager. AMY: The irony, though, is
even though my family is — They’re all accountants, like
my taxes are still not filed, they’re on extension. SHANNON: Really?
AMY: Yeah. MAYA: I just did
mine, mine were on — But you filed for extension,
which is responsible. AMY: Yeah, I filed
for extension, yeah. SHANNON: Still filed.
AMY: We always wait until the
last day. – Do you have an accountant?
SHANNON: No. MAYA: Okay, we’ve got to get
some Fit Me! foundation on you. Do you have a
spending, gambling problem? SHANNON: Nah, I am cheap.
That I will load up for it. MAYA: We can put on for that.
AMY: Okay, got it. MAYA: Okay, so no, I
don’t have a spending problem. I suck so bad at gambling, if I was good at
it I might have a problem. MAYA: It hurts me to know that
you give money on a chance. Do you have good credit? SHANNON: We have the
funniest story with this. Me and Maya decided to increase
our bond in our relationship and get a plan together on a
phone, because we’re in love. MAYA: We have a
family plan! She’s my wife. SHANNON: We have a family plan.
AMY: Aw. SHANNON: And I’m like Maya,
because I’m with T-Mobile, so come
underneath my existing plan. AMY: Yeah, T-Mobile is great.
SHANNON: Yeah, they were great. But the guy was like, “Oh, you
want to add her to your plan?” No with your credit
you can’t add a phone. And then he ran Maya’s credit,
he’s like Maya’s credit, though, she can add twelve lines
if she wants to. [laughter] Your credit? We
don’t got nothing for you. Her credit, right this
way, and it was like — MAYA: It was very, it was very
like she can do this, you can’t. AMY: It was a
very clear boundary. SHANNON: Like she
can take five phones, you can’t even borrow a Nokia. – Like that was the vibe.
AMY: And he just laid it down. I’m going to say it’s
because Shannon is Canadian, so she didn’t
have a credit history. You don’t have bad
credit, you have — SHANNON: Now, I’m
okay. I actually — MAYA: You’re building credit. SHANNON: I got a
place on my own. I applied for an apartment, and I got a place on my
own merit, without a cosigner, that was the first time in
my life that’s happened — MAYA & AMY: Yay!
– So yes we got the good credit. [crosstalk]
Layer me up! AMY: You build that credit. MAYA: Are you
prepared for retirement? SHANNON: Let’s
just stop right now. AMY: No I don’t have a —
MAYA: That’s a hard no! SHANNON: You’re not
prepared either, Amy? AMY: I don’t
have a retirement — MAYA: You’re
enjoying — [laughter] AMY: You’re not
prepared Amy? Oh! SHANNON: I’m that crab
in a bucket. [laughter] AMY: No I’m not. MAYA: I don’t think — I
mean, for me life is so much, like there’s so much
things you have to do right now that I’m like — The only thing I
have is my stock stuff, but that’s not really,
I’m not prepared yet. AMY: You have like
an IRA, don’t you? MAYA: I’m working towards
it, but that’s not enough, like if I were to retire I’d be
like a good three months. AMY: I’m counting on me making
enough money, now eventually. MAYA: But you know
what, for being a good sport, let’s just all
finish up this look. SHANNON: Yay! MAYA: Maybelline
Fit Me! powder foundation. SHANNON: Smooth finish. MAYA: But I’m really
curious, what do you think? SHANNON: I actually
really like it a lot. It looks really good on
both of you guys. AMY: Oh, that’s a pretty color. MAYA: This is, okay,
this is better for me. SHANNON: What is it?
MAYA: Deep Wine! Cappuccino. Listen,
this finish, though, it’s like air brush. AMY: I’m all about
[inaudible] poreless. SHANNON:
I have the Soft Tan and then
I’ve got the Deep Coral Blush. AMY: I’ve got the Sun Beige,
Natural Beige on compact, and the medium pink blush. MAYA: We are here for the
squad slay, look at this — I’m not, I am not mad! All kinds of
slaying with my girl squad. The face has been beat, the boy
has been text, he on his way. And I have one last
question for you ladies, have you been given the right
tools to build your wealth? SHANNON: No. Hell no.
AMY: Given? No. MAYA: Not given, no. SHANNON: I don’t
think they teach you that. MAYA: They don’t want —
They don’t want you to know! SHANNON: They don’t want you
to know about being wealthy. We’ve all been broke. MAYA: We’ve all been broke.
AMY: Everybody’s been broke. SHANNON: You know
it’s kind of like, I always think of the Drake
song “Started from the Bottom,” and how people got so
mad at him for saying that, but I’m like the
bottom is kind of relative. So for you guys, what
has broke meant for you? Well I’m raised by a single
mother, we started broke, but like for me to
experience it as an adult was living in Vancouver and like
making $13,000 for the year. That was hard. Like Mr. Noodles. AMY: Is that a restaurant? MAYA: Oh, like
the ramen noodles. AMY: Oh! Top Ramen.
MAYA: Yeah. AMY: Oh, is that your brand? MAYA: I guess, yeah
in Vancouver it was. AMY: Us it’s Top Ramen.
