I am Burning My FlowHive a great way personalize your Bee Hive, ART you can do

okay so today I thought it would be cool
to do something different with one of my beehives and in this case it’s the flow
I’ve super here which is made out of cedar and I’m going to personalize it I
thought I would share it with you what the process is here’s a box for a flow
hive cedar super which holds seven flow frames and I’m going to burn into the
surface of this back board which actually is what faces outward when
you’re setting it up in your apiary because the flow function side is
actually away from the landing board so here we have a nice clear piece of cedar
it’s nice and clean and I quickly did an outline here with some graphite paper
and we’re gonna get right into it and there are three wood-burning tools here
and they’re made by the company called Razer and I’m gonna show how to use each
of them here in my honeybee on honeycomb and here’s the controller
razor tip and here we go with the ballpoint here so we’re just gonna go in
and start doing some what we would call stippling this by the way is my very
first wood-burning practice here I’ve never done that before
I do have an artistic background so I do work with other artistic media like
painting and sketching and so on so just new to the wood burning but this is
pretty simple and pretty direct can’t make any mistakes though because you are
burning into the wood and that’s gonna stay there it does emboss the wood quite
a bit in fact the higher you set the temperature the deeper it burns into the
wood so we’re gonna go around here with this honeybees eye and just keep going
and I’ll share the process with you and of course the darker you make
everything the higher the contrast the more dramatic it’s gonna be when you see
this on your Bee box and it will stand out so just keep working away at it and take
your time the slower you move of course the darker the burn the fast remove the
lighter the burn and there is a controller where you can control the
amberage just going through this tip so you can ramp it up till it’s really hot
in fact it’ll glow red if you turn it up too high so you want to kind of find a
happy medium where it is burning the wood but you’re not like generating a
lot of smoke of course you want to be in a ventilated area and I’m just about
done here with this ball tip I’m gonna move into another tip here this is what
they’re calling a shading tip so it’s nice and broad and flat and as you can
see you have quite a bit of control here over how much it burns the wood and the darker again remember the more
contrast more dramatic your image is going to be and you can see how it does
kind of burn into the wood so it does burnish in here and kind of a loosely
laid out honeycomb design just to make it interesting I thought it would be
cool to create some really dark lines around the edges of it to make it stand
out you don’t have light if you don’t have dark so by making the rest of this
board area here nice and dark we’re gonna make the edges of the honeycomb
stand out and of course the fuzzy bee on top should really stick out once we’re
done here now what’s the difference between a bee
and a wasp well primarily it’s the fact that bees are fuzzy these have lots of
hair on them honeybees actually have fur that has split ends on it and those
split ends are what creates that static as the honey bee flies through the air
and then when it lands on a flower that static charge on their split ends of
their hair actually collects the pollen right to the sides of the bee and right
to its fur and then they rake it off and sweep it back into their pollen pouches
on their hind legs so we’re using a really sharp tip here that is just for
making those really fine lines and giving us the impression of a fuzzy bee
pretty much it just takes a lot of patience here there isn’t a lot to this
I think I have it turned up to about and about seven or an eight on the dial and
again this is very soft wood so it burns easily cedar is pretty soft you can see
there around the eyes how it’s all dimpled in here and you just keep
working at the the hairs of the bee if you look closely at Abby’s eyes II when
there are hairs sticking out so this isn’t meant to be a super anatomically
correct image of a honeybee of course this is just personalizing a bee box and
I haven’t decided what kind of covering I’m going to put on this at the end I
don’t know if I’ll put a clear coat on it I may just use Thompson’s Water Seal and seal the
exterior up against rain and leave it natural and let it weather I think
natural and non glossy is probably a more dramatic look in your apiary
personalizing your boxes it’s not just ornamental the honeybees will be able to
pick out their own hive quicker if you have distinctive dramatic light and dark
designs on the surface of their hive box and they’ll home in quicker on
where they live so it’s a an opportunity to express yourself artistically and
also benefit the honeybees is that they can find their bee box faster here again
I’m just trying to kill some of the light space don’t forget to sign your
work Fred 2018 pretty simple so there it is
burn your bee boxes I think that it’s gonna be a lot of fun this did not take
very long I think my wife said it took me two hours something like that
have fun I’m gonna put a link to this burning kit in the description below and
thank you for watching as always


  1. Very nice! Looks great! I used to carve artwork into wood with a router. This kit makes me want to work with wood again.

  2. You had me worried with the title… I thought this would be an AFB video…. Glad the content was a pleasant surprise!๐Ÿ˜ณโ˜บ!

  3. its so beutifeal I wanted to get into bee keeping I've done alot of research but i cant find an answer to one queston how much space do I need to keep bees an even better queston is how much food do thay need if i planted an entire yard in clover instead of grass and every corner and edge of my yard and house was planted with flowers bees would like would that be enough?

  4. Serious heart drop when i read the title, glad its art and not foul brood! This looks really cool, ive got a couple deeps im expecting in the mail, might give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Great job. Turned out nice. I have found if you have gotten the knack of one art form others are pretty easy as you find the similarities. I LOVE customizing stuff. For me the hardest thing sometimes is not how to draw but WHAT to draw for my customizing projects.

  6. Wow! Looks great! How long would you say it took from start to finish with the burning/drawing? Edit: wow I pressed comment button right as you said your wife said it took about 2 hours. Silly me

  7. Many have said it before and we'll say it again THIS GUY is the Bob Ross of beekeeping!!!! Tell me I'm wrong! GREAT JOB Mr Dunn I'm impressed!

  8. That is a nice looking bee you burned on the hive. Two Thumbs Up!! Only gave one on the video since a second would have removed it.

  9. Truly inspiring sir. I hope you are proud of your work and of the admiration of the followers of your channel.

  10. I love this and especially how you say not to forget to sign your work.

    I once gave a ceramic vase I'd made to my ex-husband's mother and he went off his head becasue I'd signed it and not put his name on the vase itself. Explaining that you sign your own art did nothing to appease him. This reminds me that it's the right thing to do.

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