iGROW365 & FertiMiX in Cannabis Cultivation

Growing a healthy and productive crop requires
the correct blend of water and nutrients. A nutrient solution must meet the specific
needs of your plants. Crop failure is not only time-consuming, but
can also spell disaster for your business. iGROW365 offers a comprehensive range of fertigation
systems, from simple and affordable standard units to complex models that are fully customized
to your individual needs. How can this benefit you? There has been much research into the use
of water technology and how this technology affects crop yields. This research shows that production increases
more than proportionally with the level of technology used. It also appears that as more technology is
used, less water and fewer nutrients are needed. The iGROW365 team uses general design principles
in designing each unit. We carefully consider pump sizes, pipes, and
pressure build-up to insure that all the fertilizers are blended with the utmost precision. The FertiMiX machine can dose fertilizers
from multiple tanks simultaneously in any desired ratio, and it doesn’t matter whether
you use straight or compound fertilizers; preparing the right blend will take no time
at all. Depending on your crop and the unit you’ve
selected, the system even lets you add other substances, such as trace elements or pest
control agents. So the reason to invest in water technology
is simple; It contributes to the sustainable use of fresh
water, while enabling you to use less nutrients, and it will yield ‘more crop per drop’
ultimately leading to increased production per square foot and a more profitable operation! Amazing what technology and farmers can do.

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