[crosstalk] Mine was probably
when my mom was sick because it was all the health
insurance bills we had to pay that was what was — What I thought was being broke because all of our
money was being poured to the big health
insurance companies, and also being emotionally broke because it was such
like a hard time for us but yeah that’s me. SHANNON: That’s so broke, girl. MAYA: But that’s
inspired you to — AMY: Oh yeah, that was like the
biggest catalyst that pushed me to be like, you know what? I’m going to take
everything possible in my power to not let that
happen to my family. Makes me a strong person, “what
doesn’t kill, make you stronger” according to a wise
man, Kanye West. [laughter] MAYA: And Shannon?
SHANNON: Who is far from broke. I think broke for me was definitely
when I first moved out of my parents out of my
parents for the first time. And you know when you
want to be independent, and so I refused to take help, and I was living on
like a dollar a day, I biked like everywhere,
like 3 hours a day of biking. We both did background together. MAYA: We did. SHANNON: And
background is very fickle, like sometimes you can
work two days a week, sometimes it’s like
one, and so at this — I was 25 years old and
like relying on background and I took a minimum wage under
the table job at a retail store, and that was kind of
like a big pride hit for me because my book had come out, so I’m supposed to
have been somebody, but I’m like living
on Campbell’s Soup, riding my bike to my — MAYA: And doing
extra work on movie sets. SHANNON: And doing
extra work, yeah, so. MAYA: The people that
walk around in the background. SHANNON:
It was like broken, I think,
morally-wise I felt broken, and financially I was broke. I feel like that’s like a
huge thing that I discovered as a young adult that I’m like,
yo, this system is messed up, we spent all this time in
school and they basically say, “Here you’re 18. Here’s a
credit card and go spend.” But they don’t
teach you how to invest. I have no idea — Like coming out of
high school how to
like apply for a mortgage, credit cards, how
to build your credit, but I know the Pythagorean
Theorem and hypotenuse so good. MAYA: Hypotenuse. SHANNON: I can tell you all
about photosynthesis and
brontosaurus’s and brachisaurus’s,
but I’m broke-e-a-saurus and nobody helped me! You’ve got to teach yourself,
you got to learn the hard way, and it’s called the
School of Hard Knocks, you’ve got to do
you, and teach you. But this is so important
to have conversations with your friends
and your family, and hopefully people that
know the landscape better, but this is all
created to inspire like a
conversation and a dialog — SHANNON: Yes!
AMY: Yes! SHANNON: I learned that I’m
going to be mooching off of Amy and all of her
financial awesomeness. AMY: You’re not alone. MAYA: But you know what? I’m at a point where I’m
not good at the financials, so I will hire people
that are good at that. AMY: But you’ll improve
and get better, and learn, it’s a learning experience. [doorbell rings]
[girls scream] SHANNON: You going to
learn today, come on! [screaming] AMY: He brought pizza.
KHLEO: I brought pizza. AMY: I’ll take
that, thanks so much. KHLEO: Hello, hello. SHANNON:
That was a bad hug, I’m sorry. MAYA: Welcome!
AMY: Hello! Nice to meet you. KHLEO: What’s going on?
MAYA: Have a seat. KHLEO: Thank you for having
me in the Slumber Party, yes. I had to bring pizza
and pepperoni and cheese. SHANNON: Cheese is
over here. Okay, cool. How are you doing sweetheart? MAYA: How do you
guys know each other? Shannon be knowing all of them. AMY: How many boys
do you know, girl? KHLEO: How many
boys do you know? AMY: Everyone. SHANNON: It’s not like
that, it’s just — [laughter] First of all, I’ve been
obsessed with “Role Bounce,” like I know the movie
verbatim, we talked about this, and you were —
MAYA: Khleo is an actor. SHANNON: Khleo is
an actor and he is a rapper, and he is an entrepreneur, and
you’re a clothing designer, too. KHLEO: Yeah, you’ve got
it all [unintelligible]. SHANNON: We’re talking all about
being broke and making it work. All of us have
come from that place where we genuinely
started from the bottom, but again the
bottom is relative. For you have you
ever been broke before? KHLEO:
I don’t come from like a rich
family or anything, I think — MAYA: Khleo is a child actor
who has done countless movies. – “Walking Tall,” “Holes” —
AMY: “Holes,” yes! SHANNON: That’s the
one that everyone — – It’s like the flagship one.
– That’s the flagship one. And then “Role Bounce,”
which is my personal fav. KHLEO:
Again, I don’t come from a rich
family, or anything like that, and I was able to live out my
dreams very early on in life, I knew what I wanted to do, and things just
kind of set in motion, and it’s been 20
