How to triple protect your flow hive from bears (video)

(gentle piano music) – My name is Vicki Burke and we are in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, which is actually Jefferson Township. We’ve been here for almost 15 years and we raise bees and we raise koi fish and rabbits and chickens. Well, I’ve always wanted to
do good for the community. I thought bringing bees into my backyard would make my neighbours happy. We could pollinate plants. They can be just another extension of our little backyard farm here. We love to eat honey, so that was a big plus
getting honey of my very own. I just started this season. I found out about the Flow Hive when you did the crowdfunding and I ordered one right away. I said, “Now I’ve got to
get to doing my research “and find a local bee club
to learn all about it.” So I did, I found the Sussex
County Beekeepers Association. I got two NUCs from our local club members and I installed them about mid-May. It’s been going strong ever since. I have a mentor who only
lives a few miles from here, and one who lives a few
more miles from here, and I’ve already been to their houses to see how they work their bees. I took their beginners course in January, beginning of February. It was a two full-day course that told us everything we
needed to know to start. We get hands-on. We see what’s active and what
problems are in their hives, and we take that knowledge
back to our hives and we learn. I wouldn’t know anything about American foulbrood or chalkbrood if I hadn’t seen it
firsthand in their hives. So it’s all learning and it’s been great. First thing that the club talks about this is bear country up
here in northern New Jersey. We get a lot of black bears wandering through our neighbourhoods. Mostly, they have stayed on the other side of our wooden fence. But they said, “Put up an electric fence, “you will not be sorry.” So we’re triplely-protected. We have our wooden fence
around the property. We have our guard dogs, and we have our electric fence. I don’t pay attention to
any negative anybody says. I don’t think there’s any
reason to be negative about it. It’s something to try, something new. I was excited about the whole process and about what Cedar and
Stu were doing for the bees. So glad that it came here to America, to get people excited
about something like that. I think it’s going to
a be great adventure. (upbeat music)


  1. What, in your opinion, should Australian beekeepers do in the event of a varroa destructor invasion? Are there VSH breeding programs in place or in the pipeline?

  2. Along with electric fencing, which where I live bears are apt to walk right through, consider Predator Guard flashing lights and Pest Away, THAT would be "triple" protection from bears 🙂 Also, some keepers who have been raided by black bears in my neck of the woods, put shipping straps around the hive (top to bottom) and the bears knock them over, but are not successful in getting IN. Just some thoughts on bears. Pest Away definitely works and you won't shock kids and other harmless visitors. I'm so glad she has great mentors! Another wonderful view into the life of another flow enthusiast.

  3. I have always wanted bees to help the environment, but bees are expensive and Canada gets a bit cold… maybe one day. Anyway this is a great idea to help new beekeepers and make it more accessible for everyone.

  4. I've just recently gotten into the notion of keeping bees one day. Living in a very similar part of NJ, I was very curious how I might go about protecting them from local critters who would want to get into the 'fruits' of the bees labor! Very informative, both the video and the comment section. Thanks for this one!

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