How to Paint a Beehive – The Bush Bee Man

– I’m just thinking,
here’s another project, the wife’s put this
chair here for me to fix. And you’d think a bloke
would find time to fix it, wouldn’t you? But, anyway,
I’m a little distracted trying to get these bee boxes ready. I’ve been painting up these bases. That’s been a bit of a
project, but that’s been happening while you weren’t
here, so that’s pretty magical. These were a bit
disrepaired, they got a bit of cleaning up going on, get a bit of a paint. So I thought I would stack these out of the way so we can get on and paint some more. I don’t know. I’m not really sure, but sometimes it’s good fun and other times I get a bit bored and listen to a podcast about random-ass shit. (laughs) Anyway, painting, painting, painting, it’s the joys of beekeeping in winter. (bouncy guitar music) (bees buzzing) The joys of it all, folks! (grunts) Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. This is when you’ve got to
get your paintbrush out. Whew. I don’t know. It’s a laborious business, this painting bee boxes,
but for some reason I quite enjoy it. So, anyway, we’ve got to get ourselves a box, they’re the ones we cleaned the other day with our flame-thrower. Get them organized for the
ladies so they all look pretty so when they come home they go, “Oh, isn’t this a lovely looking home?” “Oh, we’ll all be happy to move in there!” And, yeah. Well, actually,
it’s just because it keeps the wood happy and safe. I don’t think the bees
give a toss, actually, it’s more about us beekeepers that want to keep things nice, and
so the wood will last a bit longer and it can look respectable when you turn up to a farmer’s
farm to put your bees on. We’ll just do one of these, which has got its own
base, so you’ve got to– These are slightly more
complicated to paint. So we’ve got a base and we’ve got a lid. Did you actually remember which lid went with which box? We’ve got three lids and three boxes. I would say that orange one is that one. Anyway! It’ll be a process of elimination. These are fairly old-school boxes because they’ve actually
got no tin on the lid but they’ve got real wood. So, uh, I don’t know. They’re probably older than me, and they’re still going, so I don’t know, I don’t think I’m going to worry, but that’s a beautiful
bit of timber on there. I reckon that’s one whole piece. Hang on, we’ll get in the sun. You wouldn’t see that too often anymore, a piece of timber like that
that’s not even joined together. Strewth! Oof! I reckon this came from there, looks about like it matches. That’ll do! That’ll do, that’ll do, pig! Cool! So we’ll slap a
bit of paint on that. I think the legs are okay. Yup, this one’s legs are cool. Some of
these, some of these, as we’re going through,
we’ll going to have to fix up the base as well,
knock some of these old legs off. They’ve
been a bit rotted up. (drums on box) Yeah, look at that! We’ve got a solid lid and we’ve got a tin bottom. (drums on box) Well, we could be The Bee Box Boys! (drums on box, chants) Coming to a place near
you to suck your nectar! (chuckles) Charge! Ooh-wee! Doo-do-doo-do-doo! I think we might have to come up with a more efficient factory, but anyway, the joys of it all! Just going to get my paint scraper for a little cleanup. (scraping noises) Think these boxes might have
seen a few honey harvests! (scraping noises) They’re very tiny things, bees, you know, because I was up looking at that crazy um, fish tank beehive observation-y thing that we’ve just got organized up there, actually, come to think
of it, we should show you a little footnote for that, but, anyway. And they had all the little sticks that they were dragging
out, because, you know, we had the little nests
and we put it in there, and the little sticks that were service to their requirements,
they were dragging them out and flicking them
out the front of the hive. And I thought, Golly
gosh they’re ambitious! Now–oh, shit, dropped my thing. Now I have something to show all you young apprentices out there. I have been known to destroy several pairs of clothes on this painting project. I’ve got several pa–and I’ve even got some paint on these pants that I’ve got. I’ve got one lot that’s
got all the paint brush marks here where I’ve
rubbed on it and scraped. So I thought to myself,
This is ridiculous, and I remember back in Kindergarten, back when I was in Kindergarten, now there’s a while back, actually, it might have been when my kids were in Kindergarten
that I remember it from. They had these things called smocks, which pretty much were
an old bloke’s shirt wrapped around backwards, and they used to do the buttons up on their back, and so they had a big old shirt, when they were doing
their stick-and-paste. That’s back in the days
when your kid come home with the macaroni on the plate, you know? The colored plate, and
the macaroni stuck to it, and a bit of glitter and shit, and you put it on your cupboard or on your fridge or on the cupboard, and you said to the kid,
“Oh, isn’t that fabulous!” You know, “You’re Picasso!” Or whatever it was. Anyway. I thought to myself,
maybe I could do that. So I went down to the op shop, and I went and got myself an apron. I thought, I’ll go a little bit up-school, a little bit old-school,
well, a little bit old and mature rather than
a back-to-front shirt, because I’m probably too fat to get a back-to-front shirt anyway, so I thought I’d get myself an apron, so I’ve got myself a painting apron. As you can see, I’ve used
my painting apron a bit, and I put my apron on, and then my clothes don’t have to get all covered in paint. So I thought that was–anyway, I thought that was pretty bloody clever. I’ve got “The Social
Kitchen” on my apron and all. I have a flairy one here somewhere but I don’t where that is. So this is the presentation
one for the telly. Anyway, away we go! Let’s
get the painting on. (brushing noises) You know what, just take the cardboard off the table and tip
the shit onto the floor. Wouldn’t that be a good idea? I’ve got a volunteer here who will sweep the floor up for me. Get rid of that grum. Another advantage to having
