How to Rotate Vegetable Crops

How to Rotate Vegetable Crops. Rotating your veggies helps reduce insects
and plant disease, and allows the soil to recharge and rebalance its minerals. You will need A guide to vegetable families
and various vegetable seeds. Step 1. Get a guide to vegetable plants from a home
store or garden supply shop. It will list the different plant “families”
or groupings. Step 2. From season to season, avoid growing vegetables
from same family in the same garden. Step 3. For the best results, develop a three-year
rotation plan, such as legumes like peas, beans, and peanuts the first year; onions,
carrots, and tomatoes the second; and turnips and kale the third. Step 4. Follow your three-year plan and plant seeds
from a different family in each garden plot at the start of the growing season. Did you know Did you know? George Washington Carver, who developed hundreds
of uses for peanuts, introduced the concept of crop rotation in the American South.

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