InDesign How-To: Crop Photos and Images (Video Tutorial)

Hi, I’m Erica Gamet with InDesign Secrets.
In this video, we’re going to look at cropping images in InDesign. If I place
an image in InDesign using the File menu, Place, and choosing my image and dragging that image out to size, it automatically creates the frame to the proportions and
the orientation of my image. But maybe I want to show just one part of an image…or I want to fit a wide photo into a tall frame. I can do that as well. I’m
gonna hit Undo, just steps me backwards, back to my place cursor. And I’m going to
hold down the Shift key while I draw out my frame. Now I have more control over
the size and the orientation and the proportions of my frame. Let’s just make this tall…and let go. Now by default this is how the image fits inside the frame and
I need to fix that really quickly. I’m gonna go up to the Object menu, go under
Fitting, and choose to Fill Frame Proportionally. Now it fits in that size
frame but it doesn’t exactly fit the way I want it to inside this frame. I want to
show the whole ferris wheel. And there’s a couple ways to do that. When you place
an image in InDesign, you’re actually creating a frame and then placing the
image inside it, so there are actually two components to this image here. We can manipulate each one of those components individually. Let’s start with the frame
first. I’m going to use the Selection tool for both of these. I’m going to go
ahead and grab the frame and I’m just gonna move it off to the left a little
so I have room to pull out the frame to fit the image that I want to show. With
my Selection tool selected, I’m just going to go ahead and grab one of the
grab handles on the frame itself. And I’m gonna click and pause for just a second
so that I can see sort of a ghosting of the image back behind. I’m gonna grab
this left handle as well and move that in a little bit. And now we have a nice
tall frame, but now the image fits in the frame the way I’d like it to. But
sometimes the frame needs to stay where it is and we need to move the image
instead. I’m just going to Undo, get back to where we were when we first placed that image and it was off to the side. And what I really want to do, is leave the frame
where it is and move the image to the left a little bit. To do that, I’m going
take advantage of a little guy that doesn’t show up until we roll over the
image. We get this circle in the middle, this translucent circle. This is the
Content Grabber. And what that does is allow us to switch back and forth
between manipulating the frame and the content of the frame. If it’s not on, you
can go up to the View menu, under Extras, and choose Show Content Grabber. It’s
already on so it says Hide Content Grabber for me. So we’ve placed our image inside our tall frame and told it to fill frame proportionally, but now we
need to move the image over, leaving the frame where it is. I’m going to roll over
the image to that Content Grabber, ’til I get that little hand.
I’m going to click and again hold for a second and start dragging. Now I can see
the image back behind. Now one thing I don’t want to do is move the image too
far up or down, because I end up with whitespace inside my frame. So I can hold down my Shift key, which kind of keeps the movement only going in one direction.
So I’m gonna move that exactly where I want it, holding down the Shift key. And I
let go and now I’ve left the frame where it is, but I’ve moved the image to crop
it how I’d like. One last trick when it comes to manipulating and cropping
images, is that sometimes you like the relationship between the frame and the
image itself. I like the way this is cropped, but I realize I want the entire
image to be smaller. And maybe we’re gonna move it into the upper left-hand
corner. When I use the Selection tool and I grab on the frame and move it, the
frame and the image move as one thing. But now I want to size this down as one
thing as well. But if I just grab that handle and size it down, it just crops
the image. That’s not what we want. I’m gonna hit Undo. I need to hold down a
couple more keys for this. I’m gonna roll over the corner handle, hold down the
Command or the Control key, and I’m also going to hold down the Shift key to
constrain my proportions. Then I’m gonna click and wait for a second just so I
get this nice image, so I can see what’s actually happening as I size this down.
By holding down the Command or the Control key, the image and the frame work together as one unit. So I can constantly change the size, let go, grab just a
handle, that changes the size of the frame, roll over the middle, grab the
Content Grabber and move just the image itself. And that’s just a couple ways that you can crop and manipulate images in your InDesign document. Well, I certainly hope you found this tip helpful. Be sure to check out for thousands of InDesign articles and
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Thanks for learning with us!

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