a movable painting station, I’m going to put them away because the last time I was painting, I had my safety glasses on the paint deck and then the poor jolly things
all get covered in paint and then you’ve got to
spend the afternoon, well, usually spend a little bit of time watching the telly when
everybody’s in bed or inside and you scrape the
little bits of paint off, but it doesn’t do them any good, so I’m going to put them out of the way. Things, lessons learned from life. So this is just a little
undercoat to get us started. Obviously, if you paint, you know, if you’re not back to the wood, you probably don’t need an undercoat, but, then again, it’ll
depend how old the box is, and it’ll depend what the
bloomin’ paint’s made of, so that’s the next excitement
you’ve got to go with, because if you put,
anyway, if you put acrylic over water-based or
water-based over acrylic, one of those ways, it
doesn’t work real flash. So, you’ll know when it bubbles up and goes weird-ass on you, so, anyway, anyway, we’ve got an undercoat, we’re going to do that, give it a bit of an undercoat, and then we’ll have to let that dry, and then we’ll put the top coat on. Oh, here we go! I wonder if that’s what that’s for, I bet you that’s not
a paint-opening thing. (singing) Looking for a stirring stick. See what happens when you tidy up! You can find some things,
and other things go away. (chuckles) This stirring stick will
do. Pretty sure that’s a rejected top bar beehive cutty-outy thing. Thank you for all you folks that pray about me not cutting my fingers off. It’s all very nice, so I appreciate all your prayers and consideration. The lad appreciates all
the laughter as well, because, you know, he’s
been giving me shit for years, so here we are. Anyway, it’s all good,
we appreciate you all coming along on this bee journey with us. Tell you, tell you what. (sighs) You wouldn’t think painting boxes could be so much fun. (singing) Hey, I don’t know, this box will be a few days old, I reckon. Anyway, we might get another
year or ten out of it. Just worked the primer
into the putty holes or the nail holes are protruding a bit, because they’re going to be the bits where the water gets in and makes the wood go a bit awkward. (brushing noises) (singing) Do you reckon that’s a
hundred percent correct? I don’t really know. All I know is it’s got to be better than when we started, doesn’t it, surely? Give it a bit more life,
a bit more protection. It’ll look good from a distance, anyway. That’s what the wife usually says when I’m painting the kids’ bedrooms. “Oh, it will look good from a distance.” (laughs) Oh, don’t look too
closely, that’s the thing. (bouncy guitar music) Here we go! So this is
the one we’ve got with a bit of undercoat and
we’re on to the next stage which is the top coat. You’re only going to
get to see one top coat, but anyway, it will get two top coats, and then we’ll have to
put a little brand on it, and then back to see Lizz and
get them all straightened out. Oof, I tell you what, it’s a bit of an exercise in enthusiasm, this is. We’ve got ourselves a little
bit of exterior paint. It reckons it’s good for four seasons, but I don’t know whether that means four seasons as in, it’s going
to be screwed up in a year, or whether they’re talking about it’s good for winter, summer, and spring, meaning it’s all good for
every time of the year. Just make sure that
it’s an exterior paint, because you don’t really
want to be putting an interior paint on an exterior project. But of course, you already know that. And there’s an ad that goes
with this paint, too, it goes (drums on paint can) “Trust British Paints, sure can!” I don’t know, anyway. That’s getting back into history, I don’t know
if they run that ad anymore. I don’t know, anyway, the cameraman reckons I’m digressing, so on we go. This is actually a really cool lid opener. Back of this thing, I’m sure
that it’s not what it’s for, but it’s better than the screwdriver. (singing) Got to have the stirring stick. Anyway, don’t forget, of course, you’ve got to stir your paint, get all the bits in there,
all the colors mixed up, and the liquids mixed with the paint bits, so it’s all (trails off) I don’t know, I really don’t
even know what’s in paint. I was reading and, did
I talk about the whole Ford thing, when they were talking about how they made the car paint? That the old, what was it? Henry Ford? His first car was all black because
it was the only color that didn’t go weird-ass in the sun. And then there was the,
I think it was GMH, General Motors, the opposition, anyway, and they were trying to work out, because of course, everyone
had a Model T Ford, and so really Henry Ford
had sold all the cars to all the wealthy folk
who could afford a car, and so they were like, “Well, how are we” “going to get organized?” And the cool thing was, I thought, when I was listening to this story, was really awesome was, they got a lady, they asked, no, I think
they asked the manager, asked his wife about the
car, and she said, “Well,” “why don’t you make it a
little bit bloomin’ inviting?” “Like, you know, put some
cool colors on the thing.” “Get organized, and make some nice,” “you know, make the thing comfortable,” “make the seats comfortable,
make the bloody windows” “so they don’t whistle,
that would be good!” And so they got all
organized and they spent, I don’t know how many,
I think it was Julux or somebody like that, anyway, one of the paint companies
got organized and spent a year trying to figure out how get some paint a car that wouldn’t fade. And so then then they, they actually made five or six different colored cars, and so all of a sudden, GMH was like, “Well, look out!” So there was that whole crossover between practical and beautiful. And apparently, as a footnote, they made nail polish as well, at the same time, that’s how nail polish got invented. How crazy is that? That was, I guess that was the invention of enamel paint. And now we’ve got bloomin’ paint with speckles and sparkles and