years now, 20 year career. AMY: Wow. How old were
you when you started? KHLEO: I started when I was 5.
Things didn’t really kickoff
until 3 years after that. MAYA: Until 3 years after that.
SHANNON: Wow, that’s awesome. And so then from
your experience, then as a child star, was money like a big — you know
the whole Macaulay Culkin thing? Like how do they
handle that in Hollywood? AMY: Slash your family, how
do your family handle that? KHLEO: I think after the
whole Macaulay Culkin thing, I think that’s when
it kind of put it into
realization for anybody who had a child in the
entertainment industry, that you were
getting these parents who were getting the checks
and just running through it. They become an adult and they have nothing left
in their accounts, nothing. So for me it was, you know, they have this thing
called a Coogan Account where you get only a
percentage of your money, and everything else is
left in a bank account that you can’t
touch until your 18, so. MAYA: So you couldn’t touch
your money until you were 18? KHLEO:
I couldn’t touch the majority of
the money until I was 18. AMY: That’s smart.
KHLEO: Which is great. MAYA: Are you grateful for that? KHLEO: Hell yeah
I’m grateful for that. I turned 18, and
I was like, pfft, seen the account
and I was like, word? This was all the
work, oh I’m in. AMY: But you bought a
house for your family, right? That’s what I hear. KHLEO: I did, the
first thing I did — As soon as the first day I saw
the Coogan Account get unlocked and I actually knew
what was in there, I looked right at my mom, I
was like let’s go buy a house. One of the things
that I love about you, is not just your fantastic hair,
and your great sense of style, and your really
kind heart, but also — AMY: Get out of here,
go get a room. SHANNON: And the
pizza that you brought us. It’s also that
you’re an entrepreneur, because you are
somebody who has been in the entertainment industry,
successfully for so long, why did you even decide
to start your own thing? Like where did that
passion come from? KHLEO: You get tired of
waiting on other people. You know what I mean? Even with all my things
that I’ve done and my resume, it’s still, the process
of waiting on other people, and so and so
having to sign off, so I just wanted to be
my own boss, literally. AMY: You wanted
to be in control. KHLEO: In control, and
that’s what kind of helps — Let me take off from
the very beginning. Originally it was
just a merchandise line for when I was on tour, and
then it became its own thing and became
really its own entity, and it’s become its own brand. SHANNON: Love this. MAYA: This is my attorney’s
book, “16th Minute of Fame,” and he talks about
like 7 streams of income, and how like — You know when
you’re growing a business, especially in the
entertainment industry you want to have all
these streams of income, so the fact that you have
all these streams of income is really cool because
Darrell talks about it. SHANNON: He was saying that
7 is like the lucky number. That’s what
you’re supposed to have. And it’s great because we
were talking about this prior, like having something that makes
you money while you’re sleeping, so you’re not constantly
having to chase the paper. Sometimes you can
just be on vacation and you’re still
getting something. And that’s what I guess
living slick is all about. KHLEO: Yeah. SHANNON: This
episode is special to us, not just because you’re
here and you’re special. This episode is
sponsored by Maybelline! MAYA: Woo-hoo!
AMY: Woo! And so we’ve been doing makeup, and we’ve been
playing in makeup, and we always think it’s
really great to have men kind of do role-reversal. So how good — You do a lot, a lot of streams
of income, a lot of talents. How good are you
at makeup artistry? KHLEO: Terrible.
AMY: Well! – You want to try your luck?
– Perfect. SHANNON: So we have
a little game here, so we want you to pick
one of three of our names, and you’re going to have
to do our makeup. KHLEO: You sure about this? SHANNON: We’re so sure.
MAYA: Yes. KHLEO: Okay, um… – I’m hoping it’s me.
MAYA: I hope it’s Shannon. SHANNON: Maya! Yes.
MAYA: Are you ready? Don’t make me look funny. KHLEO: They messed up by
giving me these utensils, you’re done, you’re
done — [crosstalk] AMY: Can you draw at all? KHLEO: No, I can’t
draw worth a damn. So this is going to be
very interesting to see. It’s going to be weird if
I am actually good at this, that’s what’s going to
creep me out. AMY: It’s your plan B.
Plan B, makeup artist. SHANNON: So Amy is going to
shout-out the different layers that you have to put on, and you’ve got to find
the right product for that. AMY: Foundation.
Start with foundation. KHLEO: Okay, which
I’m assuming is — If I pick it right,
can somebody just tell
me if I’m picking it right? – No.
-I just have to just go with it. SHANNON: Go with it. KHLEO: Oh, dear god, oh
