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Sir, Ram Ram Jay siya ram. My name is
Praveen Singh yadav and I came from
X Government service centre. May I have your name please? Yes, sure. Please tell me your name. My name is
Daulat Ram khuswar. Okay. Your name is
Daulat Ram khuswar. Piprauda. Okay. Piprauda is
the name of your village Sir, I have heard that you cultivate ginger
nicely. Yes, I do. So could you tell me in regard
to the process of cultivation? Okay, ginger is being cultivated
in the month of May –June and it’s ploughing is being
grown three times aggressively. Okay, ploughing is being
done thrice aggressively. And then manure is mixed post ploughing.
Domestic manure. and then it’s being segregated
as per the requirement of seeds . we do segregation of land and then
we plant it using spade or scissor. and then seed is being sown
at a distance of 3 inches. after sowing the seed irrigation is done. post that wood straw is
placed to bridge the gaps. that stops the growth of unwanted weeds. If some unwanted weeds are growing. then that is removed during
the process of weeding post that you can again
shower water if required later on again it’s being
ploughed using chisel. by doing this process more
soil gets added to the area. It’s being done usually after 60 days. or even more days you can say. Later, ripped fruit is harvested then field is ploughed and soil is added. This is the entire method of cultivation. Okay sir. This ginger
cultivation that you have done. And whatever you have informed
regarding the cultivation So when do you irrigate the field? Some times in 12 days you need it. you mean to say that after
irrigating once, You take a gap of 12
days for next irrigation. At an interval of 10 to 12 days. irrigation should be done at
an interval of 10 to 12 days. Okay, sir. Could you please tell me how
do you add manure to ginger cultivation? Which manure you add to it? We add domestic manure before ploughing. Okay you put domestic manure. Yes, during ploughing it mixes uniformly. Like the manure which is prepared
at home by mixing the cow dung etc. Yes, the same manure we put in there. If we use some other manure then
it will harm instead of benefit. Okay, other manure is harmful. Like urea or PAC we
cannot use these manure. That is harmful. Okay, sir since you have
done ginger cultivation. So could you please tell me if
your ginger is almost ready? Yes, sure. You ginger is ready now, let’s see. These are the lines, during
cultivation we take care of it. This is a fully grown one. it is around 120 days old
that is of 4 months. Okay. It’s four months old. Okay, sir your ginger
is four month old now, Though not fully ready. How long
will it take to ripe completely? The duration for getting ripe is 6 months. In six months it gets completely ripe. Instead in 7 months it again forms seed
if you want to convert it into seed. Like when it’s ripe people prefer it to
use in tea, for that purpose it’s ready. Now it’s ready for the
purpose of using in tea. Sir, you have cultivated
the ginger very well and you explained me, how you
carry on the entire process. So could you please tell me what are the
disease associated with the ginger? Usually it does not get infected. but during heavy rains it becomes
pale like it gets rotten. from the bottom. This disease
is very dangerous among ginger. Okay, that is dangerous disease.
Okay, this disease of getting rotten. at the bottom, do you take any step
for the treatment of the same? Yes, we do What do you do? We use allopathic medicine. Chemical based medicines. Yes. Does it control the disease? Yes, it is effective to a little extent. Okay, but not doesn’t stops completely. Not completely and no other
disease apart from that? No, only if there is heavy rainfall or
when it’s too damp like environment. Okay, if there is heavy rainfall then. Again, if the land is a little
slanted then water doesn’t log it flows from there and
hence gingers remain intact if water logging is there
then problem occurs. What is the production output
of this ginger cultivation? if we cultivate in an area of 1
Bigha then approximately 5 quintal. Approximately 25-30 quintals
is produced over a season. Okay, sir you have informed me
this thing so nicely. though I didn’t ask how much seed is
required in an area of 1 Bigha, so in 1 Bigha approximately 5
quintals of seeds are required and the output is around 20 to 25 quintal. So, sir you cultivated ginger
and provided me all the information, how you do this
and shared all the information how much of seed is
required, how much is the production and other vital
information you shared. So would you like to say
something to me and to our fellow farmers
regarding its benefits? Sure. So, please tell me sir? Main benefit of ginger
cultivation in comparison with other vegetables and Khari
crops like wheat, gram etc. if you compare ginger with them it gives
a two to three times more profit. Okay, its benefits are twice or
thrice as compared to other crops In fact, it gives you four times more
profit as compared to wheat cultivation. The profit is four times, okay. Like in wheat if you
plant in 1 Bigha output is 10 quintal and in
best case 11-12 quintal. though it falls to 8 only. But with ginger, suppose you are
able to produce 20 quintal only. then you can calculate the profit
if you get 4000 rupees per quintal You can see how much the benifit is. It’s very beneficial. It’s like that only. Okay, sir you shared all the
vital information in regard to the cultivation of ginger and
explained it’s benefits too. Do you want to give any message
relevant to the same to me? I already explained you
how to cultivate ginger. Apart from that the best
part of ginger cultivation is that it’s best in
terms of making profit in comparison to other
vegetables or Khari crops and as I told you that in 1
Bigha this much is produced. And effort applied is also
less and benefits are good. If you are not able to do it on a
large scale, first try on a low scale. then later on you can put more seeds you
can try out if you find it beneficial. and I encourage
all the fellow farmers to go ahead with ginger
cultivation, it is a nice thing. Okay, sir. You provided me all the
information regarding cultivation of ginger and its benefits and a good message too. For all these things I thank you a lot. Jai Ram Ji Ki.


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