all sorts of crazy-ass shit. We even had a car one time that, in the sun, it was a different color, like it was purple, and then the sun would change and it would become a green-y color. That was pretty crazy. I don’t know what that was called. I think it was a Harlequin
Car or something stupid. Anyway, there you go, there’s a bit of paint history for you! Someone’s going to write in
and say, “What the hell?” It might be full of crap, but that’s what I heard on the Internet, so don’t beat me up if it’s
not a hundred percent true. But I thought it sounded
like a jolly good story. (stirring noises) Righty-o, so we’ll get
our little paint brush scrape our stick off, boy-o. “It’s true!” (chuckles) Golly. “Oh, it should be, it was online.” “No-one would tell any
lies on here, would they?” (chuckles) Oh! Look at this! It’s gotten
to be like a bought one. (painting noises) I don’t really know, you know, because you go online now and you’ve got all these bloomin’ massive bee-selling stations, and I think you can buy a wooden super box already painted and organized for you and I think it’s only about
thirty bucks or something. I don’t know how they transport them, I was just curious, so I was going to bring them up and say,
“What, do they send them in” “their own bloody shipping container” “if they’re all made up?” Anyway, I guess they work
that crap out somehow. Going forward, maybe that’s
where beekeeping is going, it’ll be just like
everything else in society, and we’ll just use it for a bit and it will be disposed
of, and get another one. That would take all the fun out of this show, wouldn’t it? We wouldn’t be having this episode if we were doing that! (brushing noises) (whistling) Well, that’s our little, actual, complete little brood boxes. Now for the supers. We’ll try something slightly different, being that I’ve been ex-communicated from a
nice little spray-yard, I’ve had to move outside. I tell you what, you have to come up with a different idea
when you’ve been sent out on your own. I reckon, if we could sneak back in there on the lawn, we might get in this shit, so we’re not going to do that. So, my plan is, we’re going to get these poor old bloomin’ paint horses or work horses, they’re older than old. We’re just going to put them out, put some boards across,
hang the supers on, so we can paint all of
them without getting all, well, without them getting
all covered in crap, but we’ll see how that works. That’s my plan, anyway. We’ll just cart them over here. Right now, there’s some wood. I wonder if they were
called “horses” because you could ride it like that. (horse hoof noises) (chuckles) You’d find a bit better saddle, I think, though, that’d
hurt your ass after a bit. I think these old bits of horse might have been around for a day or three. Anyway, they’ll do the job. Looks like they’ve had a little bit of paint from the previous excitements. If we put them there, and then we’ll see how many we need, we might be able to do another row on the other side, might we? (grumbles) Bloody help. It’s a bit rinky-dink. I’m not real tough, maybe in this job– Oh! (chuckles) Oh my goodness,
they vary in weight a bit. Must depend on the wood. (Mark makes airplane noises) ♪It’s a super moment in history♪ (chuckles) Oh, golly, that’ll play out your muscles! We’ll put the next one on,
don’t you worry about it. Anyway, if you’re wondering what craziness I’m up to here, I figure if
I get them on these things, then I won’t have to–because
if you paint them, you end up, you have to turn them over, because you can’t paint
this lip all the time. So I figure, if it’s hanging here, I can paint all the
sides, paint all the ends, then they can just dangle there and dry. Anyway, I thought it was a
good idea, but we’ll find out. It should be–it should work! It’s a fairly good theory. Probably be just my
luck this crappy old bit of wood will break, but I don’t think all these boxes will be that heavy, so we should be right. Anyway, I’m sure we can edit it out if we
screw it up! (chuckles) I think that’s enough
excitement for the middle. What do we got? Maybe
one or two either end? Out here, breathing the fresh air, Ah, it’s an idea. Well, I guess it’s always fresh air until we get all the paint fumes from doing this project, weren’t there? Oh, golly gosh. I reckon that’s what you
call “custom designed!” How many we got? Two, four,
six, eight, ten, twelve. Just remember, twelve a side. Can’t really have another lot. Well, you could, if you
took these two off the end, because it’s hitting on the legs. For the purpose of this project, that will be just dandy fine. Right! I think we’re up to the
paint brush part of things, so we’ll bring that out:
paint pot, paint brush, paint scraper… And here we are! This would be the paint station, then, wouldn’t it, if I was
being real technical? Hold that thought! (mellow guitar music) (brushing noises) Oh my goodness me! That’s nearly enough rest
and relaxation for one day! Well, for one morning. (sighs) Well, I tell you what, only
a couple hundred to go, but we’re not going to
torture you with all of that! That’s coat number one,
that’s just basically the undercoat, and then we’ll do a couple of top coats, and
then we’ll be all beautiful, so if you happen to want
to paint some supers, and you get kicked out
of your wife’s backyard, you might have to do it in
your driveway, so here we are! Anyway, there you go!
Perhaps find yourself an old, what the hell are these things called? An old bloomin’ work horse,
and of couple bits of wood, and you can have a bit of fun in your own little painting yard. Anyway, I’ve got to go clean up because, as much as I’ve got my apron on to stop me getting paint on myself,
and look at that crap! I took my jumper off
because I was getting paint, and now I’ve got my crappy old shirt on, and I haven’t gotten any
paint on that at all, hardly. I think it’s the paint gods, I don’t think they like me at all. Anyway, I better go and clean up. Might be time for a hot dog. Thank you! (chuckles) (bees buzzing)