boom, yes, Fit Me! Foundation. [laughter] Now I’ve got to sit here,
yo, what the hell? Nah, bro. This is like witchcraft
and wizardry at this point, what is this? I
am so sorry Maya. [singing]
[laughter] ♪ ♪ AMY: Contour.
KHLEO: Contour. ♪ ♪ MAYA: This is not — [laughter]
KHLEO: Just going to play there. AMY: What is this
supposed to be here? KHLEO: Avatar Ang from
— Let’s get that going. What’s next after this? AMY: Um, highlight. ♪ ♪ KHLEO: Yes, blend well,
and viola, masterpiece, done. SHANNON: No
we’ve got eyes still. AMY: What about eyes and lips?
KHLEO: What? Seriously? Y’all go through
all this to go out? MAYA: Yes. KHLEO: No wonder y’all take
forever to get ready, Jesus. This is just sad. SHANNON: Oh the skinny brush. ♪ ♪ MAYA: So am I
going to have a reveal? SHANNON: Let’s give her
a reveal, all right Maya. AMY: This is
Maya’s Comic Con look. MAYA: I — Actually.
[laughter] KHLEO: Actually? MAYA: You know what I will say? This is like,
that’s almost symmetrical. KHLEO: Thank you, thank you. MAYA: Thank you for coming by. KHLEO: Appreciate
it, appreciate it. AMY: Thanks for the pizza.
SHANNON: Here’s a weird hug. KHLEO: You’re squeezing
spine, don’t worry. SHANNON: All right — Okay. TOGETHER: Byeeeee! MAYA: For myself
and everyone watching, define what money means to you. SHANNON: When I got
the bed bugs recently, and I had to spend all
this money on pesticide — [laughter]
I got the bed bugs. I had to spend so much money,
and I felt so terrible about it, I’m like oh my god, I
can’t lose this money, then I thought,
there’s industries that rely on this, you know? Like even a car crash
is a tragedy for you, but it’s dinner for the family. So it has to have a
recycling energy about it, and you have to be
okay letting it go because it will
come back to you. And you inspired
me by telling me that when you started
giving more to church you’re started getting
more from the world. Because sometimes
when we don’t have enough we think we have to hoard it, and that energy I think
is the most toxic for you. So money, I
mean, what it means — It’s a medium of exchange. It’s also like a kind
of a reward system for understanding the game. Because I used to work so
hard and not get any money. But now it’s like, yeah,
you got to study that game. Define wealth. I think we touched on this
on one of our past episodes. I feel like wealth
to me is more in terms of relationships and love, and the types of
connections I have with people. Wealth for me is deciding in
every moment that I have enough and that I am enough. MAYA: Financial
freedom, quickly. SHANNON: What does it look like
to you? Take just a picture. AMY: Financial freedom to
me is not being worried about, not only just me and myself and my own personal finances
and bills, but my family. My family is
utmost important to me, especially after my mom passed. It doesn’t come up every
day, you know what I mean? Aw. MAYA: Okay, go. AMY: But yeah to me that’s
— My family is number 1. And so long as they
are financially free and they’re not worried
about their bills and finances that’s what makes me comfortable
and feel like I have — Things are good,
things are great. AMY: Aww, Maya. MAYA: I feel like all of
us sitting on this couch — Like, we go through so much, when you say those
things like you’re doing — you’re trying to
help your family, like I’m in the same boat. I want to give so much to my mom
and give so much to my family, and I have family back
home in the Philippines, and you have no idea how much — Yeah, what goes
into things like this, what we do on camera, it
looks fun and everything, but the purpose behind
what we do is to give back, and people have
really good hearts, I would say all of us. We’re constantly
thinking about other people and how to help
other people, so. Financial freedom means like
helping the people that I love. And your makeup is still on. AMY: In-tact, still flawless. SHANNON: Financial freedom to
me is just being able to say, let’s go on vacation. I have not been on a
trip, probably ever, in my adult years,
like just to say I have the
money just to go. It has to be for
work or for a purpose, just to say like I
want to spend time with people that I love just being. MAYA: Make sure you
guys are subscribed! Like this video. And read the
info box for the questions, and discuss with us
in the comments below, because we really
read your questions, and we want to know you, boo. SHANNON: I go in on the
comments. I do, I go in. For better or for
worse, I’m there. AMY: We love
reading your guy’s comments and letting you guys join
in on the conversation because we’re all
in this together. – We all in this together.
– Yes. SHANNON: Like crabs
in a bucket. [laughter] AMY: Or bed bugs
in a bed. [laughter] ♪ ♪ SHANNON: But the reality
is, looking a certain way —


