Humanity and bees. Our destinies are forever linked

The first thing bee-keeping gives you is health and well-being. It teaches you to respect the environment that surrounds you. If you give to nature, it will give back to you. If you
take too much from her she’ll respond in the same way. There’s a balance between humans and bees. It’s important to maintain so that life continues. A bee for the countryside is life itself. Without the bee the land is as if
it’s missing a link in the chain. It’s the little engine that moves everything else. Without the pollination of bees, neither fruit, nor flowers, nor
grass, not even the terrain fixed to the ground. The most simple grass that we trample on and call undergrowth, which we burn with liters of
glyphosate (pesticide), it’s fulfilling its function to hold in place a fertile layer of soil. I mean, without the bee and without this grass the ground
would start eroding, which is becoming more and more desert. Without bees, there’s no fruit. Without bees there are no
flowers. Most people consider bees a harmful insect and films about “killer bees” promote people’s animosity. But when you enter this world (of bees) and you move close to the beehive,
you see that they are not as bad as they’re made out to be. You start discovering their true potential. Based on my experience, what they mainly die of
his from the fertilizer we spread on fields. To cure an ill tree, to control plagues, we
think we control them but we don’t. We do the exact opposite, we increase of
enrich them because they become even stronger. And the bee doesn’t. The bee is such a fragile animal that
when it comes into contact with any kind of chemical, it doesn’t return to the beehive. It gets lost or dies in the
field. The truth is, many beehives are lost to this. Unfortunately, the bee is under threat, as well
as we ourselves
are. Today, the bee is the miner’s
canary bird… You know the miner descended with canary to the bottom of the mine,
and when the bird
died it was telling the miner to return ,
that the air there was bad. The bees are dying and they’re telling us: be careful because the
world is not good. We have to listen her because if we don’t hear this message we’re going to face very difficult times…

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