Incredibly Clever Creatures | Awesome 8

have amazing brains. They’re much smarter
than we usually think. Study up ’cause Awesome
Eight is presenting eight incredibly clever creatures. Number eight. Octopuses are
curious creatures. They can open jar
lids, solve puzzles, and some have even found
escape routes from their aquarium enclosures. They can wriggle their
boneless bodies through passages as
small as a quarter. Octopuses are fast learners,
and can even recognize individual human faces. Number seven. One of the closest
relatives to humans, chimpanzees have been seen
chewing sticks to create tools designed to soak up
water for drinking. They pass on tricks to
other family members, which is a type of social
learning reserved for the smartest of animals. Chimps are great teachers. Number six. Despite their tiny size,
army ants construct
amazing bridges. Researchers have discovered
that no single ant calls the shots in the bridge-building. They make calculated
decisions as a colony. Number five. Besides looking super-creepy,
ravens are actually quite smart. They can use their beaks
to rip things open to find food and shelter. Four. African Gray Parrots are
excellent at mimicking human speech and can even
form simple sentences. BIRD: I love you
OWNER: Good girl. NARRATOR: But these parrots
are also one of the few
animals capable of reasoning. They’re able to
figure out puzzles, and even work
together to solve problems. Those are
impressive bird brains! Number three. When it comes to evading
predators squirrels are
honor students. When threatened they’ll
run in a zigzag pattern, an effective mode of escape. They’re also
acrobatic and intelligent. Two. They may wallow in the mud,
but domestic pigs clean up in the intelligence department. They can learn tasks,
like operating levers
and even swim! They’ve got smarts
and good looks! Number one. Being playful is a
sign of intelligence, which puts dolphins near
the top of the smart list. Dolphins are known to ride the
waves off of fishing boats. Captive dolphins have been
seen blowing bubbles from their blowholes and then
swimming through them! They form their own tricks! Now that’s a pack
of clever creatures. For other fun animal facts,
check out more episodes of
Awesome Eight. Captioned by Cotter
Captioning Services.

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