  1. I am also of the opinion that schools do not prepare you for the real world and handling your finances. As for me, money management is a big challenge. I got as far as the savings account with not that much in it,lol. When I look back it upsets me that I had nobody to advise me on these matters because I am now at the point where I would like to move to a better apartment, I want to have my own place at some point but it is all so hard when you are not well off and have to pay the mortgage.

  2. Just LOVE for you girls !
    Thank you Shannon for sharing how Maya inspired you because I had the living proof of that everyday and just now I finally understand it. Giving is the best thing not only for the ones that receive it but for you as well.
    I decided to change my course to include the business side to it and I am extremely happy of my choice because I am learning so much about money.

  3. I don't have a credit card because I don't want to engage in/deal with interest (muslim problems). Is that just as bad as having bad credit? I pay all of my bills on time, use a debit card and don't overdraw, and I have car & renters insurance that have always been paid on time.

  4. I actually just (about a month ago) started reading Tony Robbins book on investment and personal finance (Master the Game) and it has been so so helpful. I'm not even halfway through but it has really opened my eyes to the finance industry and how it affects my life. I love these thoughtful conversations. Thanks guys!

  5. I found the best foundation and it's skin tone neutral. One foundation that every skin tone can use and minorities don't have to worry about not finding the right shade and could put other companies out of business and it works.

  6. 1) Are you currently in debt?
    2) Do you have a savings account?
    i use to, not anymore
    3) Do you invest your money?
    i made a bad investment at one point, now im starting from scratch to build again
    4) Do you invest in an accountant or financial planner?
    no, but my Auntie is an accountant and very helpful
    5) Do you have a spending/ gambling problem?
    6) Do you have good credit?
    use to
    7) Are you prepared for retirement?

  7. i so agree with the whole thing about our parents and high school education system not making us learn about things like stability in your financial life, how to not get in debt with ur first credit card. how to save up when u really want to spend. i learned it the hard way when i moved out of my parents house. living day to day sometimes with food and living off alcohol n cigarettes. it was definitely hell without food and being mentally unstable at the same time. but thankfully back to living with the parents. getting there with the mental stability doe. btw maya u should do a video on mental stability when u start off to move on with your life. like the time u moved to la to work. how u move from ur mom's house to living on ur own, how u deal with your emotions after moving out…

  8. I was feeling so behind with
    adulting you guys made me feel better. I'm figuring it out and it's ok! I'm happy about my mini strides. credit score all nice now. getting my 1st place and staying positive in pursuit of my dreams.

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  11. I love Shannon's definition of money. All resources are supposed to be fluid, that's why it's called currency. It should always be in motion. I believe hoarding resources is the reason the world is in the shape it's in today. Give and it shall come back to you. Love you guys.❤️

  12. As a wife and mother I am soooo… Proud of you wonderful women to speak the truth about how we are NOT taught the right way of life the important way to live.

