How to pack down a Flow Hive for Winter in Victoria, Australia

(gentle country music) – Leo Campfield of Smithes Creek, which is north west of
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. I’m now a retiree and
enjoying every second of it and living the life I’ve
always dreamed of doing. A mentor, yeah, gotta have a mentor. I have mine, Peter’s
here today to observe, comment on what we find when
we open up the hive today. – See, what we wanna check is for stores. At this stage, to get
through the Ballarat winter, there’s a danger period in early spring, if it’s wet and cold all the time, that they might run out of stores. – I’ve barely had me
bees since last November. Had the hive about a month prior to that. I knew nothing about bees,
so it’s a big learning curve. (laughs) It’s not just a
matter of extracting honey out of a hive, you’ve gotta learn how to keep your bees alive, so that’s what I’m going
through the process of, so… a lot to learn (laughs). – All this empty space
is sitting at the top, – There’s just nothing. – That’s why for winter,
I would be of the opinion that I would be wanting to
pack ’em down to one box. – Initially, when I bought my hive, when I told the people in the group, that I bought a flow hive and they said, “Oh no, you’re gonna
be one of them people. “You’re just gonna get all the honey out “and you’re just gonna let your bees die.” I said, “Well, I can tell you, “I’m not gonna just extract honey “and just watch my bees die.” I said, “What a waste of money.” so I for one, will be
looking after me bees as best I humanly can. Well, I never miss a beekeeping meeting, which is every month, and any
time they have field days, I don’t miss any and I’ve… read what I can, watch videos, Youtube, and there’s always
something to know and learn and I’ll continue doing that and I s’pose now, till the day I die. There’s always gonna be
something new to learn. – We’ve just done our pack down (laughs) and made a video, OK. – Compared to all the,
I don’t know how many hundreds of years people
have been doing beekeeping, but now this is on the market
and everyone’s doing it on a work side, I just love it, just crank the handle and
watch it go straight in a jar. I don’t have to carry the
whole super in the shed, see all that bees’ work totally destroyed and they’ve gotta start
again from nothing, oh, but now, don’t even have to open the lid. You just crank it open,
honey goes in the jar, (slurps) straight out of the hive, it’s just beautiful. I love it. (gentle country music)


  1. The video is titled "How to pack down a Flow Hive for Winter" yet it doesn't really tell or show you anything. I was really hoping for a solid demonstration video to help me insure all my bees make it through the winter.

  2. I agree with Donald. Please can you do another video that actually looks at the preparation for packing down the hive and what to actually do at final pack down stage. Lovely video but doesn't actually show you how to pack down a flow hive in for Victoria's winter.

  3. "How to pack down a Flow Hive for Winter in Victoria, Australia" Yet shows and explains absolutely nothing about packing down the hive..

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