  1. don't put acrylic over oil paint it puckers and warps and flakes off. take it from a artist they don't mix well either unless tha'ts the effect your going for. oil over acrylic is more than ok.

  2. At 16:48, thank you. That was the perfect moment for airplane noises. I didn't know I needed it. Also I pray for your fingers all the time. Sending love from Seattle

  3. That’s positive thinking a couple of hundred supers to go that would be an increased honey production of about 1000 percent if my calculations are correct nice one BBM.

  4. Geez Mark!! I would stacked 'em & sprayed 'em, heck of alot quicker, all you'd need to do would be around the edges with a brush.
    Have fun!

  5. I’ve been enjoying your videos. Thanks for your efforts. However (just my opinion here) – you seem to be getting squeakier and squeakier. I much prefer it when you talk normally.


  7. LOL would you not buy some "overalls"  and save your jumper sleeves from painting. I so lost it at the painting cars story and nail polish was invented. Then I was looking at your nails and thought I can see how that happened LMAO. Have you thought about an airless spray rig? You might be mighty time poor if you keep using a brush at your scale 😉 BTW you forgot the "Sure Can"  bang and slap on the can of paint  lid 🙂 And watch out for a random English Sheep dog creating havoc if you are going to use that stuff, the Boxers will not be happy…. Great video lads.

  8. We recently received a couple of pounds of your fine mallee honey. i wanted to say that the wife and i were very impressed. It made our taste buds tingle with delight, had it on my toast 3 times already.

  9. Do you get snow during winter? Sorry don’t know geography of Australia that well. My dad just say it’s hot. And spiders

  10. Mark, the paint that seems to change color in the sun is pearlecent or just pearl.

    I've got to use the sawhorse trick next time I have a bunch of supers to paint. And I hand paint them all with a brush too.

  11. Mark you really need to throw the brush away and start using a med roller , three times quicker and a lot easier. If you are buying paint ask the paint shop to mix into a colour bond colour surf mist , it’s got great covering advantage and we make it easy for you the next time 😎

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