  13. Maya is such an inspiration for me.. After seeing you go through tough times in NY , building your confidence from ground up, moving to LA and having a frigging team? ?
    I love watching you , and I love how you are a strong woman even though maybe you haven't been like that all the time.
    It's just so empowering to me as a not so young woman who's struggling to believe in herself.

    Thank you .

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  17. I'm grateful that my school and CalGrant gave me a huge amount of money that I don't have to pay back because my school is expensive but the rest I have to take out is around 7 to 9 thousand. I haven't even started my first year of college yet. My parents had to cosign on a loan when they have enough loans and debt of their own. I feel so bad. Hopefully I can pay off the loans before the next school year. Debt is scary ):

  18. Can you do a detailed video of how to invest in stocks. How much money to start invest in if you don't have much. I've read so many articles, but none have really helped that much.

  19. This was good. I think there's sort of a misconception of successful YouTubers making tons of money and that they are okay financially.

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  21. I have a TROUBLE spending problem. Oh lord… Target, home goods, AC Moore they are money pits!!! I just want to get my stocks back and getting a spending plan on track. I have two Roth IRAS and no savings I'm a mess but!!! I'm listening and I'm taking it in

  22. Maya I love these videos. I think someone needs to make a video teaching about credit. I recently started trying to get my credit up. And I stopped using it for a few years and then my score started going up then dropped to zero.. I had no idea I had to use it in order to have a good score. Now I have to get a secured card. I wish they taught this is school. And I'm ready to start a business and go hard on my channel but I have no idea how to properly set up a business and no money for a lawyer or mentor. Since you lived in nyc do you know of any resources here?

  23. This video really hit home for me. Growing up we didn't have much, in fact we had very little at all. There were times when we were homeless, times when we didn't know where our next meal was coming from and all our clothes came from thrift stores or were hand me downs from people who felt bad. So when I became an adult I told myself I would never go without. I worked hard all the time to be able to get whatever I wanted when I wanted. Now 10 years later I look back and realize it wasn't really worth it. I have nothing to show for all the money I spent just to because I had it. Even more so, I live an almost fully minimalist lifestyle so most of those "things" I've gotten rid of anyway and now am working towards the freedom I was really seeking all along. It just took me longer to learn that freedom did not come in the form of possessions.

  24. This is so SEX and the city, that moment when Carrie B realizes she has been the only one of her friends living on delusional street. So relevant open Q&A about planning now for your financial future! Thumbs up

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  27. inspiring video 🙂 Thanks so much.. Im currently in debt. and im struggling with a shopping addiction.. it would be so helpfull and comforting to watch a video about that. because its such a closeted subject and i feel very lonely and ashamed for it… thanks ladies!! XX
    (ps, sorry for the grammar, im dutch ;))

  28. This video is a little older but I still hope you guys read this. Maya, when you did the video about thinking to quit youtube… GIRL all I can tell you is don´t. You (and all three of you) are such real, positive personalities who only want the best and give the best. I am going through a hard time right now and as weird as it sounds, you guys help me coping with it; it´s like having older sisters that I never had. All I can say is truly and honestly from the depth of my heart: thank you so much! Carlotta

  29. This video actually made me feel better. Just to know that I'm not the only one going through, who has debt, or has been through something. Everyone isn't born with a silver or golden spoon 🥄 in their mouth.

  30. I think your channel is really amazing, Maya. I've been watching/subscribed since you started and I believe the messages you and your girls talk about is really important and is key to help those growing up with so many common challenges society/education system doesn't talk about! So thank you and keep up all the hard work – it's paying off for so many people and you don't even realize.
    Sometimes being broke can make you lose your good perspective on life and the self because you're distracted by the challenges being broke brings to your life. I'm currently going through this as a 21 yr old who grew up with privilege from a single mom but once I became more independent and going through university, I didn't have the tools to deal with being broke because it wasn't something talked about at all. Now I know when I lose my perspective and don't love myself enough, I turn to my self care routine of meditation, journalling, gratitudes, inspiration, fitness, nutrition and guidance from positive sources such as yourself. You are a factor in how I get through difficult times so thank you so much and I would love to enter the youtube world so if you have some tips lmk!! (not sure if you already have a vid about youtubing specifically – I can't keep up with you girl!) xoxo

  31. Not even half way through I wrote everything down, and took a screen shot. ( I understand social media is given. But one day…..thats all I'm saying). Go to college or get you a quick certification or license to at least know you got back up. Remember "Stone Age" "Ice Age"…. OK then think💭🤔

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