How to tie down a Bee Hive against high winds Ratchet Straps to ground anchor Winter Prep

okay so today I have a really short
video presentation for you and that’s regarding having a tall stack of Bee boxes
together and how they present to the wind and may blow over if you have a really
good stanchion for your Bees that’s great because you can strap right to it but if
you don’t they’re sitting out in the open as this beehive is and it’s sitting
tall on cinder blocks you need to put down some kind of anchor or weight
system so all I’m showing you real quick or that we have these twists down yard
anchors and we have shipping straps and this shipping strap is rated at a
thousand pounds just like it shows here they’re very easy to use put on and take
off another thing I do for winters I put these poly styrene tops on to
insulate the tops there’s no condensation they already have a notched
out area for the strap that goes over the top of it normally I would condense
this box down but these bees were very productive at the end of the season and
all of these medium supers are full of honey so I’m leaving it on for winter we
have the entry board reduced here so the entrance reducer is on and this is the
ratchet strap for the system and I guess I’ll just show you really quickly what
the anchors look like you can use this for anything but it’s great for beehives
of course an anchor out away from the box sides a little bit 16 inch deep
spiral anchor and it’s rated at 425 pounds
so each anchor is 425 and the shipping strap is rated at a thousand pounds so
that’s more than enough to keep your beehives from blowing over I just
thought I would share that with you the other thing is here’s the close up of
the label what I use to turn them in to the ground is the steel or iron
reinforcement bar which is for concrete cheap and available or you can just use
a big screwdriver or something and twist it down into the ground all the way and
you have an anchor system for your beehive
so hopefully the wind doesn’t blow over your hives this winter nothing worse
than to walk out during the winter storm and see your hives on the ground I hope
it’s helpful a description of all these components are in the video description
thanks for watching as always


  1. A timely video, providing beekeepers with a great deterrent against wind damage. We've used this system in our beeyard from the beginning, and I believe it has already saved our hives. Great videos!

  2. Mr Dunn, this is so simple and yet I haven't seen this strapping method before. I don't know where you come up with your ideas but keep them coming!!!!! I ordered 10 sets of these THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Recently went through hurricane Irma with 5 hives. All but one are 3 deep high. I locked all the boxes together with 3×7 metal straps. I put 50 gallon drums filled with water on both ends and strapped the hives down to the tanks. I used 2×4 front and back at a triangle. I had 30-40 trees come down including on the hive and nothing moved. A picture speaks a thousand words but I don’t know how to add one

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