How to use a Flow Hive with Cedar Anderson & celebrity chef Pete Evans [Trailer]

Cedar I’m stoked mate that you
actually brought a flow hive over for us, I’ve been wanting to get
one of these for so long, but I have no idea how all
this works so can you teach me? (laughs)
– Sure. (cheerful music) – I follow a paleo-inspired diet, I believe food is medicine,
and we’ve just had such a downfall over the last few decades of our nation’s health, and also other western societies’ health. We have a huge reliance on
refined and processed foods, and I look at honey and I
see it as a treat, of course, because it is sweet, but what
a beautiful treat to have, especially if you can know
where it’s coming from. It’s the least processed food that I know, as far as sweeteners go,
and it tastes bloody good. – What I also like about it is the direct connection from
the flowers to your honey jar, it’s right there, you can
see them on the flowers, you can see them bringing the nectar in, and you can watch that whole process, and for me it’s also about the way that it inspires people
to see the connections between our food source and
what we have on the table. – What about your veil? (laughs) What do you think? – [Girl] It’s so good. – It’s so good, hey?


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